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The rollercoaster of emotions: How brands and agencies can enjoy the ride

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Emotions differentiate humans from other living things. They make us unpredictable, impulsive and endlessly interesting. They are part of what makes humans, human.

Our emotions also make us an endlessly frustrating group of people for brands trying to stand out and connect. But it can be done. In this session, Darren Watson, FITCH ECD Asia Pacific will explore how brands can use experiences to create emotional connections that are playful, thought-provoking and unlock the human element essential to success in physical and digital brand interactions.

From Nike Rise harnessing the passion of a new generation of Chinese basketball players, to Merrell’s use of VR to take wannabe hikers into the wilderness and M&M’s World Store Shanghai, which turns a candy store into a theatrical experience, Watson will demonstrate the powerful human connections that can be created.

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The rollercoaster of emotions: How brands and agencies can enjoy the ride

  1. 1. Darren Watson Executive Creative Director
  2. 2. #FITCH_Emotion #Adfest2016 Join in the conversation: © Daniel Serva @FITCHdesign @watsoneast
  3. 3. The Rollercoaster of emotions Why do we have emotions? The ‘big disruption’ – 21st Century impact Why emotions matter in experiences Who’s using emotions in experiences well How we all can enjoy the ride
  4. 4. Why do we have emotions?
  5. 5. Human beings are one of the most complex of all animals © Daniel Serva
  6. 6. © Andrea Rossato They are part of what makes humans, human. Emotions make us unpredictable, impulsive and endlessly interesting.
  7. 7. Emotions play a crucial role helping to understand the world learn about and trust new things make decisions and take action Mountain slide, Switzerland
  8. 8. Smiler rollercoaster at Alton Towers UK pay to turn fear into pride Emotions cause us to
  9. 9. The are not always easy to control What do we do after a hard day?
  10. 10. They make us who we are. Feel like an athlete… Nike store NY
  11. 11. Feel unique… Mini not normal campaign
  12. 12. Evoke important memories.
  13. 13. Everyday it feels like we go through hundreds of emotions. According to science it’s not that complex, not by a long shot…
  14. 14. 4 ‘mother emotions’ Source: Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology, University of Psychology of Glasgow. Fractl – emotion research 2014 happy Makes us want to share sad Helps us connect and empathize afraid Makes us need something to cling to angry Makes us more stubborn
  15. 15. Source: Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology, University of Psychology of Glasgow Whisked up into a myriad of ‘emotional stews’.
  16. 16. We feel first. Think second. Source: Buyology by Martin Lindstrom The emotional brain processes information 5 X faster 90% of purchase decisions are subconscious 70% of all purchases are emotional
  17. 17. Without emotions our lives would be incomplete
  18. 18. The big disruption 21st century impact
  20. 20. NO ORDINARY DISRUPTION 65 million! Source: McKinsey & Company: The four global forces breaking all the trends By 2035 in China, those aged 60 and over larger than the entire US population AGING POPULATIONURBANIZATION Average rise in urban population every year
  21. 21. Number of years to reach 50m users 38 4 1 TECHNOLOGY Source: McKinsey & Company: The four global forces breaking all the trends NO ORDINARY DISRUPTION GLOBAL CONNECTIONS 500x! Increase in global online traffic from 2000 to 2012
  22. 22. INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION X 300 WE ARE LIVING IN A TIME OF DISCONTINOUS CHANGE Source: McKinsey & Company: The four global forces breaking all the trends
  23. 23. A new social generation of people. More informed and connected, less loyal and dictating how they engage with brands.
  24. 24. Living in times of abundance… Information and choice fatigue …and scarcity value of time disappearing resources Vitalityair – bottled Canadian air
  25. 25. Gen Z Live for now Grew up with touchscreens New digital tools to filter Gen Y Live once Grew up with computers Facebook moments Source: Wellbeing in the US 2015, San Diego University 21st century survival mechanisms
  26. 26. Same  a&en(on  (me  span  as  this  fella       that’s less than the attention span of this guy …an evolved 8 second filter Source: National Center for Biotechnology, US The Associated Press, 2015 Live for now
  27. 27. The digitally powered social age has set a strong culture of individuality while still maintaining a longing for belonging. Products Possessions Extrinsic Fractured Source: FITCH Gen Z report 2014 – stories ‘social currency’ – memories ‘experience seeking’ – intrinsic motivations ‘what I want to achieve’ – seamless ‘continuous’ world Shifting expectations.
  28. 28. Nike Find your Greatness by Wieden + Kennedy Focus on the individual who they are and what they value
  29. 29. Nike run San Francisco Wanting a relationship built on what they want to achieve 200mNumber of fans Nike connects every day in dialogue around achieving through sports and movement.
  30. 30. Dreaming No specific purchase intent Exploring Purchase intent in the category Locating Specific product or service Achieving Post-purchase using product or service Continuous Consumer FITCH Joy of Shopping research ‘no looking back’ - incremental gains towards achieving
  31. 31. The big misfit: Continuous consumers Living in a time of Discontinuous change
  32. 32. Emotional rewiring needed: emotional impact continuous experiences
  33. 33. Why emotions in experiences matter
  34. 34. ‘Experiences’ trump ‘things’ Amongst a deluge of worldly concerns and fatigue of material pursuits Source Boston Consulting group Millennials report 2014 78% Millenials would rather spend on experience over material posessions
