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Review of primary 2. Science

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Repaso de segundo de primaria de Science como actividad de inicio de curso.

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Review of primary 2. Science

  1. 1. REVIEW OF PRIMARY 2 SCIENCE Pedro Antonio López Hernández
  2. 2. MY BODY
  3. 3. Parts of the body: Abdomen
  6. 6. THE ORGANS
  7. 7. HEALTHY HABITS Have a shower Do exercise Eat healthy food Go to sleep early
  8. 8. SYSTEMS OF THE HUMAN BODY Circulatory System Respiratory system Digestive system The heart Inhalation and exhalation Mouth (Teeth) Stomach Intestines
  9. 9. FOOD ORIGIN Plants Animals
  10. 10. THE UNIVERSE
  11. 11. THE UNIVERSE Stars Planets The sun The Earth It shines It´s big It give us hot and light It´s made of fire It´s in the space It doesn´t move It has land and water It has living Human live in the Earth It moves around the sun and around itseft It doesn´t shines Solar system It has eight planets Satellites The moon It has four lunar phases Rotate around planets
  12. 12. EARTH MOVEMENTS Rotation Translation It takes 24 hours for the Earth to rotate around it´s axis It takes 365 days for the Earth to move around the Sun
  13. 13. STATES OF WATERWATER CYCLE Solid Liquid Gaseous
  14. 14. TYPES OF WATER Surface water Groundwater Water in ocean, lakes and rivers Water in caves and rocks BE CAREFUL! NO ALL WATER IS DRINKING WATER
  15. 15. ANIMALS Types of animals Domestic animals Wild animals Animal´s diet Herbivorous Carnivorous Omnivorous Eat plants Eat meat Eat plants and meat
  16. 16. ANIMALS REPRODUCTION Viviparous Oviparous It has developed inside their mother´s body They are animals that reproduce by laying eggs VERTEBRATES AND INVERTEBRATES ANIMALS Vertebrates Invertebrates Mammals Poultry Fish Reptiles Amphibians Insects
  17. 17. PLANTS
  18. 18. PARTS OF THE PLANT Food from plants They adsorb water and minerals It supports the plant They absorb oxigen
  19. 19. TYPES OF TREES Bush Herb TYPES OF LEAVE Deciduos leaves Trees whose leaves fall down in Autumn Perenne leaves Trees that have green leaves all year
  21. 21. LANDSCAPES
  22. 22. TYPES OF LANDSCAPES Mountainous Plains and flat Coast Forest The pole Desert - There aren´t trees. Eskimos live here. - Penguins and seals live here. It rains all year and there are a lot of different animals and plants - You can find an oasis here. - Camels live here and you can see cactues.
  23. 23. JOBS
  24. 24. GROUPS OF JOBS Get products from nature Provide a service Make things Farmer Fisherman Doctor Mechanic Carpenter Jeweller
  26. 26. TYPES OF TRANSPORT By air By sea By land For example A plane For example A ferry For example A car
  27. 27. PUBLIC AND PRIVATE TRANSPORT Public transport Private transport Bus Train Bicycle Taxi
  28. 28. MEANS OF COMMUNICATIONS Individual Collective Email Telephone Letter Radio Television
  30. 30. 1. Prehistory 2. Egypt 3. Rome Prehistoric man lives in caves Their clothes were made of animal skins They discover the fire They live in houses The emperor was an important person. The Egypcians built pyramids