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FullSIX FullSIGHTS July 2015

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FullSIX’s team wants to share with you every month a selection of the most relevant content on digital media created to inspire and spread

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FullSIX FullSIGHTS July 2015

  1. 1. jul 15
  2. 2. ? The FullSIX team compiles every month the most impressive digital communication contents Specially thought to inspire and share conclusions
  3. 3. Insights, data and trends; knowledge to be able to question and build Innovation in technology, strategy, media, message and execution Stories and experiences created to connect brands with people Owned spaces where brands interact with their target Conversation and content created and thought to be consumed and shared
  4. 4. #01 BRAND KNOWLEDGE SOCIAL MEDIA APPS Consulting Social Media Apps is the first thing we do as soon as we wake up according to Opera Mediawork’s study THE INFO THAT YOUR USERS ACCESS IS MOSTLY FILTERED BY THEIR CONTACTS IN SOCIAL NETWORKS
  5. 5. #02 BRAND KNOWLEDGE CONTENT SHARED BY USERS IS MORE RELIABLE THAN CONTENT THAT THE BRAND SHARES BRANDED CONTENT 70% of the youngsters expect that content provided by brands is entertaining and 56% is willing to share it
  6. 6. #03 BRAND INNOVATION PROVE YOUR PRODUCT’S USAGE EXPERIENCE IN YOUR COMMUNICATION FIAT PARKING BILLBOARD An interactive billboard that helps drivers to park their cars correctly to generate awareness around the brand’s Park Assist system
  7. 7. DON’T FORGET THAT YOUR PROMOS MUST SERVE ON TOP OF PEOPLE’S INTERESTS, YOUR OWN MCDONALDS MCFLURRY HEAT During the heat wave in Europe, McDonalds creates Mupis that offer McFlurrys for free when reaching 38,7ºC #04 BRAND INNOVATION
  8. 8. #05 BRAND ACTIVATION CREATE CONTENT THAT HELPS YOUR USERS TO DEFINE THEMSELVES SOCIALLY MTV WHITE SQUAD A service for the “non white people” to be treated the same way as the ones that are. A controversial action that shows social discriminations
  9. 9. FACILITATE YOUR USERS SHARING CONTENT WHILE ENJOYING YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE KFC TRAY Paper tablecloths that help to share pictures from different holiday destinations as your contacts are doing in their social profiles #06 BRAND ACTIVATION
  10. 10. #07 BRAND PLATFORM YOUR USERS WANT TO PARTICIPATE, GET THEM INVOLVED IN YOUR ACTIONS AND LET THEM “TRY” VW UNLEASH YOUR RRRR An interactive experience that allows you to create a movie of the new Golf R based on car sounds made by you
  11. 11. LIASE WITH ANOTHER BRAND TO ADD IT BRAND VALUES TO YOURS TOYOTA TACOMA GOPRO Tacoma offroads will have a support to integrate GoPro cameras, the preferred by users to record and share their adventures #08 BRAND PLATFORM
  12. 12. WAKE YOUR USERS CURIOSITY, AND MAKE THEM LOOK FOR THE ANSWERS NHS GIVE BLOOD #MISSINGTYPE Brands, streets, stores, newspapers that lose letters A, O and B symbolizing blood types to acquire donors #09 BRAND DIALOGUE
  13. 13. #10 BRAND DIALOGUE OFFER YOUR USERS A REASON TO USER YOUR HASHTAGS FOREVER 21 THREAD SCREEN A screen that shows Instagram pictures (under a specific hashtag) recreated with 6000 rolls of thread
  14. 14. WE USEtechnology in a creative way to develop experiences where brand and consumers interests coincide WE INTEGRATEstrategy, creative and technology in-house to create digital communication campaigns, ecommerce platforms, CRM plans and social media strategies for top advertisers WE AREthe largest independent digital communication group in Europe [+1000 people], and a team of 70+ in Spain LET’S TALKIf you want to know everything we can do for your brand, please contact us Javier Gómez de Quero del Castillo Managing Director +34 91 298 27 30 Bueso Pineda 12, 28043 Madrid WWW.FULLSIX.ES
  15. 15. jul 15