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Why We Should Brainstorm More & How To Do It Better

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Why We Should Brainstorm More & How To Do It Better

  1. Why We Should Brainstorm More and How To Do It Better Ignite Presentation Andrew Dever
  2. Certificate as to Birth Father: Alex Osborn Birthdate: 1939 Birthplace: “Applied Imagination” Fathers Background: He put the O in BBDO
  3. Brainstorming is about solving problems Everything we do revolves around solving problems our teeth get dirty… so we brush them
  4. It is imperative that we find better ways to harness collective knowledge
  5. Think creatively Better Think solutions laterally Brainstorming helps us Collaborate Share better knowledge
  6. “Everyone has a social obligation to collaborate” “Brainstorming is the ideas engine of ideos culture”
  7. Because we have the internet
  8. So how do we brainstorm better?
  9. From the uncontrolled spontaneous to the controlled relevant
  10. How else do we do it better? We put it on the internet
  11. Access the worlds collective knowledge
  12. Manage time and anonymity
  13. Manage relevancy
  14. There is still a gap We see the internet as linear
  15. Watch this space