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Rizal: Education in the University of Santo Tomas

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This talks about on the life of Rizal during his study in UST by reference to the books of Dr.Zaide and De Viana, respectively.

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Rizal: Education in the University of Santo Tomas

  2. 2. I: Pursuing a Higher Degree of Education • Upon the achievements of Rizal in Ateneo he wanted to pursue another degree. • Thus this idea was highly opposed by his Mother Dońa Teodora…..
  3. 3. Teodora’s Opposition… • She did not want Rizal to be more knowledgeable for the Spanish will cut –off his head. • Another reason that because of the 1872 incident. (GomBurZa Execution ) • Wanted Rizal to go home and have a business
  4. 4. Instead…. • Teodora blamed the Filipino Intellectuals of their mental capacity as a way of challenging the Spaniards
  5. 5. II- ENTRANCE TO U.S.T A short background of UST: • The pontifical and Royal Univ. of Sto. Tomas  The Catholic Univ. of the Philippines • Founded on April 28,1611- Archbishop Miguel de Benavides
  6. 6. As Rizal enter the University… • He took up Philosophy and Letters (1877-16years old)  Cosmology, Metaphysics, Theodicy, Hist. of Philo. • Taking the course primarily because of his father’s choice. Jose was inclined towards the art • He seek guidance from Ateneo of Father. Pablo Ramon
  7. 7. Study at Ateneo? • He was also enrolled in Ateneo taking a vocational course in surveying (1877-78) • Given the title as Perito Agrimensor ( expert surveyor) on November 25 1881. -age of 17- • He was the president of the Academy of Natural Science and Secretary if Marian Congregation in Ateneo
  8. 8. • While Rizal was studying at UST, he also studied in Ateneo. He took the vocational course leading to the title of “Perito Agrimensor” (Expert Surveyor). • He excelled in all subjects in the surveying course obtaining gold medals in Agriculture and Topography. • Vocational Courses: 1. Agriculture 3. Mechanics 2. Commerce 4. Surveying
  9. 9. • At that point, he paid court to a young woman in Calamba and hide her identity by naming “MISS L.”  But it ended due for two main reasons: 1. The sweet memory of Segunda was still fresh 2. His father did not like the family of Miss L. MOTIVATIONs • By the information's given, how would you describe Rizal in terms of decision making? • What can you say regarding his mother’s decision?
  10. 10. 1878-1879 (2nd Term) at UST • Jose decide to shift to medicine due for Fr. Pablo Ramon’s advise. • His decision was prompted by his desire to sure his mother’s failing eyesight.
  11. 11. Academic Standing 1877 - 1878 (Philosophy & Letters) Cosmology & Metaphysics … Excellent Theodicy … Excellent History of Philosophy … Excellent 1878 - 1879 (Medicine) –1st Year Physics … Fair Chemistry … Excellent Natural History … Good Anatomy I … Good Dissection I … Good
  12. 12.  1879 - 1880 (Medicine) –2nd Year Anatomy 2 … Good Dissection 2 … Good Physiology … Good Private Hygiene … Good Public Hygiene … Good  1880 - 1881 (Medicine) –3rd Year General Pathology … Fair Therapeutics … Excellent Surgery … Good  1881 – 1882 (Medicine) –4th Year Medical Pathology … Very Good Surgical Pathology … Very Good Obstetrics … Very Good
  13. 13. Question: • By reference to the performance of Rizal, what can be inferred on it? • Do you agree that there was discrimination during his study in UST? • -prove with it your source
  14. 14. • Rizal biographers such W. Retana, Carlito Garcia etc. unitedly pronounced that: • -low grades are because of bigotry and racial discrimination • Dominican prof. were hostile and that Rizal was not given a full education • Dr. Zaide puts an idea that Filipino students “racially discriminated” -excessive harping of intellectual supperiority * he made a comparison of grades at the Ateneo and UST
  15. 15. On the contrary…. • The Dominican University favored Rizal instead of discriminating. As an evidence: • Studying Preparatory course in Medicine • The first year in Medicine • * very rare privileges The illustration in El Filibusterismo (Class of Physics) -arragonce of Profs. Were far form the truth…. -to read page 37 Source: Social Reformer and Patriot (A. De Viana et,al)
  16. 16. The First Spanish Encounter What was it all about? • It was when Rizal was unable to say “Good Evening” to a Guardia Civil. “...i could not obtain justice…..” –zaide • He reported it to authorities ( Gobernador Heneral) but there was not action. • WHAT PARTICULAR VIEW DOES IT PORTRAYS?
  17. 17. Romances in life:  Segunda Katigbak  Miss L.  fair with seductive and attractive eyes. Reasons: 1. The sweet memory of Segunda was still fresh in his heart. 2. His father did not like the family of Miss L.  Leonor “Orang” Valenzuela  a medical student from Calamba, Laguna  the charming daughter of Capitan Juan and Capitana Sanday Valenzuela.  tall girl with a regal bearing.  Rizal sent Leonor a love notes written in invisible ink
  18. 18. continuious  Leonor Rivera  Rizal’s cousin from Camiling.  born in Camiling, tarlac on April 11, 1867.  a student of La Concordia College where Rizal’s sister, Soledad was then studying.  frail, pretty girl, and tender as a budding flower with kindly wistful eyes. Taimis  Leonor’s pseudonym in order to camouflage their intimate relationship from their parents and friends. Rizal lived in: Casa Tomasina No. 6 Calle Santo Tomas, Intramuros Antonio Rivero – Rizal’s landlord-uncle. -- father of Leonor Rivera.
