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CBC Monitoring Review.pptx

  1. Central Bedfordshire Council Performance Monitoring & Review Improving Customer Engagement Michael Simms, Programme Manager, Planning Delivery Team
  2. Central Bedfordshire Council Introduction CBC Planning Delivery team responsibilities • Applications, Appeals & Enforcement + Highways Development Control • Advice & info primarily through Pre-apps & PPAs Vision: to provide an efficient, flexible and customer focused planning service that works collaboratively to deliver sustainable growth. My main duties include: *Customer & key stakeholder relationship *Programme/ Project Management *Manage & maintain capital/ revenue budgets
  3. Central Bedfordshire Council Service improvements Before • Corporate only reporting • Perceptions (opinion led) After • Provide challenge to the team to; - Monitor/ Review/ Improve (make it clear & relevant) • Evidence based approach to, service led improvements
  4. Central Bedfordshire Council Process reviews & Strategic development Work programmes – practices, tools & techniques Web reviews & updates – duty service & customer contact Process reviews; - Planning Apps & Planning Enforcement process mapping Strategic development; - Service Plan & Improving Customer Engagement
  5. Central Bedfordshire Council Performance monitoring Weekly; - Planning applications decided by type - Determined applications by officer Monthly; - Conditions charts Quarterly; - Benchmarking Ad-hoc; - Planning Enforcements plan & Service level agreements
  6. Central Bedfordshire Council Finance reviews & monitoring Pre-apps charges & PPAs; - Planning applications decided by type - Determined applications by officer New fees & charges; - Conditions charts Revenue & PPA income & expenditure; - Benchmarking Inquiries & Hearings; - Planning Enforcements plan & Service level agreements
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