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Thinking small: how small changes can get big results

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Thinking small: how small changes can get big results

  1. 1. Thinking small: How small changes can get big results 4 November 2015 @katiprice
  2. 2. Our mission: to deliver maximum impact in a two week sprint Lunar rocket, furnishing fabric, Eddie Squires for Warner and Sons, 1969 Museum no. CIRC.45-1970, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  3. 3. How did we decide what to do? Grows revenue and reputation Fits 
 with V&A capabilities Users love it YES
  4. 4. Step one: Ask ‘do users love it’?
  5. 5. These people were unable to find visitor information and opening times on the homepage
  6. 6. These people had difficulty using the navigation and finding their way around the site
  7. 7. Basically, they didn’t love it. Despair: A Seated Man Surrounded by Demons, artist unknown, 19th century Museum no. DYCE.55 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  8. 8. Original
  9. 9. Update
  10. 10. What we did: - Used analytics and user research to change navigation - Used active verbs such as learn, visit and shop - Made opening times, ‘admission free’ message and strapline more visible - Tidied the visual clutter over banner Update
  11. 11. Step two: A/B and see… Print, H Beard Print Collection,1809 Cruikshank, George Cruikshank, published by Thomas Tegg Museum no. S.4776-2009, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  12. 12. Update (static banner) Original (rotating carousel)
  13. 13. What we did: - A/B test run over 6 days with 46K unique visitors - Removed the carousel and moved previously hidden content to beneath the banner Results: - More than 11% more page views for exhibition pages, shop and membership - 15% increase in overall conversion rate
  14. 14. Step three: Make it easier to plan a visit Untitled (Subterranea) Stephen Walter, 2008 Museum no. E.562-2008, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  15. 15. These people found the amount of content on key pages confusing
  16. 16. UpdateOriginal
  17. 17. What we did: - Refined the content, retaining only essential information - More prominent opening times and better imagery - Usability improvements such as anchor links to key content
  18. 18. Step four: Improve the legibility and flow of content Manuscript,1625-50 Museum no. T313-1960, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London Given by the National Library of Wales, from the Frank Ward Bequest
  19. 19. UpdateOriginal
  20. 20. UpdateOriginal
  21. 21. What we did: - Text is more legible across the site (increased line heights, increased font size and consistent padding) - All text now uses the V&A house font - Better balance of text and imagery Result: - Improved legibility (and therefore accessibility) - Now easier for content team to layout pages
  22. 22. Step five: Identify ways to grow revenue Money box, Turkey, about 1750 Museum no. 1592-1888, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  23. 23. These people found the offsite ticketing confusing and had difficulty navigating back to
  24. 24. UpdateOriginal
  25. 25. What we did: - Cost is visible up front - Ticketing link opened in a new window - Improved button look and feel and more obvious call to action - More info about concessions and link to membership Result: - 48.3% clickthrough to 3rd party ticket website
  26. 26. What we did: - Included a shop module on all exhibition pages - Replaced generic ‘visit shop’ icon with compelling call to action (CTA)
  27. 27. Step six: Make it easy for people to sign up (and know what they’re getting) Airmail; Out of Line, photograph, Jowhara AlSaud, 2008 Museum no. E.948-2010, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London Art Fund Collection of Middle Eastern Photography at the V&A and the British Museum
  28. 28. UpdateOriginal
  29. 29. What we did: - Moved newsletter signup higher up the homepage and sidebar - Changed the language with a more compelling CTA Result: - Signups increased 27.3% compared to the previous week and up 225% at one point
  30. 30. Step seven: Monitor, measure and respond School report, London County Council, December 1910 Museum no. B.284-1999, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  31. 31. Home page weight (lower is better)Homepage download size (lower is better)
  32. 32. GPSI score vs competitors (higher is better) Google Page Speed Insights (GSPI) (higher is better) V&A vs everyone else
  33. 33. GPSI score vs competitors (higher is bett What we did: - Site wide performance improvements Results: - Page weight decreased by over 1MB - GPSI raised to 86% (now higher than most competitors) - Site loads 3 seconds faster (reduction by half)
  34. 34. Professional Development Courses from the V&A More information: © Victoria and Albert Museum, London Handling Objects: 11 February 2016 The Enterprising Museum: 29 February – 4 March 2016 Innovative Learning: 7 – 11 March 2016 Photographing Museum Objects: 18 March 2016
  35. 35. Thank you @katiprice