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How To Grow With Inbound Marketing

  1. With INBOUND MARKETING Traffic, Leads & Customers
  2. What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’tso. -MARK TWAIN
  3. Hi, I’m @dharmesh
  4. There is one thing I have some experience with…
  5. GROWTH! FOUNDED 11,000+ customers INVESTED IN 50+ startups CREATED 400,000+ members
  6. It’s a book about how to grow with inbound marketing. and I co-wrote this…
  7. There’s a fundamental dilemma with marketing...
  9. It’s why marketers don’t get much love. Less Trusted More Trusted Stockbrokers Lawyers Car Sales Lobbyists Marketers Gallup Poll, 2013
  10. But, marketing doesn’t have to be evil.
  11. There’s a way to market that people LOVE. It’s called INBOUND MARKETING.
  12. Not only is inbound marketing a more humanapproach, it’s also more effective.
  13. You might be wondering…
  14. What is inbound marketing? 1
  15. Here’s how old-school marketing works…
  16. Start with a budget (big or small)
  17. Then, use that budget to interrupt your way into people’s lives.
  18. There are a few problems with this approach.
  19. NOBODY wakes up and thinks: “I hope I get interrupted today.”
  20. 95% of people don’t like being interrupted.
  21. The other 5% hateit.
  22. We’re all getting better and better at blocking out unwanted messages.
  23. Interruptive marketing is an arms race for attention.
  24. Your well-heeled competitor has a massive marketing budget. And you… not so much. .
  25. You can’t out-spend the behemoths. Not only do they have more money, they have fewer brain cells. (and they’re not afraid to ignore them!)
  26. You’re not really buyingattention, you’re rentingit.
  27. Ads are TEMPORARY. When you stop paying the “rent”, you stop getting the attention.
  28. 33 “OK fine. I don’t want to annoy people. What’s a better way?”
  30. Inboundtakes the marketing people know (and hate)
  31. It’s a different, more empathetic approach to marketing.
  32. It’s about people, instead of annoying them ATTRA
  33. It’s about out-thinking your competitors, not out-spending them.
  34. It also helps you get long-term leverage. you
  35. “I like the sound of that… …tell me more.”
  36. It’s simple. (but not easy) It’s about providing value instead of pushing your way in.
  37. And the most common way to do that is to create content that’s helpful.
  38. Some types of content you can create… Blogs Photos & Infographics Videos & Podcasts Presentations & eBooks Software/ Tools (This deck is a good example. It promotes the Inbound Marketing book.)
  39. The best place to start creating content is to start a…
  40. Warning: INBOUND TAKES WORK! Youcan’t just sit back and relax.
  41. In short…
  43. So that’s a bit about strategy and philosophy. Now, let’s dig in to some details.
  44. To better understand this, here’s a typical flow…
  45. Blogging CMS Social SEO Email Nurturing Landing Pages Calls-to-action Sales Analytics CRM Typical applications needed for marketing.
  46. Blogging Website Pages Social SEO Email 2.0 Landing Pages Calls-to- action Analytics CRM “Top Of The Funnel” is about pulling visitors to your website.
  47. Blogging Website Pages Social SEO Email 2.0 Landing Pages Calls-to- action Analytics CRM “Middle Of The Funnel” is about converting visitors to leads or customers after they visit your site.
  48. How do I attract visitors? 2
  49. Did you know there are 5.9 BILLION daily searches on ? (me neither, had to look it up)
  50. Maybe a few of those people would be interested in yourproduct?
  51. You need to know at least the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  52. Search engines are raining free traffic. SEO is about catching some of it. (Note: It’s not quite that easy. SEO takes work too.)
  53. “Wait. Can’t I just buy pay-per-click (PPC) ads?”
  54. Yes, you can. PPC ads are a great way to learnwhat works.
  55. But, it’s really hard to get any leverage. Oh, and also…
  56. Why pay to reach the 20%, when the other 80% are freelow marginal cost?
  57. Outbound Marketing
  58. And have those assets pull people in.
  59. So, invest in organic search. As ye SEO, so shall ye reap.
  60. There’s a chapter on it in the book. Want to learn more about SEO?
  61. ONCE UPON A TIME, SEO was about clever tricks to get a web page to rank.
  62. Smart SEO experts will tell you: Don’t try these tricks, they can be toxic. (I’ll tell you the same thing)
  63. The first step in SEO is picking the search keywords you will focus on.
  64. Be mindful about the keywords you pick.
  65. You want keywords that have decent search volume. (people search for that word/phrase)
  66. Most clicks go to links on the first page of results. So, pick key words where you have a fighting chance.
  67. Don’t pick keywords that are so competitive that you’ll never rank well. (Don’t pick a fight with a ninja)
  68. Now, prepare for the advice on SEO you will ever hear... (at least from me)
  69. Solve for the searcher not the search engine. Happy Humans = Happy Google Happy Google = Better Rankings
  70. Don’t mass produce content. To succeed, you need to stand-out.
  71. Relevant, useful content makes humans happy.
  72. Fast web sites make humans happy.
  73. Clear, well designed sites make users happy. Invest in great design and user experience.
  74. Mobile friendly websites make people happy.
  75. Once you’ve created content, and optimized it. The next step is to spread it.
  76. That’s where social media can help.
  77. First, make it dead-simple to share your content. Put sharing buttons on your site. The easier it is to share, the more people will share it.
  78. For social to work, you’ll need followers (talking to yourself is not much fun)
  79. What’s the best way to get fans? Create value for the connections you hope to get someday.
  80. Don’t try and automate getting fans or followers.
  81. Numbers may go up, but your brand goes down.
  82. How I do I convert visitors? 3
  83. So, you’re creating a bunch of great content, rockin’ on social and people are starting to visit your website.
  84. It’s not a torrent of traffic, but everyone starts somewhere. Now, you need to start converting these random visitors.
  85. Based on your business, you want them to become: 1.users 2.leads 3.customers
  86. First thing you should do: Implement “Calls To Action” GET FOUND, READ THE INBOUND BOOK
  87. Other examples SIGN UP FOR FREE 30-DAY TRIAL SCHEDULE A DEMO BUY NOW (money back guarantee)
  88. Who do I hire for marketing? 4
  89. You want someone that’s going to jump in and start helping your future users/customers.
  90. Digital Citizen Analytically Driven Content Creator Reach Builder
  91. Where can I learn more? 5
  92. Tech savvy marketers you should learn from HitenShah @hnshah KISSmetrics Sean Ellis@seanellis GrowthHackers Leo Widrich@leowid Buffer Rand Fishkin@randfish Moz
  93. Connecting marketers to great content, and each other. (34,000+ members) Community you should join.
  94. What are the chances that 139 5-star reviews are wrong? And, it’s in paperback now. And of course, buy the book. 
  95. Read? Set? GET GROWING! Tell your friends: Would love feedback on this deck: