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  1. HR and Lean John White
  2. Lean – relentless pursuit of waste elimination I ntellect Any failure to fully utilize the time and talents of people M otion Any motion that does not add value e.g. re-entering same information more than once D efects/Rework Correcting any errors or doing completion steps not done before W aiting Waiting for an appointment, for signatures, for a printer that has a long queue E xcess Inventory Any more than the minimum to get the job done T ransportation Any nonessential transport is waste O verproduction Producing too much, or producing too soon N eedless Processing Over-processing, unnecessary steps, signatures, reviews
  3. Study Slide # 1 Teams Developed Celebration of Successes Metrics Calculated Depts in Constant Communication Manager Discussed Role
  4. Study Slide # 2 Celebration of Success Metric Shared with Employees
  5. The Change Model Shock Anticipation Fear Anger/Betrayal Depression Acceptance Search for Solutions Develop Plans Execute Plans Emerge Stronger Cycle Time Denial Resistance Exploration Commitment Data Source: “Managing Transitions” by William Bridges Guilt Endings Transitions New Beginnings

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  1. Slide #33 : NEW BEGINNINGS: The Commitment stage marks the end of the transition stage and the time when the individual has the opportunity to feel a sense of stability and to rebuild resilience. Hopefully, if the individual learns from the change and takes steps to implement the new behavior and learning's, he or she will immerge stronger than before the change.