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Chapter Walk Many_Worlds_Meet_2012

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Chapter Walk Many_Worlds_Meet_2012

  1. 1. Historical Era #1: Many Worlds MeetChapter Walk-ThroughThe goal is simple. Use the page numbers provided, preview the questions or prompts andlocate the captions, graphics, maps, photos, pictures, or charts to help you respond tothe questions/prompts. This is a short, fun way to learn interesting stuff! Enjoy your walk! CHAPTER 13Let’s turn north1. (p. 60) In a small boat, it was easy to believe that a storm was a____________________.2. What country between Canada and Europe is still in the Ice Age and covered by a glacier 2 miles thick?_______________________________________________________________3. Define loot: ______________________________________________________________4. (p. 61) The ______________________,also called Norsemen, were the first to travel to North America between 960-1000 CE. They traveled from Scandinavia to their settlement named _____________________, which is modern day Newfoundland.5. What did Norsemen fear? __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________6. Read the passage from Erik The Red. Highlightevidence of trading with Native Americans. At the beginning of spring they saw one morning early a fleet of skin canoes…Karlsefni (Viking) and his men raised their shields, and they began to trade: the people wanted particularly to buy red cloth, in exchange for which they offered skins and gray furs. They wished to also buy swords and spears, but Karlsefni and Snorri (Viking) forbade this.7. Describe a Viking ship. __________________________________________________________________________8. (p. 63) What did Archeologists dig up in 1904 near Vestfold, Norway? _______________9. A Viking princess used that Viking ship for pleasure cruises. It was also used as her: _________________________________________________________________________10. Define fossil:_______________________________________________________________11. (p. 64) List 4 artifacts that archeologists found in the 1960s in L’Anse aux Meadows on the NE tip of Newfoundland, Canada? _________________________________________________________________________12. (p. 65) What evidence may prove the Vikings may have made it to Minnesota (may be a fake)? _________________________________________________________________________13. Do you think Vikings in boats could have gone that far? ___________________________ NAVIGATION INSTRUMENTS (TECHNOLOGY) Quick SKETCH 1
  2. 2. Historical Era #1: Many Worlds Meet Definitions Quadrant: Back Staff: Magnetic Compass: Astrolabe: Sextant: Cross Staff: CHAPTER 14 The Power of the press1. (p. 67) Read the 1st paragraph & CLOSE THE GAPS: When you see the “12th century” it means the years that begin with _______. The numbers are ALWAYS _________years behind the ________________________________________________________________.3. In 1456 Johannes Gutenberg re-invented the printing press (Koreans and the Chinese had been using movable type for centuries). The first book he printed is known as the ___________________ _____________.4. (p. 68) What does a scribe do?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5. How do books give power to the people?_____________________________________________________________________________6. Why is the 15th century the 1st “Information Age?”_____________________________________________________________________________7. (p. 69) How were the Chinese ahead of Europeans?_____________________________________________________________________________ 2
  3. 3. Historical Era #1: Many Worlds Meet CHAPTER 15 A boy named Christopher has a dream1. (p. 70) Columbus’ Nina and Pinta were __________________________________________2. Columbus would have been in 8th grade when he 1st went to sea. How old was he and what happened?____________________________________________________________3. (p. 71) ________________________ is another name for longitude because they measure ___________________.4. What lines run horizontally across the globe? _____________________________________5. What lines run vertically (up & down)? __________________________________________6. Where does the author live? Provide latitude & longitude. _________________________________________________________________________7. ________________________, a Greek mathematician was in charge of the library in Alexandria, Egypt, ______centuries before Columbus lived. He figured out the size of the _______________ and got it right! A few centuries later, _______________________had other ideas about the size of the Earth.8. (p. 73) _________________, the famous Greek astronomer-geographer-mathematician, drew the original map that gave ___________________his ideas of how the world looked.9. The Iberian Peninsula is modern day ___________________ and ___________________.10. During the 15th century, who ruled the Iberian peninsula & neighboring Aragon? _________________________________ and ___________________________________11. According to Ptolemy the ____________________was at the CENTER of the Solar System. Copernicus disagreed and believed the ____________ was the CENTER of the universe. CHAPTER 16A New Land is “Discovered”1. (p. 75) What was Columbus’ Italian name at birth? _______________________________2. (p. 76) Columbus discovered that magnets don’t point north. Where do they point? __________________________________________________________________________3. Define mutiny:______________________________________________________________ Example of mutiny:__________________________________________________________5. What was the role of cabin boys?_________________________________________________________________________6. (p. 77) What was King Ferdinand of Spain watching from his side of the Atlantic? 3
