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Allergy Awareness Startup Weekend

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Welcome to Allergy Awareness

We offer an affordable ingredient management system to restaurants to comply with the legislation and make life easy.

Recently in UK restaurant owner was jailed for six years accused of killing a customer

How can we stop these restaurants and sad stories becoming headlines?

Moreover, the restaurants who do comply find the process to declare all the allergens in the recipe to be painstaking, time-consuming and complex.
We did online, telephone and person to person sales from various speciality restaurants, cinemas and takeaways.

85 percent of restaurants are non-complaint. They have to pay for a solution and those who are 20 percent will pay for a better solution.

We discovered that most of the restaurants and online portals in Ireland and U.K. are not complying with EU law effective since 2014.

Ignorance and overstretched Health Service Executives prevent the law being enforced in Ireland and the UK.

By combining stock items into recipes and menus, restaurant can easily and confidently provide information.

Food allergy sufferer can tell the waiter about allergy while ordering a meal and chefs use their device to update the recipe with the removal of the ingredient.

It is perfect in the kitchen, dining area or back office.

Consumers get food safety knowledge before having a meal.

Food allergy affects 2 percent of adults and 8 percent of children in Ireland and around 3% of the UK population.

Moreover, estimates are that are an extra 5 Million people in the UK suffer from food intolerance.

In Ireland, the population affected has increased by 11 percent in 2015.

Current estimates are that this market alone is worth more than £200M in the UK and 33 million in Ireland per year.

We aim to start high end, high turnover, and compliant restaurants to make sure we have a robust product for the market.

In terms of our competitors, we have UK based MAM and Menu labs with none for Irish market and use non-generic ingredients.

At present chefs use in-house management system using excel spreadsheets, lots of paperwork, paid nutritionists and integrated end-to- end purchase solution.

However, these are used by Head Chef and managers in a restaurant.

We are providing a system where information is available to all and not the domain of few.

Next few weeks we work with our 6 early adopters on per month subscription-based model to find a product-market fit.

Over the weekend, each of our team members brought varied skills from industry knowledge, IT skills to design to ensure a viable business model.

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Allergy Awareness Startup Weekend

  1. 1. Maintaining compliance and making life easier
  2. 2. Problem
  3. 3. Problem EU 1169/2011
  4. 4. Validation 140 reviewed 85% need a solution 3% with a solution would pay for a better solution
  5. 5. Mockup
  6. 6. Market 2% Adults 8% Kids
  7. 7. Route to Market
  8. 8. Competition Our Unique Selling Points: • Aimed at Irish market • Non-Generic ingredients
  9. 9. Current Solutions
  10. 10. Revenue Stream
  11. 11. Our Team Darryl - Walter- Kevin - Sergey - Piush - Gisi
  12. 12. Ingredient Management System EU Law Compliance Easier Menu Creation