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2020.11 Custom and proactive government services (citizen centric). IoT Tech Expo Europe

  1. Moving forward to custom and proactive services (citizen centric) 1 Miquel Estapé Miquel Estapé. November 2020
  2. Catalonia • Region of Spain • 7.5 M inhabitants • +1,000 public authorities and agencies Miquel Estapé + • +25 years in Government • Mayor of la Roca del Valles • VP Gov Digital Innovation. ACGP • Strategy & Innovation. Open Government of Catalonia Consortium
  3. Do Governments design e-Services for Lisa or Homer?
  4. A new generation of Digital Native users They demand e-Services: - First-Mobile - Cross-cutting - Customized - Proactive
  5. Why is it so hard to transform Governments?
  6. A Citizen-Centric Government is possible (but very tough) Some good practices
  7. Dashboard All procedures & notifications Cross-Gov view MyGOVMyGov cross-Gov view (Catalonia) Who has accessed my data Connections using my ID
  8. Dubai Now APP Access to 120 government & private services
  9. Kol-Zchut A ‘Wikipedia’ of Israeli Social Rights NGO initiative
  10. MyBenefits (New York State)
  11. Specify your personal conditions Cross-Gov view MyGOVMyGov Social (Catalonia) Customized social benefits you are entitled to Cross-Gov view
  12. Tax relief automatically granted (UK, USA, Singapore, Spain, etc)
  13. 1 Click Apply: School Lunch Benefit (Catalonia)
  14. Moments of Live (Singapore)
  15. This crisis is an unprecedented opportunity to redesign how Government works Miquel Estape