  4. 4. Historical Era #1: Many Worlds Meet _________________________________________________________________________ 7. Why do you think the Taino (Natives) fled from Columbus? __________________________________________________________________________ 8. Columbus sighted land after ________days at sea. (p. 78) Why isn’t Columbus looking through a telescope? __________________________________________________________________________ 9. Define immunity:____________________________________________________________ 11. Many people believed that the Carib (“valiant people” in their language) were _________________________. Who feared the Carib? ____________________________ 12. How does this explain why the Taino were eager to help Columbus? __________________________________________________________________________ 13. (p. 79) Native Americans in Hispaniola slept in ____________________, which were useful on a ship and unknown to _____________________________until Columbus met Natives. CH. 17The next voyage1. (p. 80) What did the ocean say to Columbus?___________________________________________2. Why were the Europeans wrong in calling America the “new world” ________________________________________________________________________________3. (p. 82) How did Indians prepare a corn liquor drink? ________________________________________________________________________________4. THE COLUMBIAN EXCHANGE: OLD WORLD TO NEW WORLD: ________________________________________________________________________________5. THE COLUMBIAN EXCHANGE: NEW WORLD TO OLD WORLD: ________________________________________________________________________________ CH. 18 STOWAWAYS: WORMS & A DOG 1. (p. 85) How did Columbus trick Indians into helping him? ______________________________ 2. Read the 1st 2 paragraphs. How did worms attack Columbus and his men? _____________________________________________________________________________ 4
  5. 5. Historical Era #1: Many Worlds Meet3. (p. 86) Balboa, known as a _____________________________ (Spanish conqueror), made it across the jungles and mountains of ________________________without losing men. His stowaway _______, Leoncico, made it too!4. (p. 87) Balboa was the 1st European to see the Pacific’s __________________________coast. CH. 19 sailing around the world1. (p. 89) Pacific means_____________________________________________________________.2. Who was Patagon?_______________________________________________________________3. Why did Magellan and his crew call the South American Natives Patagonians? _______________________________________________________________________________4. (p. 90) Where is the Strait of Magellan located? _______________________________________________________________________________5. (p. 91) Who was Magellan and why is he significant? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________6. Define putrid:____________________________________________________________________7. Magellan and his crew ate rats and chewed leather straps and drank putrid water: We were three months and twenty days without getting any kind of fresh food. We ate biscuit, which was no longer biscuit, but powder of biscuit swarming with worms, for they had eaten the good. It stank strongly of the urine of rats…And if the rats…some of us couldn’t get enough. – Antonio Pigafetta, crew member Which event is depicted in Pigafetta’s journal entry? a. Magellan chose to fight the Natives. b. By the time Magellan and his men reached land, near China and the Spice Islands, most were almost dead from hunger.8. Magellan planned to sail around the world (circumnavigate the globe). What actually happened to stop Magellan from meeting his goal? Summarize Pigafetta’s journal entry from p. 91-92. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ *Some believe the cannibals in the Philippines ate Magellan. 5
  6. 6. Historical Era 1: Many Worlds Meet CH. 24 Gloom, doom, and a bit of cheer1. (p. 114) The Black Death (Bubonic Plague) raged through Europe and Asia in the 14th century and killed more people than any war. How did it begin and spread? _____________________________________________________________________________2. At least _________% of the population of Asia, Europe and North Africa died in 40 years. About __________% of those who got the plague died.3. Define eradicate:_______________________________________________________________ Which disease seems to have been eradicated? ______________________________________4. (p. 115) What were Europeans searching for in the Americas?___________________________5. Besides Peru’s silver mines at Potosi, what other riches did Europeans find? _____________________________________________________________________________6. What language do people in Brazil speak? __________________________________________ Why? _______________________________________________________________________ CH. 25 North of new spain1. (p. 116) What was one problem in Florida’s Swamps? _________________________________2. How did Indians pan for gold? _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________3. (p. 117) Define Fray/Friar:________________________________________________________4. (p. 119) The mythical seven cities of Cibola, Cities of Gold, motivated many conquistadors. Which conquistador thought he found one of the cities? _____________________________________________________________________________ CH. 26 looking for Cibola with Coronado1. (p. 120). Maize is ______________________.2. (p. 121) Boats couldn’t always get close enough to shore. How did people or horses get on/off board? ______________________________________________________________________3. What is the origin of the word barbecue? _____________________________________________________________________________4. CLOSE THE GAPS: Pedro de Castaneda, one of Coronado’s soldiers, wrote of the Zuni Indians of Hawikuh, They were ruled by a _________________of old men. They have _______________....whom they call papas (elder brothers)…there is no drunkenness among them…nor _______________, neither do they eat ______________ flesh or ________________, but are usually at ______________________. 6
