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The 5 Realities of Influencer Marketing

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After years of making headway in the B2C world, influencer marketing has officially “arrived” in B2B. Although influencer marketing has been practiced in marketing for years, it has only recently become top-of-mind for B2B marketers as they strive to accelerate word-of-mouth and maximize the reach of their content.

Successful influencer marketing takes strategy, careful planning and some good, old relationship building. During this webinar, Content4Demand VP of Strategy, Dana Harder, and Content Strategist, Alicia Esposito, will weigh in on some of the most common structures, and critical realities, of successful influencer marketing. Webinar attendees will learn:

The definition of successful influencer marketing
3 influencer campaign models and approaches
The realities and best practices of successful influencer marketing strategies
Are you ready to stop being polite and start getting real? Register for the webinar to get started.

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The 5 Realities of Influencer Marketing

  1. 1. #COSeries The 5 Realities of Influencer Marketing SPONSORED BY:
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  6. 6. #COSeries How Are We Doing?
  7. 7. #COSeries Panelists MODERATOR: Klaudia Tirico Features Editor Demand Gen Report Dana Harder VP of Strategy, Content4Demand @DanaHarder Alicia Esposito Content Strategist Content4Demand @AliciaFiorletta
  8. 8. CONTENT4DEMAND 8 What exactly is influencer marketing? Is that like using Kardashians to sell stuff? Photo Credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian West
  9. 9. CONTENT4DEMAND 9 Influencer Marketing Defined… Influencer marketingis a form of marketing in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers. - AdWeek
  10. 10. CONTENT4DEMAND 10 Our Agenda: Influencer Marketing Overview & The Realities of Execution 1. Breaking Down Modern Influencer Marketing 2. How You Can Use Influencers 3. 5 Realities of Influencer Marketing 4. How To Crush Your Marketing Goals With Influencer Marketing (Tips & Best Practices) 5. Q&A
  11. 11. CONTENT4DEMAND 11 The Ins & Outs of Modern Influencer Marketing
  12. 12. CONTENT4DEMAND 12 What makes influencer marketing so valuable? • Adds credibility and cloud to content • Helps amplify content to target audiences • Makes your content and your brand, more authentic “[Influencer Marketing] opens up an entirely new world for companies to connect with increasingly elusive and discerning audiences in ways that are more natural and relatable.” - Brian Solis, Author, Analyst, Altimeter Group
  13. 13. CONTENT4DEMAND 13 The Value of Influencer Marketing… 87% of buyers give credence to content that features industry influencers. - Demand Gen Report, Content Preferences Survey, 2017 Influencer marketing content delivers 11X higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing. - TapInfluence study with Nielsen Catalina Solutions, 2016 49% of people say they rely on recommendations from influencers when making purchase decisions. - Twitter & Annalect, 2016
  14. 14. CONTENT4DEMAND 14 Influencer Examples B2C Has… B2B Has…
  15. 15. CONTENT4DEMAND 15 Poll #1 Question #1. What’s the state of your company’s influencer marketing program? • Experimenting • Campaign or Asset-Specific • Consistent Program • Fully Integrated Program • Not Using Influencers
  16. 16. CONTENT4DEMAND 16 The State of Influencer Marketing… Experimenting | 49% Campaign-Driven | 36% Ongoing Program | 11% Integrated Program | 4% Source: Traackr, TopRank Marketing Most B2B brands (49%) are still only experimenting with influencer marketing programs…
  17. 17. CONTENT4DEMAND 17 Top Goals for Influencer Marketing • Improve Brand Advocacy (94%) • Expand Brand Awareness (92) • Reach New Targeted Audiences (88%) • Increase Share of Voice (86%) • Improve Sales Conversion (74%) • Manage Reputation (68%) • Drive Lead Generation (67%) Source: Traackr, TopRank Marketing The next wave of influencer marketing
  18. 18. CONTENT4DEMAND 18 How You Can Use Influencers
  19. 19. CONTENT4DEMAND 19 Use Influencer Insights to Inform Your Buyer Personas: When it comes to persona insights, every little bit helps!
