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UXD v. Analytics - WIAD13 Ann Arbor

**This version of our presentation is for World Information Architecture Day, Feb 9 2013 in Ann Arbor** Chris and Farris expose the differences between how user experience designers and analytics practitioners think. While UXD weave best practices and user research into their designs, digital analysts spend their time confirming or refuting hypotheses in a data-driven way. One approach is decidedly qualitative, the other decidedly quantitative. In this presentation you will learn through their conversations how it is possible to leverage both enlightened design and deep data to continuously optimize user experiences. If you work on either side of this debate, this is how to better state your case… and get along with the other side.

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UXD v. Analytics - WIAD13 Ann Arbor

  1. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #Measure UXD v. Analytics What have YOU got for me? No, what have you got for ME? World Information Architecture Day 2013 Ann Arbor, MI Chris Farnum, Senior User Experience Designer, ProQuestFarris Khan, Analytics Lead, ProQuest & BobbleheadGuru blogger 1
  2. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureOur topic – UXD v. Digital Analytics Where do our specialties overlap? How are we different? Why should we collaborate? Got a question or comment? Tweet: @BobbleheadGuru or @crfarnum Hashtags: #WIAD #Measure 2
  3. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureThe ProQuest Search Platform• Customers: college, university, corporate, and government libraries worldwide• Subscription databases of articles in journals, newspapers, magazin es, trade pubs, books…• Academic migration complete Summary – the bootstrap days are done, and now we are extending and refining. 3
  4. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureThe UXD Role At ProQuest • We do projects to Core UXD translate business Design Processes requirements into user experiences Prioritized Develop/Test • Agile methodology requirements • 12 team members Planning Iteration release Product • Work closely with release product management, technical teams, and QA 4
  5. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureThe UXD Approach, In General… • Qualitative User Research • Focused on “Why did you do that?” • Design decisions • Deep and narrow perspective on users • Deliverables and tools – Wireframes and prototypes – User stories (aka specifications) – User testing reports – Personas – Heuristics – Design patterns 5
  6. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureA New Development For UXD UXD was recently placed within the same team as our digital analytics lead, Farris. The big question… Who is this guy and what’s this report he’s publishing about the platform we designed? 6
  7. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureOverlapping Territories? Competition? • UXD and DA both claim expertise about users • Quantitative v. Qualitative? • Influence over strategic direction? 7
  8. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureWhat is Digital Analytics? 8
  9. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureEcosystem of Analytics Object of Analysis: Document, Library, Sy stem Metrics: What? UsageObject of Analysis: Object of Analysis:Visitor Attitudinal/ Behavioral/ VisitorMetrics: Persona Observational Metrics:Who? Why? Where? When? Unit of Analysis = Day, Week, Month 9
  10. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureHeatmap 10
  11. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureTrend-line = Uncooked Spaghetti 11
  12. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureTurning Reporting into Insights 12
  13. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureThe DA Approach, In General… • Quantitative data collection and analysis • Focused on “What did most users do?” • Reporting trends • Broad and shallow perspective on users • Deliverables and tools – Internal data warehouse – Behavioral analytics (WebTrends) – Attitudinal analytics (ForeSee) – System response testing (Gomez) – Weekly and monthly reports 13
  14. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureFarris and Chris work in back-to-back cubes andthis leads to interesting conversations… *Identities to be revealed upon proposal acceptance. ;-) 14
  15. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureConversation #1 – Interpreting Report Data One day Farris asked, “Why do some of our segments have significantly higher satisfaction scores than others?” 15
  16. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureConversation #1 - Why Is Satisfaction HigherFor Some Segment v. Others? NOTE: Data has been altered 16
  17. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureConversation #1 – Interpreting Report DataUXD: Personas and Segmentation 17
  18. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureConversation #1 – Summary DA finds patterns and trends. UXD can offer context. 18
  19. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureConversation #2 – Narrowing Options One day Chris said, “There’s a customer service request to improve the ease of narrowing results. Is there any user data that can give me the background I need to design some new approaches?” 19
  20. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureConversation #2 – Narrowing OptionsUXD: Many existing options. Do we need more, less,…? 20
  21. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureConversation #2 – Satisfaction Summary 21
  22. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureConversation #2 - Model Question SummaryHigher Scores  Legend: Accuracy of Information (1.2, 8.1) (Impact, Score) Quality of Information (1.2, 8.1) Breath of Content (1.2, 8.0) How Quickly Pages Load (0.5, 7.9) Consistency of Speed Page to Page (0.5, 7.9) Ability to Load Pages without Errors (0.5, 7.9) Readability of Graphics (0.5, 7.9) How Well Site Is Organized (1.7, 7.5) Balance of Graphics and Text (0.5, 7.3) Area of Focus How Well Site Layout Helps Find (1.7, 7.2) Relevance of Search Results (2.8, 7.2) Organization of Search Results (2.8, 7.2) How Well Search Results Help Selection (2.8, 7.2) Options for Navigation (1.7, 7.1) How Well Search Options Help Narrow Results (2.8, 7.0) Visual Appeal (0.5, 6.9) Number of Clicks (1.7, 6.9) Higher Impact  22
  23. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureConversation #2 - Open Ended CommentsWith Respondent Level Data Narrow down their searches to more specifics Provide Tips for narrowing Search Provide more user friendly narrowing devices Be able to narrow search results to only find articles with full text 23
  24. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureConversation #2 – Summary UXD needs background info before design. DA offers quantitative  qualitative data. 24
  25. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureConversation #3 – Interpreting Emerging Trends One day Farris said, “I was preparing my monthly report and noticed something new. Page views per visit dropped, but other statistics remained constant. What does this mean?” 25
  26. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureConversation #3 – Weekly Heatmap 26
  27. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureConversation #3 – Interpreting Emerging TrendsUXD: Updates to site navigation, database selection 27
  28. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureConversation #3 – Summary DA spots changes efficiently. UXD can offer hypothesis for why. 28
  29. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureUXD v. Analytics - Differences Digital Analytics User Experience Design Quantitative Qualitative “What did most users do?” “Why did you do that?” Reporting trends Design decisions Broad & shallow view Deep & narrow view Big data analysis Live user research 29
  30. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureUXD & Analytics - Common Goals Digital Analytics User Experience Design Deep interest in user behavior Want to increase user satisfaction Desire to influence strategic decisions By leveraging each other…. Does 1 + 1 = 3? 30
  31. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureWorking Better Together • Give UXD access to analytics tools • Project collaboration • Refine survey questions and KPIs • Design informed by data insights • Deeper analysis based on a richer understanding of user personas and motivation • Smarter user research – finding respondents, asking better questions. 31
  32. UXD v. Analytics Twitter: @BobbleHeadGuru @crfarnum #WIAD #MeasureQuestions and Comments Farris Khan @Bobbleheadguru Chris Farnum @crfarnumSlideshare 32