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Cosmoprof Bolonia 2010 מכון היצוא - תערוכת

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Cosmoprof Bolonia 2010 תערוכת

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Cosmoprof Bolonia 2010 מכון היצוא - תערוכת

  1. 1. IsraelCosmetics & ToiletriesCompanies At Cosmoprof Bologna 2010 Halls 14, 25, 29, 35
  2. 2. a-meshi cosmetic (Mon platin dsm line)Whether its developing a beauty care line to help the skin reachits full radiant potential, or creating products that transform hairinto what is truly a crowning glory - Mon Platin can answer themost demanding criteria.Our in-house resources, years of experience and innovativevision are at the service of every customer.www.monplatin.comHall 29 A36AHall 35 R18
  3. 3. Active Optical Systems Active Optical Systems is a global developer, manufacturer and provider of light-based technology for aesthetic and medical uses. Active’s products are designed to achieve optimal results in Acne treatment, hair removal, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, body contouring, cellulite reduction, vascular treatment and tattoo and pigment lesion removal treatments. BODY SHAPE RF is the most recent innovative product by Active Optical Systems. It is designed to achieve skin tightening and rejuvenation, body contouring, wrinkle reduction and cellulite reduction in a cost effective way, quickly and painlessly.www.active2001.comHall 14 A7
  4. 4. B.4.U Ltd. B4U Ltd is a well established manufacturer of advanced Anti aging Skin Care and certified Organic cosmetics. B4U supplies our house brands and in addition, the company creates private labels for other firms under their own brands even in small quantities. B4U has a daughter company in Holland, for European activities - B4.EU. ORGANIX Cosmetix ANTI-AGING Organic Products - enriched with 80% up to 90% of organic substances, presents excellent organic products based on the most innovative and strong-active Anti-Aging ingredients, whose quality and beneficial properties were proven in efficacy 29 B35F
  5. 5. Chic Cosmetic ind. ltd. Chic cosmetic industry founded in 1987. Chic has become one of the leading cosmetic companies in Israel. Chic offers a variety of high quality cosmetic products and services including Dead Sea, skin care, body care, SPA, Hair care, toiletry, perfumes, color cosmetics, nail products, depilatory products. CANAAN – one of the brands developed by CHIC. Based on minerals from the Dead Sea. We offer our clients a complete line of face & body treatment and SPA 29 B23N
  6. 6. CTS Group CTS Ltd, one of the leading Israeli pharmaceutical, OTC and Dermo cosmetics company operating since 1921 - focusing on therapeutic products for women and children. Since opening our first pharmaceutical marketing office in Jaffa in 1921, our company has been involved with many significant developments in the country’s healthcare, animal care and agricultural needs. CTS undertakes all activities involved with importing, registration, marketing and distribution. CTS has developed recently "Femina" – a product line for the ultimate intimate feminine 29 A24F
  7. 7. DAN MOR Natural Products and Chemicals DAN MOR Natural Products and Chemicals is a leading Company involved in the Research and Development and a production of innovative and unique chemical solutions to a number of industries on a worldwide basis. Specializing in development and production of wide range of personal care, cosmetic and disinfection wipes. From concept, development, design to production and packaging, Dan Mor owns the know-how, technical competence to meet Private Label demands with complete confidence. Dan Mor has developed a new revolutionary high level disinfection product line – multi purpose, broad spectrum sporidical disinfectant cleaners.www.drwipe.comHall 29 B23L
  8. 8. En Gedi Ltd. En Gedi is a private company dealing with developing, manufacturing and selling premium natural products based on Dead Sea materials. The company has a line of more then 50 products of facial care, body care, Dead Sea mud products, shower and bath and hair. Our commitment to quality and excellence is central to our mission. All EN GEDI products meet or exceed international standards for quality and safety. Our manufacturing laboratories exercise great care in quality control and are fully 29 A36C
  9. 9. Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories Gigi Cosmetics Laboratories, with 400 quality products, offers high-tech solutions for all skin types and problems. We dominate Israeli professional cosmetic market, exporting worldwide. Superior production conditions, meticulous quality control and efficacy testing ensure superior products. Gigi introduces the first Israeli line of cosmetic products which contain the finest organic ingredients, using a comprehensive ecological approach. This Eco-organic blend offers you a healthy skin care product which fits your modern lifestyle and allows you to be in harmony with nature.www.gigicosmetics.comHall 29 A24E
  10. 10. ICG - VENTURES LTD. ICG develops, designs, manufactures & markets Innovative Cosmetic Accessories under “FLO” trademark and as OEM/ PL. ICG has its own Development & manufacturing capabilities with proven high quality and reliability standards serving the world’s leading Perfumes, Cosmetics & Accessories Retailers and Brand players. ICGs focus is on delivering its clients innovative products that will increase their margin and consumer loyalty.www.icg-ventures.comHall 29 A24C
  11. 11. La Tweez La Tweez is a private company based in Tel Aviv that manages the design, development, and international marketing of innovative and patent protected cosmetic products. Production of La Tweezs products are administered in its wholly owned factory in Guangzhou, China. La Tweez’s most popular product, the Illuminating Tweezers, is currently selling by leading retailers in over 40 countries all over the globe. La Tweez recently expanded its R&D to better understand and meet our customers needs for new and innovative cosmetic products that they have come to expect from the La Tweez brand. Launched lately are the Pro Collection and the newly designed Gift Collection Illuminating Tweezers & Brow 29 A24B Electric Razor Illuminating Tweezers
