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Presentation mass media

Mass me

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Presentation mass media

  1. 1. Dang Thu Trang Daria Mikhailova 21.11.2014 EAP Class The Influence of Mass Media on Public Opinion
  2. 2. Introduction The Mass Media: the newspapers, television, radio and etc., that communicate news and information to large numbers of people
  3. 3. The young generation: adults, adolescents and children
  4. 4. In general Advantages Disadvantages  Provides daily and up-to-date information  Negative impacts on self- respect and self-esteem
  5. 5. In specific Advantages Disadvantages  Information - Outstanding Events - New Trends - Online Progamme  Effectiveness in study and work Communicatio n Social evils - Violence - Behavior Physical health:
  6. 6. The Corruption 1. Unprofessional behavior 2. Adjusting the main points of the information 3. Unreliable resources
  7. 7. Consequences 1. Confusion 2. People are blind 3. Block from the real situation 4. Disbelief
  8. 8. The Appealing 1. Physiological methods 2. Manipulating the crowd with modified information 3. Different propaganda
  9. 9. Does The Mass Media Independent? 1. “The Forth Branch of the Government” 2. Information War 3. A powerful weapon 4. Mind games with the public
  10. 10. Conclusion