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Understanding my database through SQL*Plus using the free tool eDB360

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This session introduces eDB360 - a free tool that is executed from SQL*Plus and generates a set of reports providing a 360-degree view of an Oracle database; all without installing anything on the database.

If using Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) is off-limits for you or your team, and you can only access the database thorough a SQL*Plus connection with no direct access to the database server, then this tool is a perfect fit to provide you with a broad overview of the database configuration, performance, top SQL and much more. You only need a SQL*Plus account with read access to the data dictionary, and common Oracle licenses like the Diagnostics or the Tuning Pack.

Typical uses of this eDB360 tool include: databases health-checks, performance assessments, pre or post upgrade verifications, snapshots of the environment for later use, compare between two similar environments, documenting the state of a database when taking ownership of it, etc.

Once you learn how to use eDB360 and get to appreciate its value, you may want to execute this tool on all your databases on a regular basis, so you can keep track of things for long periods of time. This tool is becoming part of a large collection of goodies many DBAs use today.

During this session you will learn the basics about the free eDB360 tool, plus some cool tricks. The target audience is: DBAs, developers and consultants (some managers could also benefit).

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Understanding my database through SQL*Plus using the free tool eDB360

  1. 1. Understanding my database through SQL*Plus using the free tool eDB360 Carlos Sierra
  2. 2. Agenda • Motivation • Download and Execution • Consuming eDB360 Output • Navigation Demo
  3. 3. Motivation • Principle of Least Privilege • Cloud • Junior DBA • Developers • Consultant • Health Check?
  4. 4. What is eDB360? • Free tool that installs nothing! (set of scripts) • Provides a 360-degree view of an Oracle database • Executed from SQL*Plus on Client or DB Server • Connects as user with access to Data Dictionary • Works on 10g-12c on Linux/UNIX • Super easy to use!
  5. 5. download
  6. 6. Readme.txt
  7. 7. Execution Instructions • Download from • Copy to database server (or to remote client) • Unzip • Navigate to edb360-master directory • Connect into SQL*Plus as user with access to DD • Execute edb360.sql passing License parameter – T for Tuning Pack, D for Diagnostics Pack, or N for None
  8. 8. Output • Copy edb360_*.zip to PC (or Mac) • Unzip file (contains over a thousand files) • Open 00001_edb360_N_index.html • Browse Content – 360-degree view of an Oracle Database!
  9. 9. I could not fit index page on one slide!
  10. 10. Zoom-in capabilities thanks to Google Charts!
  11. 11. Easy to read charts!
  12. 12. Includes AWR, ASH and ADDM!
  13. 13. SQLd360 and planx for Top SQL
  14. 14. edb360_00_config.sql Modify this file or create a new one
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. The End • – Blog and downloads • – Questions and follow-up • Enjoy a 360-degree view of your database!