  12. 12. Leorex Ltd. LEOREX Ltd., established in 2004, has been developing, manufacturing and selling unique dermo-cosmetic products. Leorexs technology platform distinguishes its products by having an immediate, visible effect, and achieving it through safe, purely physical process. Leorex has developed a skin treatment technology based on micro silica particles network that physically lifts and flatten the wrinkle. BOOSTER GOLD – Luxurious real gold, embedded within Leorex structures, works wonders on your skin. Right after application, Leorex BOOSTER GOLD turns gold, as the silica network self-arranges on the skin and starts acting.www.leorex-cosmetics.comHall 29 A24D
  13. 13. Linero Light Linero Light Limited has developed production methods and manufacturing lines that provide the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and tobacco markets with flexible solutions and products that are fully compatible & adaptable with the requirements for their various locations. We supply turn-key solutions worldwide, from the design including manufacturing, delivery and finally 29 A36B
  14. 14. -417 Dead Sea Cosmetic Research Ltd -417 is a private skin care company established in 2003 that introduces a unique scientific formula, the "Vitamin Mineral Complex" based on natural active components. This formula was developed by a team of international chemists, which includes a combination of moisture-balancing minerals from the Dead Sea, energizing stable vitamins imported from France and unique plant extracts, all designed to assist in regenerating skin cells and preventing aging signs. -417 develops an exclusive natural skin-care and perfumes brand, based solely on natural active components and minerals from the Dead Sea.www.minus417.comHall 29 A36E
  15. 15. Moraz Medical Herbs Moraz Medical Herbs is a unique manufacturer that specializes in developing, producing and marketing skin care and treatment products based on medical herbs extracts. All of the products are produced from unique extracts of medical herbs that are grown organically in our fields in the Galilee. The main ingredient in most of MORAZ products is the Polygonum, a unique plant prolific in the Galilee region, known to have higher healing properties than other species around the world due to the climate, atmosphere, and minerals in the Galilee regions 29 B23H
  16. 16. Naturescent Naturescent began in 1999 with the idea to create the finest line of natural, earth-inspired Soaps & body care products. Located at the heart of the Negev Desert, receiving inspiration from the beautiful, quiet surroundings, we collect high quality ingredients from Mother Nature’s wholeness around the globe and formulate the best products. We preserve naturally, we emulsify naturally, we color many products naturally, we use natural fragrance for most of the products, we thicken the products naturally & use a lot of certified Organic ingredients. Naturescent is ECOCERT 25 B49
  17. 17. Nidaria Technology Nidaria Technology Ltd is a biotechnology company founded by biotechnology and marine scientists. Thorough research and clinical tests enable us to provide state-of-the-art sun and Jellyfish protection products which are safe and convenient, with added specialist benefits for particular users. Our in-house laboratory and QA department ensure that we provide high quality products, tailored to your needs, fully tested and regulated, and provided in a range of SPFs, applications and packaging to suit your brand.www.nidaria.comHall 29 A36D
  18. 18. Odeyah Industries Ltd. Odeyah Industries Ltd. is a private company registered since 1992, with a long history of more than 31 years in the Cosmetic industry. The company operates its own factory, producing a wide collection of cosmetic products, covering the treatment for the whole body. After a long period of R&D the company succeeded in producing a large variety of cosmetic and skin care products based on minerals taken from the Dead Sea in Israel which are well known all over the Globe. All products are available in retail sizes for individuals and in professional sizes for beauty salons and Spa centers.www.odeyah.comHall 29 A24A
  19. 19. Sea of Life Sea of Life is a manufacturer of natural health beauty products with Dead Sea Water, Dead Sea Mud, Dead Sea Salts, extracts of flowers, micro algae, herbal and vegetable extracts with excellent anti aging , moisturizing and skin repair activities. Natural waxes of flowers, natural flowers extracts in Sea of Life™ Mineral Water, Natural Mineral Mud, Baobab and Kukui Oils, are the basis of this line. We succeed in creating a natural product with 99.65 percent to100 percent natural ingredients. We are environment friendly, we do not test our products on animals and we are happy to help making the world a better place to live in.www.mineralflowers.comHall 29 B35I
  20. 20. Spa Cosmetics Spa Cosmetics Ltd. is a manufacturing company dedicated to translating the Dead Seas wonders into beauty and health care products for the modern woman and man. Spa Cosmetics offers eleven of its own product lines in addition to bulk and to the wide variety of private label products it manufactures and supplies around the globe. Spa cosmetics offers an Organic line Ecocert certified based on Dead Sea minerals and Black Mud. Dynamic and innovative, we were the first to combine the natural gifts of this region with Aloe Vera, with Shea Butter, with Menthol and with Vitamin 29 B23G
  21. 21. Upex Brands Ltd Upex deals with developing and producing toiletries and soft wipes for children. The company brands its unique formulas, along with a super league of international brands, which offers an easy approach to its main consumers – teenagers, children and 29 B23M
  22. 22. For further Information please contact:Ms. Daphna SternfeldDirector, Consumer Goods Division29 Hamered St.Tel Aviv 68125Tel: +972-3-514-2810Fax: +972-3-514-2985E-mail: