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Final year ece projects in chennai,bangalore,vijayawada

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Final year ece projects in chennai,bangalore,vijayawada

  1. 1. Abstract
  2. 2. literature survey Honing wheel structure is optimized to improve machining accuracy and reduce the honing wheel wear in plane honing by .Guo (2002). The important characteristics in honing cast iron cylinder blocks and the influence in the internal combustion engine performance was described and discussed by Anderberg, (2013). The design optimization of segmented grinding wheel structure on high speed was reported by Zhang (2010)./ /
  3. 3. literature survey  Kanthababu (2008) used Acoustic Emission (AE) signals from the machining process and found that it is one of the most promising methods suitable for tool condition monitoring. In his work, AE signals are monitored during rough and finish honing of cylinder liner using fresh and completely worn out honing tools. .”
  4. 4. Problem Identification • Until now days many workshop are still using manually with is using man power to do lapping or grinding valve, this process are usually take long time to done some time it takes several hour. I decide to make a motorize grinding valve for motorcycle engine to make it easier and save man power for lapping or grinding valve so man power can be use for doing other work while waiting lapping process done
  5. 5. • This attachment is used on centre lathes. • This whole arrangement is fixed on the carriage where the component rests. / • A grinding wheel is mounted on the spindle which is supported by two bearings, and is rotated by a motor through ‘V’ rope in high revolution. “ .” • While we are introducing the rotating grind wheel inside the bore of a job which is also rotating on the chuck, Material will be removed according to the cut which we select. • In turning, a single point tool removes the material, but in this process, a grinding wheel is used to super finish the jobs, where high accuracy is necessary.
  6. 6. WORKING
  7. 7. • The attachment is compact and rigid in size. • Low cost • Low operation • High efficiency • Maintenance is less. • It can be used on any lathe by small change in centre heights.
  8. 8. • Grinding inside the bore in any size of body can be done. • As the feed is given automatic, 0.8 micron finish may be achieved. • By changing the grades of grinding wheels it can be used to grind the carbon steel, Alloy steel and stainless steel etc.
  9. 9. References  Anderberg C., Cabanettes F., Dimkovski Z., Ohlsson R., Rosén B.-G., 2013, Cylinder liners and consequences of improved  honing, NT2006-11-7 Downloaded September, 2013.  Dimkoski Z., Anderberg C., Rosen B.G., Ohlsson R. and Thmoas T.R., 2009. Quantification of the cold worked material inside the  deep honing grooves on cylinder liner surfaces and its effects on wear, Wear, Vol. 267, No. 12, pp. 2235-2242.  Guo Y.B., Zhang Y., Zhong J.A. and Syoji K., 2002. Optimization of honing wheel structure parameters in ultra precession plane  honing, Journal of Material Processing Technology, Vol. 129, No. 1-3, pp. 96-100.  Jingqiang Z., Guhie W., Wanshan W., 2010. Optimization design of segmented grinding wheel structure on super high-speed’,  computer-aided industrial design and conceptual design, IEEE 11th international Conference 2010, pp. 17-19.  Kanthababu M., Shunmugam M.S., Singaperumal M.. 2008. Tool condition monitoring in honing process using acoustic emission  signals, International Journal of Automation and Control , Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 99-112.
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