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C21 Social Media Learning Hub - Impact Report

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In mid-2015 C21 University deployed the C21 Social Media Learning Hub Certificate Program. This best-in-class social media learning program provides an interactive on-demand learning program to all CENTURY 21 professionals empowering them with best-practices in social selling.

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C21 Social Media Learning Hub - Impact Report

  1. 1. CENTURY 21 Education Impact Report Creating Faster Time to Value with Education CENTURY 21 University - Hootsuite Social for Business Certificate
  2. 2. Matt Gentile, Global Director - Social Media, Century 21 “This customized solution will help our global affiliated sales professionals stand out with consumers, and build stronger online relationships.”
  3. 3. In “21 minutes of daily Social” we want our agents to… Build an Audience Foster Relationships Follow up Corporate Direction Provided
  4. 4. Agent & Broker Goals Surfaced Increase awareness for their own business, project or personal brand. 62.2% Help them excel within their current (or future) role. Help them better serve their clients. 19.5% 14.1% From Survey Data of 185 C21 Affiliated agents and broker
  5. 5. Results thus far…
  6. 6. Agent Learning Journey Before 83% of Agents believe social media can strongly impact their sphere of influence, yet only 31% said they had the skills to do something about it. 32% increase in their understanding of how social media can impact relationship building and a 76% increase in confidence to apply key lessons learned. 82.2% of Agents said that this course will help them accomplish their primary objective, and 84% would recommend this course to their colleagues! Results During
  7. 7. “It was helpful to learn how to combine social media outlets and be able to post and search through a few at one time. This will help me stay connected with clients and future business partners.” “It made me sign up for other social medias I would not have done otherwise. An awareness of how it works, how to make it effective for me.” “Looking forward to teaching this to our agents. This will put us above the competition in social media!” Participant Quotes "Extremely Helpful! I can't wait to get started!!" C21 Learning Participant Data: ● 2,100+ are actively enrolled ● 134 obtained their Certificate of Completion Data as of November 25, 2015
  8. 8. Faster Time to Value Full Enterprise Opportunity of Social Media Earlier Value Realization Value Time Suggested results from implementing previous solutions. Greater Value Realization C21® "Social for Business"
  9. 9. Thank you! For more information: Michael Blondé Business Development Director, Customer Success Follow @Michael Blonde