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Rock Solid Goal

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Setting Goals
Reaching your Goals

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Rock Solid Goal

  1. 1. Today’s objective Set clear goals Overcome the issue of not following through Create a clear action plan for 2017 Get yourself out of the same old routine Project Management Time Management (Weekly Planning) Goal Setting using Asana
  2. 2. 8% of People Achieve Their New Year's Resolutions
  3. 3. Vision What is the one project/goal/outcome you can’t stop thinking about? What do you want your personal and professional life to look like in 2017? What are some non negotiable events? e.g. yearly overseas travelling to see family.
  4. 4. What is a Vision My vision is to help people bring their goals to life by teaching them how to be more productive. I will help my audience achieve more in their professional and personal lives. I will be a source of actionable information that helps people smash even the biggest goals and still spend time doing the things that make them happy.
  5. 5. Mission why? To develop myself and others so that we can realise our full potential and make a difference.
  6. 6. Why are goals important? Goals provide direction and define what you're going to spend your time on. Goals keep you motivated towards some desired outcome. Goals help you prioritize what to work on and when.
  7. 7. What is a goal ? “A Goal is a dream with a deadline.” Napoleon Hill
  8. 8. If you don’t have a clear goal, you will burnout, and not reach any where
  9. 9. What are the Common goal setting mistakes? Not being: Specific enough. Have metrics to measure progress. Be realistic. Have a due date.
  10. 10. Example: My Goals for 2016 Travel for 120 days in Africa Become a certified coach by December 2016 Save X amount of Money in 2016
  11. 11. What does your ideal year for 2017 look like? On the 31st of December of 2017, what would you tell yourself What do you want to see, hear and feel that you have achieved in 2017?
  12. 12. How would you like to divide your time between work, social events, family, sports, hobbies and other responsibilities?
  13. 13. Why Project Management ?
  14. 14. It is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives. 5 basic phases: 1. Project conception and initiation 2. Project definition and planning 3. Project launch or execution. 4. Project performance and control 5. Project close What is Project Management ?
  15. 15. Why is Time Management important ?
  16. 16. What is Time Management Quadrant
  17. 17. Calendar • Blocking out time for tasks. • Outlining key dates and milestones. • Planning when you’re going to do the work. • Used at a granular level (daily/weekly tasks).
  18. 18. One hour of planning for the week saves you 10 hours Help put important goals first in your schedule Gives you an overview of the week Connects you to your Goal / Vision Keeps you on right track Why weekly planning is important? What is it?
  19. 19. • MyTasks provides the perfect task summary. • Everything in one single place • You can add tasks to multiple projects. • View all tasks and details at once. • Set up projects as a board or list. • Custom Fields let you track anything you want. • Have access on your phone, computer • Can be offline application
  20. 20. What is Asana ? • Add due dates • 15 free users • Assignee to other members • Add attachments • Have dashboard • Internal conversation and update about the projects • List and board view of Asana • It keeps you coordinate and aligned Asana is the easiest way for teams to track their work—and get results
  21. 21. Do what works for you. I suggest paper for planning, brainstorming and jotting down random thoughts and ideas. Use digital tools for setting up and maintaining your final goal system. Digital systems support change (which is inevitable) and useful project systems (like the one I’m going to show you). Paper or digital?
  22. 22. I’ve used a bunch of goal setting tactics in the past, but this method I’m about to show you works the best (for me anyway). The reason being, 1) I can see everything in one place, 2) I see these goals often, 3) it’s easy to work on these tasks and translate them into scheduled blocks of time in my calendar. Goal planning methodology
  23. 23. Action time…
  24. 24. Seasons What are the mini-projects or seasons you can work towards to reach this vision? Season 1 –” Attend 4 trainings about Coaching” Season 2 - “Attend 1 training about coaching + 25 hours of coaching one to one ” Season 3 - “50 hours of coaching one to one” Season 4 - “25 hours of coaching one to one toBecome certified Coach from ICF"
  25. 25. Action time…
  26. 26. What monthly goals or sprints do you need to work on to satisfy your seasons? e.g. Season 1 - " Attend 4 trainings about Coaching” 1st Month - "Attend 2 trainings in Dubai Fundamentals + Fulfilment." 2nd Month - " Attend 1 training in Dubai Balance." 3rd Month - “Attend 1 training in Dubai Process." Monthly targets
  27. 27. Action time…
  28. 28. Now you can plan the daily tasks you need to do to hit these monthly goals. e.g. 1st month - " Attend 2 trainings in Dubai Fundamentals + Fulfillment.” Week 1 – Register and pay the registration fees . Week 2 –Reserve the ticket, hotel and apply for the visa. Week 3 – attend Fundamentals training Dubai. Week 4 – attend Fulfilment training in Dubai. Weekly tasks
  29. 29. Filling seasons one at a go. Plan one season at a time. As you spend time thinking about your plan, the path forward will become clearer. Working in seasons will allow you to do non-related tasks at any given time. Reverse engineering your goals is your path to success. e.g. Generating $1,000 of sales is guaranteed when you sell 10 items at $100. Make the numbers work! Goal planning methodology
  30. 30. 52 weeks: 1,378 $ savings
  31. 31. It’s time to Set your Goals.