  20. 20. CONTENT4DEMAND 20 Use Influencers to Inform Content Messaging, Ideas & Campaign Themes: An on-demand content advisory board! CUSTOM CONTENT IDEATION 5 Reasons Your Current Platform Will be Obsolete by the End of the Year [Checklist] Recommended Buyer Stage: Early/Inform Content Abstract: Present senior technology leaders with the top five business impacts of staying with legacy software platforms. Encourage target buyers to consider/acknowledge alternative solutions that will help them avoid unnecessary monetary and resource costs.
  21. 21. CONTENT4DEMAND 21 Use Influencers to Fuel Content Creation: Let influencers supplement or write content for you!
  22. 22. CONTENT4DEMAND 22 3 Levels of Influencer-Enhanced Content Modular Content Individual Asset Creation Long-Term Engagement
  23. 23. CONTENT4DEMAND 23 Influencer Involvement | Modular Content
  24. 24. CONTENT4DEMAND 24 Using Influencers to Fuel Content Creation SAMPLE:
  25. 25. CONTENT4DEMAND 25 Influencer Involvement | Asset Creation
  26. 26. CONTENT4DEMAND 26 Using Influencers to Fuel Content Creation SAMPLE:
  27. 27. CONTENT4DEMAND 27 Influencer Involvement | Long-Term Engagement
  28. 28. CONTENT4DEMAND 28 Using Influencers to Fuel Content Creation SAMPLE:
  29. 29. CONTENT4DEMAND 29 The Future of Influencer Marketing Revolves Around Relationship and Community Building 57% of companies believe influencer marketing will be integrated in all marketing activities in three years. - Traackr, TopRank Marketing
  30. 30. CONTENT4DEMAND 30 Poll #2 Question #2. What level of influencer involvement is your company likely to take on in the next 12 months? • Modular Content - Influencer call outs/quotes incorporated into content assets • Individual Asset Creation - Influencers as the core focus of the content • Long-Term Engagement - A fully integrated influencer program
  31. 31. CONTENT4DEMAND 31 You Know Influencer Marketing’s Potential…
  32. 32. CONTENT4DEMAND 32 Now It’s Time To Get Real.
  33. 33. CONTENT4DEMAND 33 Influencer Marketing Doesn’t Always Require Big Budget 1
  34. 34. CONTENT4DEMAND 34 Influencers don’t always expect a big check.
  35. 35. CONTENT4DEMAND 35 2It Takes Time to Manage Influencers & Put Together a Strategy
  36. 36. CONTENT4DEMAND 36 Have someone taking the lead behind the scenes. Photo Credit: Lifetime
  37. 37. CONTENT4DEMAND 37 3You Need to Expand Your Horizons & Perceptions of Your Ideal Influencer
  38. 38. CONTENT4DEMAND 38 The influencer quality sweet spot. Relevance Audience Reach Expertise Engagement
  39. 39. CONTENT4DEMAND 39 4Influencer Involvement Does Not Guarantee Success
  40. 40. CONTENT4DEMAND 40 There needs to be thought and strategy behind every interaction.
  41. 41. CONTENT4DEMAND 41 5 Influencer Strategy is an Ongoing Process
  42. 42. CONTENT4DEMAND 42 Track campaign and content performance and find ways to test and learn.Photo Credit: Perez Hilton
  43. 43. CONTENT4DEMAND 43 6 BONUS: You Don’t Need a New List of Influencers for Every Asset or Campaign
  44. 44. CONTENT4DEMAND 44 Have ongoing conversations with influencers and continue to tap their expertise.
  45. 45. CONTENT4DEMAND 45 Influencer Marketing: Best Practices & Next Steps
  46. 46. CONTENT4DEMAND 46 Assess Your Audience
  47. 47. CONTENT4DEMAND 47 Set Your Goals…And Be REALISTIC
  48. 48. CONTENT4DEMAND 48 Do Some Research & Organize
  49. 49. CONTENT4DEMAND 49 BuzzSumo
  50. 50. CONTENT4DEMAND 50 Finalize Your Plan
  51. 51. CONTENT4DEMAND 51 Test, Test, Test
  52. 52. CONTENT4DEMAND 52 Bringing it All Together
  53. 53. CONTENT4DEMAND 53 Embrace the Influencer Marketing Reality… Remember the 5…now 6 Realities of Influencer Marketing Apply Best Practices: • Assess Your Audience • Set Your Goals • Do Research & Get Organized • Finalize Your Plan • Test, Test, Test!
  54. 54. CONTENT4DEMAND 54 Questions? Dana Harder VP of Strategy 201.257.8528 ext. 216 Alicia Esposito Content Strategist 201.257.8528 ext. 207
  55. 55. #COSeries How Are We Doing?
  56. 56. #COSeries Q&A / Panelists MODERATOR: Klaudia Tirico Features Editor Demand Gen Report Dana Harder VP of Strategy, Content4Demand @DanaHarder Alicia Esposito Content Strategist Content4Demand @AliciaFiorletta
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