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How to Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine

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How to leverage inbound marketing (SEO, PPC, blogging, social media) to turn your website into a lead generation machine.

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How to Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine

  1. 1. Inbound Marketing: Get Found Online & Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine Peter Caputa IV, HubSpot New England Business Expo October 23, 2008
  2. 2. 3 Reasons to Do Internet Marketing • Leads • Sales Ready Leads • Highly Qualified Sales Ready Leads Who Are Ready to Buy SOOOO BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. 3. Why Should You Do Online Marketing? • Make More Sales • Make More $ • Save Time • Work Less • Go on Vacation More • Send Kids to College The opportunity is… SOOOO BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! • Retire Early _______________________ More Profitable Revenue (Ultimately, it's about more profitable revenue.)
  4. 4. Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing OUTBOUND INBOUND • Telemarketing • SEO/SEM • Trade Shows • Blogging • Direct Mail • Social Media • Email Blasts • RSS • Print Ads • Free tools/Trials • TV/Radio Ads • PR
  5. 5. 3 Goals for Today • Realize How Much You’re Missing the Boat • Inspire You To Take Some Action • Provide a Roadmap & the Vehicle to Get Started
  6. 6. What Does Your Website Do For You Now? • You have to point people there • A few people found you and called you • You get a few leads every month. Your website = billboard in a desert?
  7. 7. What You Need to Do Internet Marketing • $10,000/mo • 2 new internal resources ($100k+ each) • Manager: Back to school 6 mo 12 hours/week. JUST KIDDING
  8. 8. What You Need to Do Internet Marketing • $10,000/mo Some $ ($250/$500 month) • 2 new internal resources Time (2-4 hours/week) • Back to school 6 month program 12 hours/week. Willingness to Learn New Skills (self paced training)
  9. 9. Attracting Visitors to Your Website • Keyword Research • On Page SEO • Off Page SEO/Link Building • Blogging • Pay Per Click Advertising • Social Media Marketing
  10. 10. Attracting Visitors: Case for SEO
  11. 11. Attracting Visitors: Keyword Research Search Volume (goal = high) Relevance (goal = high) Difficulty (goal = low)
  12. 12. Attracting Visitors: How to Optimize a Page
  13. 13. Attracting Visitors: Inbound Links Recommendations from friends. • quot;I know Pete Caputa.“ • quot;Pete Caputa is an internet marketing expert“ • Godin: quot;Caputa is an internet marketing expert.quot; Links are like Online Recommendations. 1. A link: 2. Anchor text: Internet Marketing 3. Link is from a high authority site.
  14. 14. Attracting Visitors: Publish Content Flickr: Flickr: Annie Mole
  15. 15. Attracting Visitors: Publish Content Flickr: Flickr: Annie Mole
  16. 16. Attracting Visitors: Why You Shouldn t Blog? • Lack of Time • Not enough interesting topics • Fear of Criticism • Competitors & Spammers • Not Normal for My Business (Finance) • Who Will Read It? • I’m not Convinced It’ll Help My Business…
  17. 17. Attracting Visitors: Why You Should Blog 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Machine 2. Host a Conversation 3. Promote Yourself & Network Online 4. Nurture Relationships & Capture Leads….
  18. 18. Attracting Visitors: Blog as SEO Machine 1. Keywords in Right Places 2. Target Multiple Keywords w/ One Article 3. Link Magnet
  19. 19. BLOG as Your Conversation • A Blog is your 24/7 Networking Event Where you are the: • Host • Expert • Connector
  20. 20. Attracting Visitors: BLOG as Networking Central 1. Promote Your Thought Leadership 2. Guide Prospects to You 3. Establish Credibility
  21. 21. Attracting Visitors: Social Media Marketing • Set Up Your Profiles • Include Previous Jobs, Awards, Education Sites: -Linkedin -Plaxo -Facebook? - Twitter -BlitzTime -Inquisix -FastPitch -Meetup -Digg -StumbleUpon -Google Reader
  22. 22. Attracting Visitors: Build Your Network • Classmates, Coworkers, Family, etc • Weekly Activities – People you meet, clients, partners, etc. • Instantly See Who They Know…
  23. 23. Attracting Visitors: Connect to New People
  24. 24. Attracting Visitors: Have the Right Attitude • Givers Gain – The more you help people, The More they’ll want to help you. • Establish Yourself as a resource. • Establish Yourself as a connector. • Be clear how you can help people so they know when to ask for your help. Practice your “positioning statement”.
  25. 25. Attracting Visitors: Work the Online Room Linkedin/Facebook • Pay Attention to Other’s Activities: Read your contacts’ job postings, q&a-s, profile updates, new contacts, etc. • Reach out to see how you can help them. • Proactively introduce people. Proactively endorse other people. • Ask connections who TRUST you if they’ll introduce you to people. Again, focus on how you can help their contacts. Help your contacts first.
  26. 26. Attracting Visitors: Endorse Other People • They Will Reciprocate • Your Endorsement Leaves a Link to Your Profile on Their Page
  27. 27. Attracting Visitors: Ask & Answer Questions • Answer Questions that Demonstrate Your Expertise • Your answer leaves a link back to your profile. All of the people in the questioner’s network see your answer. • Recommend Your Trusted Contacts as Resources
  28. 28. Attracting Visitors: Listen for Opportunities
  29. 29. Attracting Visitors: Promote Your Content Flickr: Flickr: ClintJCL
  30. 30. Attracting Visitors: Promote Content Where?
  31. 31. Attracting Visitors: Discussion, Not Broadcast
  32. 32. Attracting Visitors: Promote Testimonials
  33. 33. But, How Do I Get the Support of My Organization?
  34. 34. Converting Visitors into Leads 1. Educate/Engage Prospects 2. Prominent Calls to Action 3. Great Offers ! 4. Landing Pages
  35. 35. Measure, Measure, Measure • What Keywords Are You Ranking for in SEs?
  36. 36. Measure, Measure, Measure • Where Are Visitors & Leads Coming From? • What Keywords, Other Websites Generate the Most Leads?
  37. 37. Measure, Measure, Measure • What Forms Convert Visitors to Leads the Best?
  38. 38. Measure, Measure, Measure • What Marketing Activities Generate the Most Leads?
  39. 39. Measure, Measure, Measure • What Does Your Marketing and Sales Funnel Look Like?
  40. 40. Eating our Own Cooking • HubSpot has been Marketing itself Only 2 Years • Up til 3 months ago, only 2 people in Marketing.
  41. 41. Here to Help • 800-482-0382 Me • Preferred: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, BlitzTime • Let me know how I can help… Peter Caputa IV 508 579 6987 • Follow Up BlitzTime Speed Networking Event. October 29th.
  42. 42. Thank You! Free Tools: Come get your free website grade report at the HubSpot booth.