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Three Breakthroughs and Two Failures That Have Shaped Buffer in the Past Six Years

  1. @buffer @leowid Building Buffer: 3 Breakthroughs, 2 Failures - Our Biggest Lessons Yet by @leowid Co-founder and COO at Buffer
  2. @buffer @leowid What’s Buffer?
  3. @buffer @leowid • Founded in 2010 by Joel Gascoigne in Birmingham • $12m in ARR • 60,000 paying customers, 4m registered • 80 team members spread across 20+ different countries • Our mission is to help give companies a voice on social media: Social Media management and analytics at Quick stats
  4. @buffer @leowid 5 Key Things That Have Shaped Buffer Breakthroughs: • Defaulting to transparency • Embracing remote work • Building a culture first company Failures: • Getting hacked • Cash flow crisis and layoffs
  5. @buffer @leowid Defaulting to Transparency
  6. @buffer @leowid Help from Strangers
  7. @buffer @leowid Applicants
  8. @buffer @leowid Effortless Accountability
  9. @buffer @leowid Working Remotely
  10. @buffer @leowid Traveling the World
  11. @buffer @leowid Being with Family
  12. @buffer @leowid Tools We Use
  13. @buffer @leowid Building a Culture First Company
  14. @buffer @leowid Culture is like a disinfectant
  15. @buffer @leowid Culture makes you anti fragile
  16. @buffer @leowid Result: Our 10 values 1. Choose positivity and happiness 2. Default to transparency 3. Have a focus on self improvement 4. Be a "no ego" doer 5. Listen first, then listen more 6. Have a bias towards clarity 7. Make time to reflect 8. Live smarter, not harder 9. Show gratitude 10. Do the right thing
  17. @buffer @leowid Getting Hacked in 2013
  18. @buffer @leowid Security
  19. @buffer @leowid Crisis Communication
  20. @buffer @leowid Cash Flow Crisis and Layoffs
  21. @buffer @leowid Learning to build a company, not a product
  22. @buffer @leowid Finding experienced leaders
  23. @buffer @leowid
  24. @buffer @leowid @LeoWid
  25. @buffer @leowid Check out to give us a try :) Thank you!