  35. 35. ’OK isn't OK’ for experiences anymore Rise of self-service and technology advancements push expectations of experience. Netflix and chill button
  36. 36. Experiences are ‘emotional responses’ to moments in our lives 8 in 10 Millenials say best memories come from an experience they participated in can be shared entirely personal no two the same… Source Boston Consulting group Millennials report 2014
  37. 37. © First kiss Melissa Coker Personal experiences First kiss…
  38. 38. © NK Guy Burning Man Shared experiences Burning man festival…
  39. 39. Ultraviolet Shanghai Paid for experiences Dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant…
  40. 40. For people Shift from material possessions to a ‘wealth of experience’
  41. 41. For brands Shift from share of wallet – share of voice Source The ultimate marketing machine, HBR 2015 to a ‘share of experience’ High performing brands moving to share of experience
  42. 42. High emotional experience High performance Source The Value of Customer Experience, Quantified 2014 HBR 2014 74% more loyal 2.4 x revenue per consumer Satisfied consumers = higher share price
  43. 43. Who’s using emotions in experiences well?
  44. 44. Disruptive brands are taking advantage of these volatile times and addressing issues of our time. Rapid change = rewire opportunity
  45. 45. 80% Of people see brands as most trusted to improve economic and social conditions Building a belief that brands are best placed to improve living Source Edelman trust barometer 2016 (and have the financial power to do it) Superbrands
  46. 46. relationship needs to be built on generosity Generous brands™
  47. 47. Free basics © Tim Lahan A winner takes all dynamic People can spot non-generous behavior a mile away The fine line.
  48. 48. A rock-like consistency and human-like personality that people can depend on 1974 message from Lego… …2000’s Lego advertisement by Brunner
  49. 49. Wearing their emotions on their sleeves Toys - improved relationship between parent and child
  50. 50. Wearing their emotions on their sleeves Detergent – highlighting challenges faced by women Share the load by BBDO Mumbai
  51. 51. Wearing their emotions on their sleeves Search engine - wisdom Reunion by Ogilvy India
  52. 52. Wearing their emotions on their sleeves Whisky – celebrating the human spirit Keep the fire alive by
  53. 53. Wearing their emotions on their sleeves Refreshment – happiness, a simple pleasure Teach the world to sing by McCann Erickson
  54. 54. How brands and creatives can " enjoy the ride
  55. 55. Forget Omni-channel ? The emotional rollercoaster How do we enjoy the ride? Brands
  56. 56. 1. Respond to what people want to achieve The emotional rollercoaster How do we enjoy the ride? Brands
  57. 57. 2. Stage their story – ‘storydoing’ Create content rock stars Their journey, active participation sharing meaningful and memorable stories Gopro adventure in life in 4K
  58. 58. Physical Human Digital Touch points not channels Think PHD Combine physical, human and digital 3. Right place Brands
  59. 59. 4. Right time ‘spend time’ Major moments of enhanced sensory experiences Starbucks ‘Willy Wonka of coffee’ Put  in  dining  in  field  image  
  60. 60. Surprise the senses High engagement Breaks down complexity builds emotional engagement House of Bols, Amsterdam 4. Right time ‘spend time’
  61. 61. Turn fear into pride With the ‘power of play’ Floor disappears forcing people to climb the walls North Face store, South Korea 4. Right time ‘spend time’
  62. 62. 4. Right time ‘save time’ ‘Micro moments’ of novel ultra-convenience Dominos Pizza Anyware
  63. 63. 5.Coach the coaches, get the crowd Understand level of confidence Turn off fears of colour when decorating Step on a colour, see it transform space Asian Paints Colour experience, India
  64. 64. 5. Coach the coaches, get the crowd The confident coaches the newbie Experience as a learning platform guided by more confident consumers VIVID Homes, China
  65. 65. The emotional rollercoaster How we enjoy the ride – Continuous experiences 1. Respond to ‘what they want to achieve’ 2. Stage their story – ‘storydoing’ 3. The right place – ‘PHD touch points’ 4. The right time – ‘Spend time and save time’ moments 5. ‘Coach the coaches’ to get the crowd
  66. 66. Celebrate the emotional rollercoaster Nike Rise China Nike Rise, AKQA
  67. 67. Excitement and anticipation Recruiting from millions of aspirers personal stories
  68. 68. Fear of not being selected Getting up and close with competitors
  69. 69. Bonding highs and lows as a team Training pain and team creation with Pro coaches
  70. 70. Amplify the hopes and fears of failing Train and do drills like the stars Create the theatre to feel like a hero
  71. 71. Celebrate and share the journey and achievement Energy of the emotional finale shared as a team
  72. 72. Journey as a personal story how do we make it responsive? Aspiration Fear of being cut Bonding highs and lows Amplified hopes and fears Celebrate and share The emotional rollercoaster ‘sweet spot’ Brands
  73. 73. SOURCE: Cisco, McKinsey Global Institute analysis, Telefonica research 2015 Making it more personal, convenient and responsive. Enhanced world of ‘bits and bots’ 40% Of all global connections will be machine-to- machine by 2020 Brands 83% Accuracy rate on wether user is bored whilst on mobile
  74. 74. Cogni Toys Enhanced world of ‘bits and bots’ Experiences that evolve with people
  75. 75. EQ + IQ = ‘Human natured’ experiences Emulate to an extent the way human senses work to respond Creating emotional delight against motivations FITCH prototype spatial sensor system with Microsoft
  76. 76. The emotional rollercoaster Enjoy the ride – human natured experiences Brands
  77. 77. What we want to achieve respond to emotions Continuous experiences keeping us in the sweet spot The emotional rollercoaster Enjoy the ride – human natured experiences Brands
  78. 78. #FITCH_Emotion #ADFEST2016 Thanks for listening /FITCH_design @FITCHdesign @watsoneast
  79. 79. Darren Watson Executive Creative Director Come and enjoy the ride Thursday 17th March 10:45 – 13:00