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How to Master B2B Social Media Marketing

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  • Good info in here. I'd recommend tools such as (Gmail plugin to send friendly follow-up emails) and Rapportive (verifying email) among some of the marketing strategies. Does anyone have any other B2B tools they'd recommend?
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  • My takeaways were a B2B company could leverage social media to increase reach/awareness, and in addition social media can be used to amplify 'offline' parts of the marketing mix. I wished for a more sophisticated measurement technique than first/last.
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  • '60% of the sales cycle is over before a buyer talks to your salesperson.'

    BULL!!! There is no such thing as the 'sales process'. There is only a 'customer buying process' and until the selling and marketing organization understand that the better off we'll be.

    We may be, and I mean MAY BE able to slow down or accelerate the buying process, or to have the buyer revisit some of their steps, but it's highly unlikely that any buyer will want to follow someone's 'selling process'.
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  • Social media is by far one of the most powerful ways to generate an income online for sure. I found this out from
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How to Master B2B Social Media Marketing

  1. Mastering B2B Social Media
  2. I’m Brian Bodnar. I’m Kipp Halligan.Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. @KippBodnar
  3. I’m BrianCohen. I’m Jeff Halligan.Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. @JeffreyLCohen
  4. I’m Brian Halligan.We wrote The B2BNice toMedia you.Social meet Book.
  5. #B2BSM
  6. Your opportunityto shine
  7. 60% of the salescycle is over –before a buyer talks to your salesperson. 91! CORPORATE EXECUTIVE BOARD: BIT.LY/ZUB2I7
  8. B2B>B2C
  9. Relationshipbased sales
  10. Already havethe expertise
  11. Clear customerPersonas
  12. People toPeople
  13. Closed MillionsIn Sales FromOnline LeadsROI – 2800%!
  14. #B2BSM
  15. B2B MythsBusted
  16. “ Marketing is an asset NOT an expense.@KippBodnar ” Tweet This! #B2BSM
  18. The Social Web Rewards Reach
  19. “ B2B companies should obsess about building reach as much or MORE than B2C companies.@JeffreyLCohen ” Tweet This! #B2BSM
  20. Social reach isthe newword-of-mouthreferral engine
  21. Share lots oflinks
  22. BITLY, 9/2011The shelf life of a social media link is 3 hours.
  23. THE Links to company blog posts 10-4-1 Links to third- party articles Link to a company landing page RULE
  25. “ Your goal shouldnt be to buy leads. Your goal should be to buy customers.@KippBodnar ” Tweet This! #B2BSM
  26. 73% of CEOs don’t believe marketersdrive revenue. 91! FOURNAISE MARKETING GROUP: BIT.LY/PENSCQ
  27. Leads fixthe problem
  28. How Social Media Leads Happen 1 Tweet Landing Page Form Lead Like Blog Landing Post CTA Page Product Landing +1 Page CTA Page
  29. DedicatedMonitoring
  30. Place CTAsEverywhere
  31. Improveand Iterate
  32. #B2BSM
  34. “ If you can’t count it, why do it?@KippBodnar ” Tweet This! #B2BSM
  35. Math Ahead
  36. TLV-COCA = ROI (%) COCA
  37. Total LifetimeValue
  38. Cost of CustomerAcquisition
  39. First- Vs. Last-Action Attribution Last-Action Attribution: Attends Buys Clicks on a Sales Call Product PPC AdLooks atProduct Page First-Action Signs Up For Reads Blog Attribution: Webinar Post User Clicks Link on Twitter
  40. 10K-3K = 233% 3K
  42. “ Social media amplifies the effectiveness of offline marketing. It doesn’t replace it.@JeffreyLCohen ” Tweet This! #B2BSM
  43. Trade showsare social too
  44. GOAL:Use Social Media ToPromote OfflineEvents
  45. 5,000 T-Shirts
  46. RESULT:235% Increase inevent ticketsdistributed and 95%redeemed
  48. “ Master B2B Social Media with reach, lead gen, data and integration with offline activities.@KippBodnar ” Tweet This! #B2BSM
  49. The Potof Gold
  50. Prove the CEO Wrong
  51. You’re theStar
  53. I’m Brian Halligan.We wrote The B2BNice toMedia you.Social meet Book.