  7. 7. Historical Era 1: Many Worlds Meet CH. 27 Conquistadors: California to Florida1. (p. 124) Number the events below from first to last: ___Columbus reaches the Bahamas ___Pizarro invades Peru ___Amerigo Vespucci explores the coast of South America ___Ponce de Leon claims Puerto Rico for Spain ___Cortes lands in Mexico2. What is a griffin?________________________________________________________________3. (p. 125)Why was De Soto horrified when Pizarro killed Atahualpa, the Incan ruler? _____________________________________________________________________________4. (p. 126) Define & sketch lance:____________________________________________________5. Define savory:_________________________________________________________________6. (p. 127) Define calumet. How was it used? _____________________________________________________________________________7. It took the Spaniards 227 years to return to California as settlers. Who led and founded Mission San Diego de Alcala?_____________________________________________________________8. (p. 128) How did de Soto and his men surround an Alabama Indian village? _____________________________________________________________________________9. Define cane:_____________________________Define canebrake:________________________10. Define bayou:__________________________________________________________________ CH. 28 A Place Called santé fe1. What did even the meanest conquistadors believe? _____________________________________________________________________________2. Many Mexicans are part ________________________ and part _________________________.3. Define Sante Fe:________________________________________________________________4. Define plateau& sketch:__________________________________________________________5. Define missionary:______________________________________________________________6. Define convert:_________________________________________________________________7. Where can you visit Spanish mission churches? _____________________________________________________________________________ CH. 30 The big picture 7
  8. 8. Historical Era 1: Many Worlds Meet1. (p. 136) Why did the founders of the USA officially separate religion and government? _____________________________________________________________________________2. __________________________nailed a list of _________________to a ____________door in ___________________and began the Protestant Reformation.3. Through battles and torture, Ferdinand and Isabella tried to get rid of all _______________, _____________________, and Protestants in Spain.4. (p. 137) Who was Hatuey and why is he significant? _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________5. Define freethinker:______________________________________________________________6. Define heretic:_________________________________________________________________ CH. 31 From spain to England to france1. Why was King Henry VIII angry with the Catholic Church? Henry’s 6 Wives: “Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived” _____________________________________________________________________________2. What group did Mary I persecute (there was a lot of burning at the stake!): ________________3. (p. 139) Why are French Protestants (Huguenots) fleeing? _____________________________________________________________________________4. Soldier stealing from the poor box labeled, “__________________________________” CH. 32 France in America: Pirates and Adventurers1. (p. 140) The entrance to New York Harbor is called _________________Narrows and a suspension bridge are both named for Verranzano, an Italian explorer hired by France. _____________________________________________________________________________2. Define privateer:________________________________________________________________3. (p. 141) How did Native Americans on the North American coast make dugout canoes? _____________________________________________________________________________ What did they offer the French captain?_____________________________________________4. Define galleon:_________________________________________________________________5. (p. 142) How did Indians on the East Coast smoke fish? _____________________________________________________________________________6. CLOSE THE GAPS: In 1598, Henry IV of France gave religious freedom to Protestants with a ruling called ___________________ of __________________. However, in 1685 King Louis 8
  9. 9. Historical Era 1: Many Worlds Meet XIV ____________________(took back) the Edict and ____________________began again. Therefore, ______________________________headed for the New World.7. Where did one 16 yr old choose to live after refusing to sail back to France? The voyage over was bleak. The Huguenots starved and suffered from New World germs. _____________________________________________________________________________ CH. 33 Rain, Ambush, and Murder1. (p. 144) Why was it dangerous along the East Coast? _____________________________________________________________________________2. How do we know about Indian life and the adventures of the French in America? _____________________________________________________________________________3. (p. 145) Who preyed on the Spanish and French forts/ships on North America’s East Coast? _____________________________________________________________________________4. (p. 146) Define yardarm:_________________________________________________________ How do sailors know when it is noon? ______________________________________________5. Define swashbuckling:___________________________________________________________6. Read the WHO AM I passage & respond to WHO AM I?_________________________________ CH. 34 New France1. (p. 147) What animals nearly died out after Europeans came?___________________________2. Why did an Algonquin believe the English have no sense? _____________________________________________________________________________3. How did French explorer, Samuel de Champlain, keep a record? _____________________________________________________________________________4. (p. 148) List 5 scenes from the map made for French missionaries. _____________________________________________________________________________5. Champlain helped ________________and Algonquin Indians fight the ____________________. In this battle in 1609 a few of the French and ____Huron surprised _______Iroquois and won.6. (p. 150) Who is Marquette? _______________________________________________________7. How do the Indians feel about Marquette?___________________________________________8. Who is Joliet?__________________________________________________________________9. Why do Indians respect Marquette?________________________________________________ 9
  10. 10. Historical Era 1: Many Worlds Meet 10