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Evaluation 2

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Evaluation 2

  1. 1. Question 7
  2. 2. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  3. 3. Within the process of his task I have learned many things, compared to my preliminary task. In the preliminary I have made a front cover and a mock up of a contents page which I used with the skills I started with. However as I created my final products I developed new skills in different programs and also with how I perceive things creatively. I have learnt that things can be made to look professional and yet that I have done them myself. Throughout the development of the final products I have learnt about how the smaller things like how the colour can represent different musical styles. Another thing I have learnt Is how to develop my products so that they can meet the audience's interests and how I can see how I can get my magazine to appeal to them
  4. 4. Front Cover development When I was planning to make my final front cover I realised that my skills were too limited to be able to do what I have envisioned. Because of this I had to learn how to use different software, for example; Adobe Photoshop and Indesign. In this process I learned how to edit my photos to make them look more professional and so that I can get them to be how I have wanted. In photoshop I have also learned what the different tools do. With the preliminary task I didn’t follow the same process as I did for my final product. I didn’t do any of the research before hand so I didn’t know what the magazine had to have included. This affected what I had my design including as I had no target audience or any idea what I was doing really. Because of this my product wasn’t of very good quality and it didn’t fit the purpose it was trying to do. The difference between my first and second attempt at a front cover are very different as the new skills I have learnt have allowed me to make my magazine how I have invisioned in my head. Preliminary Task Final front Cover
  5. 5. Contents Page development I have been able to develop my skills for my contents page by making myself more open to idea. As you can see by the preliminary mock up I did, I though that everything had to be inline and ‘normal’. However when I did my research into what real magazines’ contents pages looked like I realised that I needed to be much more creative in the way I was going about thinking process. I have learnt that things do not need to conform to the norm, as seen in the featured image if the final product. I have also leant that I don’t have the space to be writing all of the writing I thought I was going to on the preliminary task. I have also included many more images that I was intending to which gives links to the rest of my magazine. Preliminary Final produc