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Free sources for iberoamerican patent searches

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Presentation which describes with screenshots LATIPAT and INTERPAT, 2 important free public databases for iberoamerican patent searching, its main functionalities and its PROs and CONs. Feel free to share it!

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Free sources for iberoamerican patent searches

  1. 1. Free Sources for Iberoamerican Patent Searches Björn Jürgens E-Mail: Twitter: @benlogo © 2011 1
  2. 2. Why take into account IberoamericanPatent Searches for a Technology WatchActivity?• With more than 20 countries and 385 Million People, it is an Economic Sector with strong ties (language & similar cultural background)• Strong presence of some multinational companies (TELEFONICA, REPSOL, etc)• Important to know where to search if you want to gain business intelligence in this geographical area! 2
  3. 3. Patent Databases hosted by the Spanish Patent and Trademark OfficeURL(English Interface): INTERPAT • Offers bibliographic data of Patents and Utility Models since 1929 and PCT Patent applications designated to Spain. • Original Documents since 1988 (PDF). LATIPAT • Offers bibliographic data of Patents of 18 Latin American countries since 1955, as well as original documents from 1991 and Original Documents from Mexican Patents. 3
  4. 4. Home Screen (English Interface) 4
  5. 5. Advanced Search (Field Search) 5
  6. 6. Expert Search (individual & combinable field search) Field description Query History (with number of Hits) Go to result List 6
  7. 7. Result List Patent List Export 7 Original Doc available (PDF)
  8. 8. Bibliographic View ( only available in spanish) Original Document (in PDF) Seach Report References Claims 8
  9. 9. Original Document View 9
  10. 10. PROs• Good (English) Search Interface• Offers search in titles not available in multinational databases (utility models + designs)• Export Documents (but: not in table format, which makes it difficult to use for patent analysis)CONs• Search with Spanish keywords only • No machine translation available (alternative: copy paste to the google 10 translator)
  11. 11. Contact Details: Björn JürgensE-Mail: Twitter: @benlogo 11