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Webinar for Applicants - EPA Research Call 2022

  1. Webinar for Applicants EPA Research Call 2022 4th May 2022 The webinar will start at 11.30am
  2. Webinar for Applicants EPA Research Call 2022 4th May 2022 Presenters: EPA Research: Alice Wemaere, Kevin Woods & Lisa Sheils Smith & Williamson: Damien Kealy
  3. Webinar Agenda ❖ Introduction to EPA Research 2030 ❖ Overview of the EPA Research Call 2022 ❖ Application Process and Timeline ❖ Application Guidance ❖ Financial Rules and Eligibility ❖ Q&A Use the Chat function to post your Questions
  4. Housekeeping ❖ This event is being recorded ❖ Recording will be made available after the event ❖ Attendees are muted with Cameras off ❖ Questions will be answered during the Q&A. Use the Chat function to post your questions. ❖ Chat messages are visible to all
  5. EPA Research 2030 is… A Framework for EPA Research Programming 2021-2030 Focused on achieving environmental objectives, informing policy and bringing together researchers and research users Designed to be agile, responsive and flexible Introduction to EPA Research 2030
  6. To Deliver Impactful Research Introduction to EPA Research 2030
  7. With an Integrated Approach Introduction to EPA Research 2030
  8. Introduction to EPA Research 2030
  9. Overview of the EPA Research Call 2022
  10. Co-Funders Overview of the EPA Research Call 2022
  11. research-funding/epa-research-call/ Overview of the EPA Research Call 2022
  12. 2 Open Topics Select most appropriate project type, duration and budget within the maximum duration and budget indicated in call technical documentation Our understanding of the environmental dimension of AMR (Delivering a Healthy Environment 2022 Call Topic 11) Use of data - Copernicus for environmental monitoring & assessment (Protecting and Restoring Our Natural Environment 2022 Call Topic 6) Overview of the EPA Research Call 2022
  13. Step-1: Read the call documents! Application Process & Timeline
  14. research-funding/epa-research-call/ Application Process & Timeline
  15. Choose the correct Call Topic Reference on the EPA’s Grant Application system to create a Draft Application – Eligibility Criterion Context, policy relevance and research/knowledge gaps that the project aims to address Indicate the project type Maximum budget which can be requested and Maximum duration of the project - Eligibility Criteria Scope to be addressed by the project Your proposal must clearly demonstrate how your project will build on existing/past research/activities Application Process & Timeline
  16. Terms and Conditions for Support of Grant Awards • Funding • EPA Requirements for Grantees • Adjustment to Costings • Reporting, Monitoring and Accounting • Payment of the grant • Project Completion/Termination • Notices • Transfer and Assignment • Indemnity • Data Protection • Other Guidance for Applicants • Overview of the Application Process • Summary of Project Types and Funding Scales • Budget & Financial Eligibility Rules • Grant Award Guidance for Grantees • Payment of the Research Grant • Project Management • Deviation from the Original Proposal • Project Outputs and Deliverables Application Process & Timeline
  17. Terms and Conditions for Support of Grant Awards • Funding • EPA Requirements for Grantees • Adjustment to Costings • Reporting, Monitoring and Accounting • Payment of the grant • Project Completion/Termination • Notices • Transfer and Assignment • Indemnity • Data Protection • Other Other Information • Intellectual Property • Research Integrity • Freedom of Information Act • Personal Information • Open Access of Publications and Data • Ethical and Gender Issues • Further Information Appendix I – Glossary of Terms Application Process & Timeline
  18. Application Process & Timeline Do not “recycle” old templates as they may have changed
  19. Process Submit Proposal Approve Proposal Eligibility Check Evaluation Step-1: Scientific Evaluation Evaluation Step-2: National Overview EPA Board Approval Notification Negotiations Award Authorise Reject Send for revisions Application Process & Timeline
  20. Timeline Date Deadline Type Thursday 14th April 2022 at 11:00 Call opening Wednesday 25th May 2022 at 17:00 Deadline for queries relating to the technical contents of this call Wednesday 1st June at 17:00 Submission deadline Wednesday 8th June 2022 at 17:00 Approval deadline June/September 2022 Evaluation process September/October 2022 Notification of Applicants October/November 2022 Negotiation November/December 2022 Grant award of successful projects By 31st March 2023 Start of successful projects Application Process & Timeline
