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Time for businesses to take the native route

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Learn what are native advertising, know how to grow your business through ads which don’t look like ads. Ads which enhance user experience.

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Time for businesses to take the native route

  1. 1. Time for Businesses to Take the Native Route
  2. 2. © Knct Lab | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Native Advertising has been around for a while now, whether in print, television or radio. Now it has made its way into the Internet and mobile app world. Native ads, are by definition, ads that blend themselves so well with the ecosystem or medium they are being used in that they are indistinguishable from editorial content.
  3. 3. © Knct Lab | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, the answer to the ‘what are native ads’? are: • They don't look like ads • Create quality content It is important that your native ad, whether in the form of a sponsored post on Instagram or Facebook, should direct users to a link that has content that is useful and highly engaging. Don't make it seem like a purely marketing effort. • Call to action The native ad should have a strong call to action that links to social media platforms or a blog/website of your business. A good CTA will help you gather more information about your users.
  4. 4. © Knct Lab | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Don't ignore mobile If your business has apps or if you want to advertise your product/service on a relevant third-party app, you can get your ads placed seamlessly in the app ecosystem. • Paid search ads These are used in search engine advertising and appear at the top of a user’s search results. • In-feed advertising units These are sponsored posts that blends with a stream of content that is part of a publisher’s feed.
  5. 5. © Knct Lab | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Recommendation widgets Businesses can use widgets to recommend other sites or pages when users are reading or viewing content. • Promoted listings These are sponsored listings of products or services you would typically see in e-commerce pages or sites. • In-ad These are ads that are related to the content in a page it shows up on, like Google AdSense, for instance.
  6. 6. © Knct Lab | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, what are the benefits of native ads? • Native ads are user friendly and don't interrupt user experience. They offer user engagement opportunities unlike display of traditional online ads. • They help build long-term relationships and loyalty among consumers. • Native ads, research has shown, result in increased views and greater conversions
  7. 7. © Knct Lab | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Knct Lab Overview • High performing digital marketing solutions provider • End-to-end services from data analysis, market research to campaign implementation • Google certified professionals • Experts across various functions: advertising, paid media, creative, analytics, web design & development, and marketing automation • Located in Bangalore • Visit us at
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