  19. 19. TO THE FILIPINO YOUTH Liceo Artisco-Literano (Artistic-Literary Lyceum)  a society of literary men and artists.  held a Literary Contest and offered a prize (Silver Pen, feather-shaped decorated with gold ribbon) for best poem. “A La Juventud Filipina” (To The Filipino Youth)  Rizal’s prize-winning and inspiring poem of flawless for.
  20. 20. Rizal beseeched the Filipino youth to rise from the lethargy; to let their genius mind fly swiftly the wind and descend with art and science to break the chains that have long bound the spirit of the people. Reasons why Rizal’s Poem was a Classic in Philippine Literature: 1. It was the first gr eat poem in Spanish written by a Filipino, whose merit was recognized by Spanish Literary Authorities. 2. It expressed for the first time the nationalistic concept that the Filipinos were the “fair hope of the Fatherland.”
  21. 21. THE COUNCIL OF GODS • Rizal at 19 years old was awarded with a gold ring Artistic-Literary Lyceum  opened another literary contest (to both Filipinos and Spaniards) to commemorate the 4th centennial of the death of Cervantes. Cervantes  was a Spain’s glorified man-of-letters and famous author of Don Quixote. Rizal submitted an allegorical drama entitled “El Consejo de los Dioses” (The Council of the Gods).
  22. 22. The Council of the Gods  was based on the Greek classics.  aided by Fr. Rector of Ateneo. Prize: Gold Ring engraved the bust of Cervantes Winners: 1st Place: Jose Rizal (19yrs old) 2nd Place: D. N. Del Puzo (Spanish) --Because of its literary superiority
  23. 23.  “Junto Al Pasig” (Besides the Pasig)  (Zarzuela)staged by the Ateneans on December 8, 1880 of the Annual Celebration of the Feast Day of Immaculate Concepcion (Patroness of Ateneo).  A Filipinas  (a sonnet, 1880) Rizal urged all Filipino artists to glorify the Philippines.  Abd-el-Azis y Mahoma  (poem, 1879) was declaimed by an Atenean, Manuel Fernandez on the night of December 8, 1879 in honor of the Ateneo’s Patroness.
  24. 24. Al M. R. P. Pablo Ramon  (a poem, 1881) Rizal wrote a poem as an expression of affection to Father Pablo Ramon, the Ateneo Rector, who had been so kind and helpful to him.
  25. 25. Motivation • Do you consider that Rizal is more knowledgeable than the Spaniards here in the Philippines? • How would you apply the message of the poem “To the Filipino Youth” VERY WELL SAID
  26. 26. A visit to Pakil and Pagsanjan Summer of May 1881  Rizal went to a pilgrimage to the town of pakil, famous shrine of the Birhen Maria de los Dolores.  he was accompanied by his sisters—Saturnina , Maria, and Trinidad and their female friends.
  27. 27. • They took a casco (flat-bottom sailing vessel) from Calamba to Pakil, Laguna, and stayed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Regalado, whose son Nicolas was Rizal’s friend in Manila.
  28. 28. Rizal and his companions were fascinated by he famous Turumba (people dancing in the streets during the procession in honor of the miraculous Birhen Maria de los Dolores)  Rizal was infatuated by a pretty girl colegiala, Vicenta Ybardolaza, who skillfully played the harp at the Regalado home.  Reasons why Rizal and his company made side trip to the neighbouring town of Pagsanjan: 1. It was the native town of Leonor Valenzuela 2. To see the world famed Pagsanjan Falls.
  29. 29. RIZAL AS A CHAMPION OF FILIPINO STUDENTS  Rizal was the champion of the Filipino students in their fights against the arrogant Spanish students.  In 1880, Rizal founded a secret society of Filipino students in the University of Santo Tomas called “Compaňerismo”(Comradeship), whose members were called “Companions of Jehu,” after the valiant Hebrew general who fought the Armaeans.
  30. 30. DECISION TO ABROAD finishing the Fourth Year of his medical course, Rizal decided to study in Spain. He could no longer endure the rampant bigotry, discrimination, and hostility in the University of Santo Tomas. He did not seek his parent’s permission and blessings to go abroad; and even his beloved Leonor.
  31. 31. CONTRARY,,,,,, • 1881, Dominican leased to him additional lands in barrio Pansol near Los Banos to support all his sisters in case his father will pass away (de viana -no rent for five years • Other reason was the blacklisting of his family in the government but there was such no really blacklist.
  32. 32. The best possible reason… • To widen his knowledge and compare the greatness and progress of the cultured nations of the world with the slow,monotonous and retrograde march of the colony.
  33. 33. Secondly….. • To avail of more conducive conditions in Europe. • Medical school in UsT is still new only in 1871. (his mother prompted him in this decision)
  34. 34. Vacation time 1882 • Jose through Paciona secured the indorsement of Pedro Paterno
  35. 35. May 3 1882- the Departure • Left on vessel Salvadora on his first trip to Spain.
  36. 36. As a result: • This opens to the way to the important phase of his nationalistic work exposing and fighting not only Spanish tyranny but also the divisiveness of his fellow countrymen