  21. Eligibility Check ✓All applications must be created and submitted by the Lead Applicants ✓Lead Applicant is from an organisation located on the island of Ireland ✓Correct Call Topic Reference used ✓Correct templates used ✓Maximum Budget ✓Maximum Duration Application Process & Timeline
  22. Step-1: Scientific Evaluation 3 Criteria 1) Excellence (Threshold: 600/1000) 2) Communication, Dissemination and Knowledge Transfer to Deliver Impact (Threshold: 600/1000) 3) Implementation (Threshold: 600/1000) Total Score Threshold: 2,100/3,000 Application Process & Timeline
  23. Step-2: National Overview National Overview Criteria: • Added value, expected impacts and knowledge transfer of the proposed research project and how the outputs will provide evidence to inform environmental policies and considerations Past Performance: • Past performance of Principal Investigators on EPA-funded research projects, including compliance with reporting requirements, is considered for this criterion Application Process & Timeline
  24. Submit on time Application Guidance Queries All queries MUST be submitted to
  25. Your application is composed of: Completed templates Application Guidance
  26. AND Online Fields • Abstract for Publication • Is gender dimension in the scope of this project? • Does your project require ethical approval? • Is the proposed research multi/trans-disciplinary? • Does the proposed research involve Citizen Science? • Explain how your proposal addresses the specific challenge and scope of the call topic • Demonstrate the relevance to the EPA Research Hubs • Demonstrate how your proposal will meet the expectations of the EPA Research Programme and fulfil some or all of its aims and objectives. • Demonstrate how your project will leverage existing resources, data and knowledge systems to build on past/on-going research and build national research capacity Application Guidance
  27. Online Fields ctd. • Work Package Summary Table Expected Outputs: • Provide list of all expected outputs from your proposed research. • Describe the innovation potential of your proposal Impacts and Impact Delivery: • Impact Statement • Demonstrate how this project will support the implementation of the UN SDGs. • Knowledge Transfer Application Guidance
  28. Changes will invalidate your application Proposals are evaluated and selected based on the details submitted at the time of application Changes to details (including changes of Lead Applicant, Lead Organisation, Co-Applicants, Co-Applicant Organisations, and scope of the proposed research and associated tasks) before the award of the project will invalidate your application Application Guidance
  29. Financial Rules and Eligibility
  30. EPA Research Call 2022 Guidance for Applicants
  31. Questions we hope to address this morning ….. 1. • Who can apply for funding ? 2. • What level of funding can I apply for ? 3. • What types of expenditure are eligible for funding ? 4. • Are there specific costs which are not eligible ? 5. • Are there any changes from the 2021 call ? 6. • Are there any lessons to be learned from 2021 call ? 31
  32. Who can apply for funding ?
  33. 33 Project Type Typical funding Typical Duration (Months) Lead Applicant- Host Organisation: Location Co- Applicants Permitted Lead Applicant- Host Organisation: Type Desk Studies Up to €120,000 6-12 Located on Island of Ireland Yes HEI, RPO, SML Company, NGO, PBE, Charity Medium Scale Studies Up to €500,000 24-48 Located on Island of Ireland Yes HEI, RPO, SML Company, NGO, PBE, Charity Large Scale Studies Up to €1m 36-48 Located on Island of Ireland Yes HEI, RPO, SML Company, NGO,PBE,Charity Capability Development > €1m 48-60 Located on Island of Ireland Yes HEI, RPO, SML Company, NGO, PBE, Charity Doctoral Scholarships Up to €110,000 48 Located on Island of Ireland No HEI Only Research Fellowships Up to €300,000 24-36 Located on Island of Ireland No HEI or RPO
  34. What level of funding can my organisation apply for?
  35. 35 * Company Size Criteria = A plus one of B or C ** Definitions for each of these organisations can be found in the Glossary of Terms section of the Guidelines and Terms & Conditions Nature of Organisation ** No. of Employees A Turnover B Balance Sheet C Max Funding Rate Available Publicly Funded HEI N/A N/A N/A 100% Public/State Body N/A N/A N/A 100% RPO N/A N/A N/A 100% Private Small* Company / Enterprise 1-49 < €10m < €10m 80% Private Medium* Company 50-249 < €50m < €43m 75% Private Large* Company >=250 >= €50m >=€43m 65% NGO,PBE,Charity N/A N/A N/A 95%
