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Ten Reasons Why Netezza Professionals Should Consider Greenplum

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This webinar is for IT professionals who have devoted considerable time and effort growing their careers in and around the Netezza platform.

We’ll explore the architectural similarities and technical specifics of what makes the open source Greenplum Database a logical next step for those IT professionals wishing to leverage their MPP experience with a PostgreSQL-based database.

As the Netezza DBMS faces a significant end-of-support milestone, leveraging an open source, infrastructure-agnostic replacement that has a similar architecture will help avoid a costly migration to either a different architecture or another proprietary alternative.

Presenters :
Jacque Istok, Head of Data, Pivotal
Kelly Carrigan, Principal Consultant, EON Collective

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Ten Reasons Why Netezza Professionals Should Consider Greenplum

  1. 1. © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved. Version 1.0 10 Reasons Why Netezza Professionals Should Consider Greenplum Jacque Istok / Kelly Carrigan 02/13/2019
  2. 2. The Netezza Professional You
  3. 3. ● The skills you have invested in with Netezza are directly portable to the Greenplum database. There are numerous reasons for this, as we will explore each one. ○ MPP Scalable Performance (predictable linear scale) ■ Architecture/Data distribution ○ PostgreSQL Based ■ DDL ■ DML ■ Security 1 Skill Set Portability
  4. 4. ● Your Netezza knowledge and skills will be of great benefit when applied to migrating a Netezza environment to Greenplum. This will accelerate your tasks through great efficiency and a demonstrated proficiency. ○ Because of skill set portability, migration is much more intuitive ■ Similar DDL/DML rooted in Postgres ○ Export/Import and/or ETL-based transfer ○ Similar administration interfaces (e.g. pgAdmin) 2 Ease of Migration
  5. 5. Enterprise Landscape Your Company
  6. 6. ● The initial attraction to Netezza is not lost with Greenplum. These foundational pillars that you have become accustomed to will continue to serve you in a Greenplum environment. ○ MPP ‘divide and conquer’, with knobs if desired/needed (Performance) ○ Open-source based product on commodity hardware (Cost) ○ Don’t need to use all of the knobs (Simplicity) ■ Cost-based optimizer (GPORCA) 3 Continued Benefits of Performance, Cost & Simplicity
  7. 7. ● A glaring challenge with the Netezza appliance was its difficulty in handling mixed workloads. Greenplum’s answer and approach to this common challenge will be both refreshing and reassuring to you as it proves to be the most common problem facing a legacy Netezza environment. ○ Optimization built for mixed workloads (Analytics + Operational) ■ Higher-speed short queries ■ Row level locks for updates and deletes on the heap table, for highly concurrent updates/deletes on the same table 4 Mixed Query Workloads
  8. 8. ● As environments have become more diverse in their data sources, the ability to easily connect these sources to the database engine has been challenging. Greenplum has simplified these steps, knowing this is an obstacle you face. ○ Integrates with in-memory data grid and object store to post process structured and unstructured data ○ External tables allow for incredible flexibility ○ JSON format and natural language text with Apache Solr 5 Data Source Addressability and Integration Parallel Load In-memory Distributed Data Serving Layer External Tables Operational Analytics Massively Parallel Processing Enterprise Data Lakes
  9. 9. ● Moving from a batch-oriented ingest to a Real-Time ingest can prove challenging. This is especially true if the underlying technology is not architected with this in mind. Greenplum’s features for accommodating this transition will make your job easier, with far less improvising required. ○ Loading speeds scale with each additional node - loads greater than 10 terabytes per hour, per rack. ○ Micro batches ○ Message queues (Apache Kafka integration) 6 Real-Time Data Ingest Parallel Load Data Consolidation, Aggregation, and Modeling Petabyte-Scale Data Loading (Greenplum Stream Server) + Streams + Batch
  10. 10. ● A typical Netezza environment was designed around an on-premises installation of the appliance. While Greenplum offers on-prem configurations, it offers many other options that may make sense for the customer you serve. ○ Runs on leading public clouds: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with Bring Your Own License (BYOL) and Hourly offerings ○ Runs on private clouds: VMware vSphere and OpenStack ○ Runs on-premises (with dedicated hardware): Greenplum Building Blocks (Dell reference architecture for Greenplum) 7 Platform Hosting Flexibility Private CloudBare-Metal Public Cloud Greenplum for Kubernetes Other Kubernetes (on VMs or not) Google Container Engine Greenplum Building Blocks • Pivotal blueprint + Dell reference hardware configs
  11. 11. Pivotal Your Strategy
  12. 12. ● Expecting product commitment from an established vendor should ease your concerns over long-term career risks. That is exactly the case with Pivotal’s backing and commitment to the Greenplum database. ○ Pivotal is a solid, public company fully committed to Greenplum R&D.The company has a multi-year roadmap, making the future of the technology extremely viable. ○ Pivotal is recognized by Gartner as a key analytics player ○ Extensive 3rd Party vendor support 8 Vendor Backing and Commitment
  13. 13. ● Understanding the benefits of the Postgres heritage helps to see the striking similarities in the underlying implementations of both Netezza and Greenplum. It is through this understanding that you will see how your skills will remain relevant and grow over time. ○ All major Pivotal Greenplum contributions are part of the Greenplum Database project and share the same database core, including the MPP architecture, all analytical interfaces, and security capabilities ○ All innovations are available on the community site 9 Postgres Heritage
  14. 14. ● An established vendor with a history of Enterprise-class offerings brings solutions beyond the initial requirements. While solving a customer’s immediate challenges, it is often these Enterprise Features that will help you solidify IT Strategies. ○ Replication ○ Backup/Recovery ○ Product has been GA since 2006 10 Enterprise Features and Maturity
  15. 15. Get Started with Greenplum ● Quickly and easily spin up a Greenplum cluster yourself and see for yourself how easy it is to use from your favorite cloud marketplace: ○ AWS ○ Azure ○ GCP ● Get Knowledgeable from the community: ○ Github ○ ● Reach out to us to learn more from one of our local teams
  16. 16. Q&A Your Questions
  17. 17. © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved. Version 1.0 10 Reasons Why Netezza Professionals Should Consider Greenplum Jacque Istok / Kelly Carrigan 02/13/2019