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Level Up! Engaging Students by Having Them Create a Digital Game

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Level Up! Engaging Students by Having Them Create a Digital Game

  1. Level Up! Students Creating Digital Games
  2. "Almost  all  crea-vity  involves  purposeful  play."     ~  Abraham  Maslow   World 1.1 by smcgee, Flickr
  3. Motivation through Games P. Maglione,
  4. What can games be used for?
  5. •  ist their favorite games L •  rite down the storyline W •  reate a walkthrough C Group 2 Week 2 by Kevin Jarrett, Flickr
  6. They will need to map out their ideas 28/366 by Clayton Cottingham, Flickr, CC
  7. © Bernajean Porter,
  9. Character Texts
  11. l or app? Which too
  12. Assess  your   situa-on!
  13. •  reate quiz games & C phonics games •  hoose from a library of C 1000s of questions •  reate your own C
  15. •  reate trivia games C •  rag and drop D •  tudents prompted to S make quiz for their peers to take •  imed T •  eader board L
  18. •  hoose templates, C such as mazes, pingpong, roleplaying, aliens, and more
  25. Game Creation Apps iPad Gaming by Michael Nugent, Flickr
  26. Tiny Tap Game Creation App Features: •  dd own images or A from a web search •  ecord your own voice R •  ecord a question, an R answer, a hint •  0 different soundtracks 2 •  rack progress using T the in-game scoring system •  ersonalize pre-made P games from the TinyTap store with narration and images
  27. Game Press Free for iPad -drag & drop - over 500 graphics, music, sound effects, particle effects -import your own pictures, graphics, animations, sound effects, music - create sound & special effects - physics engine for real world simulation
  28. Have them take each other’s games & assess them NASA Visualization Explorer (iPad app) By NASA Goddard Photo and Video, Flickr
  30. Have them design walkthroughs
  31. Embed on a Wiki or Blog
  32. All resources bookmarked here,