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Zipipop Innocent Drinks Social Media Benchmark

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A rapid social media benchmark particularly highlight how Innocent actively involves their community in content creation.

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Zipipop Innocent Drinks Social Media Benchmark

  1. 1. Innocent DrinksSocial Media BenchmarkingRichard von Kaufmann // Concepting Director // 28.09.2012
  2. 2. • Smoothie fruit drinks• Kids smoothies and drinks• Veg pots• Started 1999Esittely
  3. 3. Esittely (verkkosivu)• Banner icons(also links)• Fold line (stuffabove isvisibleimmediately)• Newsletter sign up• Logo (also a mascot)• Stories from our blogs• Contact uswith socialmedia icons• Jobs• Main menu navigation• Sliding banners• Other links
  4. 4. Verkkosivu✓ Clear layout✓ Friendly and inviting✓ Clear and fresh (reflectingbrand values)✓ Multichannel social medialinks• Social media badges below the fold-
  5. 5. Sosiaaliset mediat✓ Diverse and suitable use ofsocial media channels• /innocent.drinks • @innocentdrinks • /innocentdrinks• /innocentsmoothies• user/innocentdrinksltd • /wiki/Innocent_Drinks• photos/innocentdrinks • /company/24177?trk=tyah
  6. 6. Facebook✓ Light hearted tone of voice reflects brandvalues✓ Community engagement: sharing customerphotos, competitions, partner photos✓ Authentic: being personal and admittingmistakes✓ Informative: top tips about startups andeating
  7. 7. Facebook-kommentointia✓ Cute posts get lots ofengagement✓ Responsive to customerfeedback✓ Responding quickly topotential negative feedback✓ Customers are telling the storyfor them- One post about Richard Reed(co-founder) appearing in TVshow provoked some minorreaction about Innocentownership. But communitydefended them.
  8. 8. Facebook Extra✓ Fun photos✓ App Tabs: competitions,games, videos✓ Links to other social mediachannels: Instagram,Pinterest
  9. 9. Blogi✓ Clean branding✓ Integration into website helps SEO✓ Promotes charity work✓ Community member stories✓ Top Tips• Blog used more to build up theirexpert credibility rather thanrepeat stuff already being sharedon Facebook- Could add posts profiling the workof different employees throughoutthe organization — human and goodfor HR.
  10. 10. LinkedIn- No HR tab providing recruitmentinformation- No Product tab (very easy to add)✓ Basic page✓ Employee Insights✓ 3,103 Followers
  11. 11. Twitter✓ Nicely customized✓ News updates: products,competitions, etc✓ Cross-referencing and sharingcontent from blog and Facebook✓ Fun images and jokey stuff✓ Cross-promotion with ClubPenguin and BeYourOwnBoss TVshow✓ Community input✓ Direct engagement from owner
  12. 12. Tweetstats
  13. 13. TweetStats Cloud
  14. 14. YouTube✓ Own branded channel✓ Nearly 1 million views✓ High production values (lots of ads)mixed with user generated content✓ Featured Playlists- Some user submitted videoscan be very poor quality
  15. 15. Pinterest✓ Makes additional use of their colourful images✓ Improves exposure by increasing sharablity
  16. 16. Instagrid✓ Makes additional use of Instagramusers’s colourful images✓ Improves exposure
  17. 17. Wikipedia✓ Good favourable text✓ Reinforces the company “story”✓ Highly probably big boost due toBBC television show37 050 kävijää (30pv)
  18. 18. Muuta✓ Co-marketing activity with ClubPenguin kids social networking site✓ Generating considerable earned-media with participation ofInnocent co-founder Richard Reedin BBC TV programme “Be your ownboss”
  19. 19. Muuta✓ The brand had a fresh friendlymarketing approach and tone of voiceright from the start✓ Ranked #1 in Social Brands 100 (2012)✓ Always encouraged and provided waysfor people to get in touch✓ Social media activity was anextension of what they have alwaysdone (e.g. friendly dialogue onpackaging)✓ Freedom to experiment, makemistakes and learn.
  20. 20. YleiskatsausSocial media service Social statsPost writers /frequencyContentFacebook Fans: 293,104 Innocent Team (1-3 posts per day)fun images, news updates, competitions,cross linking to blogTwitterTwiittejä: 13,056Seuraa: 17,973Seuraajia: 77,833Innocent Team, co-founder Richard Reed,community members (39 tweets per day)news updates (product, competitions,etc), fun stuff, cross linking to blogLinkedIn Seuraajia: 3,103 none Employee profilesWikipedia 37,050 lukijaa kuukaudessa Säännöllinenhistory, products, product recall,advertising claims charitable donationsYouTubeTilaajia: 1,107Videoita katsottu: 988 810Suosituin video: ?Innocent Team, community fansadverts, competition promotions, fanvideosBlogs Not available 3 primary writers, mixed staff charity work, health tips, fun stuffPinterestSeuraajia: 654Seuraa: 34Mixed input, 7 Boards, 121 Pinsimages used throughout their socialmedia activity