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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Conversion Optimisers

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Conversion Factory director, Stephen Pavlovich outlines the seven habits that are essential to get rapid results in conversion optimisation. These range from habits you can automate to build your swipe file, to tricks to make you a better copywriter and optimiser.

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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Conversion Optimisers

  1. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Conversion Optimisers Stephen Pavlovich | Conversion Factory
  2. [1] Steal more ideas
  3. Use Evernote – capture everything. Find out your Evernote email address. Auto-forward emails.
  4. [2] Watch more TV
  5. How do adverts overcome objections or emphasise benefits? Which phrases or structures are common between them?
  6. [3] Stay organised
  7. Use Excel to track every test. Include: hypothesis, page type, screenshots, test results.
  8. [4] Don’t rely on hard data
  9. Don’t rely on Google Analytics – set up soft data streams to cover the “why?” as well as the “what?”
  10. [5] Learn more
  11. As optimisers, we need to be experts on usability, copywriting, data analysis, persuasion, design…
  12. [6] Optimise yourself
  13. How would you optimise your client relationships? What are their objections? What’s your sales funnel?
  14. [7] Think differently
  15. Don’t self-impose boundaries on your testing
  16. [8] Ask us questions Stephen Pavlovich | Conversion Factory