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Implementing Innovation Management Systems

This illustration shows how we implement modern innovation management systems in large organisations based on the guiding principles of Business Design

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Implementing Innovation Management Systems

  1. 1. IMPLEMENTING INNOVATION MANAGEMENTOrange HillsTM GmbH | | Follow us on Twitter: @orangehillsgmbh © 2017 Orange HillsTM GmbH | | All rights reserved. 1 Today’s situation How is your business doing today and what are your biggest challenges? Turning an organisation into a vibrant innovation hot spot is a challenging task. Many ingredients are necessary for an effective innovation management system. This illustration explains how Orange Hills designs and implements modern innovation management systems that enable companies to unleash their innovative potential. + Business model + Product & service portfolio + Business performance + Competitive situation + Mega trends + Innovation practices + Leadership & culture 2 Picture of the future What should your company look like in five years? 3 Example: 10-weeks innovation sprint Business Design Example: Innovation toolbox horizons of growth: + Extension of the core + New business opportunities + Visionary game changers 5 Innovation processes How do you create innovation - incremental and radical? 3 Objectives How do you measure the success of innovation activities? + KPIs for innovation output + KPIs for transformation + Measurement procedures + Tracking & reporting + Dashboard systems 4 Organisation What structures do you need to establish an innovation management system? + Research & development + Innovation management + Refactoring / go-to-market + Roles centralized vs. decentralized + Partners (e.g. startups) + Interfaces 6 Innovation tools & resources What tools and infra- structure do you need to spur on innovation? 7 People & enabling How do you enable people to become great innovators? 8 Guidance & tracking How do you manage the system and how do you track activities? CEO CTO Head of Strategy CIO R&D Innovation How do you implement the system into your organisation? 1. Interviews & analysis 2. Pilot projects 3. Review 4. System design 5. Restructuring 6. Trainings 7. Projects Example roles: + Sponsor + Innovation manager + Innovation expert + Coach + Member of innovation committee + Prototyping expert + Legal expert Continuous improvement and expansion to more business lines + Visual worksheets + Creativity techniques + Methods for user research + Physical toolboxes + Prototyping facilities e.g. for software engineering + Workshop labs + Identification process + Role-specific trainings for employees + Coaching-on-the-job + Incentive systems + Sourcing of externals + Workers’ council + Analogy to other industry + Key customers + Main competitors + Business DNA + Playgrounds + Graveyards + 3D model of organisation + R&D process + Innovation processes for three horizons + Go-to-market process + Budgeting process + Reporting process Business line Sales 9 Rollout + Phases & activities + Schedule + Milestones & deliveries + Budgets + Reviews and adjustments + Project management distance to success strategicfit + Decision-making process + Involvement of top management / committees + Project portfolio + Product & service portfolio