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Latest technologies used in hotels ppt.

Latest technologies used in hotels. By Dr Sayed El-Houshy

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Latest technologies used in hotels ppt.

  1. 1. By Sayed S. El-Houshy Demonstrator, Hotel Studies Department Faculty of Tourism & Hotels Alexandria University 20132014 Latest Technologies Used in Hotels
  2. 2. 1. The Guest Express Kiosks
  3. 3.  An Automated self-service kiosk system that expedites front desk Check-In/ Key Handling Check-Out.  Multi-language  Reduce lines and offer additional services to guests  Fewer Employees and Reduced Costs  Competitive Advantage  Alert when key cards or receipt paper needs restocking
  4. 4. Cont.
  5. 5. 2. IntelliChaise® Personal Ordering System
  6. 6. Cont.  A wireless handheld device with a simple touch screen that allows guests to place orders for food, beverages and hotel services poolside, beachside directly from their chair.  Includes guest units and server units, plus central processing equipment.
  7. 7. Cont.  Using the guest’s room number and a private PIN code  The guest’s orders are wirelessly transmitted to the kitchen, bar,  Pick up Server Units  Advantage & revenue opportunities: 1. Up sell beverage selections to the guest 2. Display cocktails and wine offerings 3. Provide detailed photos and descriptions 4. Highlight specialties and promotions How ???
  8. 8. 3. Hygiena - ATP Hygiene Monitoring System  Palm-sized instrument That is extremely sensitive, accurate and affordable hygiene monitoring system.
  9. 9. Cont.  It allows Restaurants to;  Determine the cleaning efficiency and hygienic status of surfaces and water  Ensure food safety and extends product shelf life  Improve sanitizer effectiveness  Cost-effective  Assist in developing HACCP principles
  10. 10. 4. Waiter Call Paging System  “My kitchen is on a different floor to the restaurant – how will the chef notify once food has been ready?”  This System helps to serve food as soon as it’s ready.  When meals are ready, the chef presses the WaiterCall transmitter sending a silent “Vibrates” message to the appropriate waiter's pager.  The waiter pagers alert up to three times when food is ready.
  11. 11. Cont.
  12. 12. 5. Guestroom Digital Assistant “GDA”  Touchscreen that allows guests to control room temperature, lighting, drapes  It also includes Alarm Clock and Telephone.  Display outside temperature  Privacy Or Make Up Room Button.  World Time  Room Service Functions  Local Weather & Local Services Information
  13. 13. 6. Aloha Guest Manager
  14. 14. Cont.  The new innovative Aloha Guest Manager is a graphical software provides seating, wait-list and table management to the restaurant team.  Tracks table status,  Reduces the time tables that are left unseated,  Captures key guest information to help you provide personalized service.  Suggested & preferred seating “P.S”  Management of guest data “ Reservation Books “  Station & server management
  15. 15. 8.TrackSmart Table Location System  Ideal for fast casual restaurants.  TrackSmart™ is a customer location system that reduces congestion at the counter and helps deliver food faster.  Once customers have placed their food order, staff simply hand them a guest tag, TrackSmart then monitors the diner’s location.  When the food is ready to be delivered, staff can
  16. 16. Cont.  Guest Tags, Table Tags and easy-to-use PC Software.
  17. 17. 9. EasyCall for Restaurants  EasyCall is an effective Customer - to - Staff paging system.  The EasyCall micro button allows customers to summon staff with voiceless.  The EasyCall units are attractive to be secured to walls, desks or tables,  EasyCall allows restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs and leisure facilities to 'expand' service out of doors more easily,  Top-White Restaurant
  18. 18. On Table EasyCall Micro Button
  19. 19. Conference & Meeting Room Service Call Buttons  This technology has proven to be the solution for that age old problem; "I need service, where is the Conference Server?"  A wireless call button that can be placed anywhere in your meeting room.  Used by many of Europe's leading hotel chains,
  20. 20. 11. ConnectSmart® Kitchen  ConnectSmart® Kitchen (CSK) helps chefs on………..  Screens at each chef’s station present staff with all the information they need when and where they need it.  All front of house staff have access to real-time production information.  Corporate management can capture analytical data on food production and speed to further improve service.  CSK displays the average cook times at each station; management can compare labor and sales data.
  21. 21. Smart Kitchens- Electronic Recipes
  22. 22. 14. Meat & Fish Fatmeter  The Fatmeter was developed to measure lipid content of fish, meat and poultry products.  The handheld instrument is placed in contact with the sample and the fat/oil content is displayed on the instrument’s digital readout,
  23. 23. 15. Fish Freshness Meter  There is a need for objective methods for measuring freshness that do not depend on the subjective opinion of human judges.  The Distell Fish Freshness Meter, or Torrymeter, has been developed to meet these requirements.
  24. 24. 15. INNtouch™ Guest Notification Device  It consists of an interior guestroom plate with two buttons and a door chime.  It is matched with an exterior corridor wall plate featuring a doorbell and indicators for privacy and make up room requests.  The most common application is to replace the use of doorknob tags
  25. 25. Cont.  When a staff member or other guest presses the doorbell symbol on the exterior plate, the chime rings inside the guestroom.  By pressing the privacy button the guest is disabling the bell and illuminating the privacy indicator on the exterior door plate.  It allows staff to determine the occupancy of a room
  26. 26. 16. Roca Intelligent Drain
  27. 27. Other Technological Devices  Electronic Guest Book  In Room Interactive Directory  TableScout Management system  Electronic Concierge  Digital Menus  Video On Demand “ VOD “  Aloha Systems Collections  Tea Brewing System  Lobby Advertising Monitors  Ving Card Signature  E. Wrist Tag “RFID”  The IMMIQUE BED  IQ Customer Pagers  Host Alert Kiosk
  28. 28. Welcome to The Era of Technology
  29. 29. Thank you!