  36. What categories of expenditure are eligible for funding?
  37. Eligible Expenditure- Some Basic Principles 37 Welcome to Smith & Williamson Actual Reasonable & Wholly Necessary Incurred & Paid During Project Solely to Advance the Project In Accordance with Usual Accounting Principles Recorded in Your Accounts Exclude Any Profit Margin Not Otherwise Available/Accessible Be of a Type Normally Charged to Research Projects
  38. Categories of Eligible Expenditure 38 * Co-Applicants from Organisations not located on the Island of Ireland cannot claim for costs in any of these cost categories. Staff Costs Travel & Sub. Consumables Other facilities Overheads-30% of Modified Costs Equipment * External Assistance * Communication costs *
  39. Staff Costs- Things to Bear in Mind 39 HEI’s, Public/State Body, RPO (Located on Island of Ireland) • Only cost of additional staff are eligible for funding • Salary costs plus employers PRSI plus statutory employer pension contributions (where relevant) • Permanent staff costs are not eligible for funding • Rates of pay in accordance with IUA payscale • Should be based on payroll records of host organisation • Where not available use IUA rates as basis of budget • Max amount for post grad student stipend is €18,500 per annum • Max amount for post grad fees is €5,750 Welcome to Smith & Williamson All Organisations Not Located on Island of Ireland • Only cost of additional staff are eligible for funding • Training costs, stipends, post-doc salaries, student fees, pension and social costs are all excluded and cannot be funded. Private Entity Organisations Located on Island of Ireland • Costs associated with permanent staff directly involved in the project are eligible for funding all be it at reduced rates. • Salary costs of admin & supervisory staff (not included in indirect costs) may be eligible for funding • All costs must be based on actual salary as per payroll records and not based on chargeout or consulting rates • Average salary levels cannot be used • Pension contributions not eligible
  40. Ineligible Expenditure- Some Specific Examples 40 Any Interest paid or owed Provisions for Possible Future Costs incl. Bad Debts Sick pay or Redundancy Overtime Resources Received For Free Unnecessary or Ill- considered Expenditure Market, Sales, Distribution Costs Entertainment or Hospitality (unless wholly and exclusively necessary) Vehicle motor tax and insurance On-going Service & Repair of Equipment / Vehicles Subscriptions (unless wholly, exclusively necessary) Miscellaneous expenses Be of a Type Normally Charged to Research Projects Costs Associated with Recruitment Contributions to Private Pension Schemes Bonus payments or other perks paid in cash or in-kind
  41. Some changes from the previous call?
  42. Some Changes from 2021 Call 42 Sig. Equip Capped @ 50k Individual & Per Project Distinction between lead applicant and co-applicant and eligible costs Location of lead/co- applicant is significant HEI & RPO Defined Fellowship and Scholarship restricted to certain types of organisation (HEI/RPO)
  43. Lessons Learned form Previous Call ?
  44. Learnings from 2021 Call 44 Changes in applicant or co- applicant for whatever reason will invalidate an application Cost of presenting at conference are Communication Costs. Cost of travel to/from conference are travel. Company size where part of a group is based on the overall size of the group not just the entity applying. Company Limited by Guarantee is not by default a PBE/Not-For-Profit/Charity Even where salary costs are provided as in-kind contribution they will have to be vouched to payroll records Sole-trader / Self-employed can participate as co- applicant (small enterprise) once can demonstrate registered business name and appropriate tax registrations Changes to rates quoted for external consultants as part of budget negotiations will not be considered Year on year increments over and above IUA Payscale increases cannot be funded. Salary costs cannot be based on consulting or charge out rates Funding rates as defined based on organisation type and size are fixed and cannot be altered. Changes to salary costs quoted and changes to research team cannot be made as part of budget review process It is expected that Research Fellows will be located at their Host Organisation for at least part of the working week.
  45. Q&A We will also update our Q&A after the Webinar Use the Chat function to post your Questions
  46. Recap research-call/ Call Documentation • EPA Research Programme 2021-2030 EPA Research Call 2022 – Technical Description • EPA Research Programme 2021-2030 Guidelines and Terms & Conditions • EPA Research Programme 2021-2030 Evaluation Process • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) • Strategies and Policies Application Process • User Guidance and Grant Application and Project Management
  47. Thank You Any queries: Please email