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Why It Pays To Be Likeable #AMAVES

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Why It Pays To Be Likeable #AMAVES

  1. 1. Why It Pays To
Be Likeable@DaveKerpen, CEO, @LikeableLocalAuthor of two @LikeableBook’!7 Simple Social Media Concepts To Drive Results
  2. 2. #AMAVES!Social Media Realities"- Social Media cannot make up for abad product or service.- Social Media is not free.- Social Media will not bring youinstant results.
  3. 3. #AMAVES!11 SimpleSocialConcepts toBuild aLikeableBusiness"
  4. 4. #AMAVES!7 Simple Social MediaConcepts to Drive Results"ListeningStorytellingAdvertising (Better)ValueGratefulnessAuthenticityResponsiveness
  5. 5. #AMAVES!Listen First and Never Stop Listening."When people talk, listen completely.Most people never listen.- Ernest Hemingway
  6. 6. #AMAVES!Listen to Your Prospects."
  7. 7. #AMAVES!Your Customers are Asking For You."
  8. 8. #AMAVES!Listen to Your Customers."
  9. 9. #AMAVES!Respond."Life is ten percent what happens to you andninety percent how you respond to it.- Charles SwindollTo Everyone."
  10. 10. #AMAVES!Responsiveness is No Longer Optional."
  11. 11. #AMAVES!LAST: Listen, Apologize, Solve, Thank"
  12. 12. #AMAVES!The 4 Most ImportantWords in Social Media:Iʼm Sorry & Thank You"
  13. 13. #AMAVES!
  14. 14. Use Your Unique Brand Voice"#AMAVES!
  15. 15. #AMAVES!Respond to Positive Comments Too."
  16. 16. #AMAVES!“Storytelling is the most powerful way to putideas into the world today.”- Robert McAfee BrownTell, Donʼt Sell."
  17. 17. #AMAVES!My"Story"
  18. 18. #AMAVES!Every Brand HasMany Stories to Tell"- Your humble beginnings- Employee challenges- Community & charity partnerships- Inside the lives of leadership- Customers who have overcome obstacles
  19. 19. #AMAVES!Use Social & Online Toolsto Tell Your Story"WebsiteOnline VideoWebinarseBooks & WhitepapersTweetsPicturesSocial Networks“For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.”- Ernest Hemingway
  20. 20. #AMAVES!Inspire Your Customers to Tell Your Story"
  21. 21. #AMAVES!“I had no idea that being your authentic selfcould make me as rich as I’ve become. If Ihad, I’d have done it a lot earlier.”- Oprah WinfreyAuthenticity:"Just Be You."
  22. 22. #AMAVES!Be Vulnerable. Be Real."
  23. 23. #AMAVES!Be You. "Online & Offline. In Public & In Private"@dens
  24. 24. #AMAVES!Show Your Brandʼs Personality"
  25. 25. #AMAVES!“Many a small thing has been made large bythe right kind of advertising.”- Mark TwainAdvertise. (Better)."
  26. 26. #AMAVES!Use LinkedIn to Target Professionals"by Subtitle, Skills, & Location"
  27. 27. #AMAVES!Use Hypertargeting& Nanotargeting onFacebook &LinkedIn"
  28. 28. #AMAVES!92% of People Trust Their FriendsʼRecommendations"
  29. 29. #AMAVES!“Strive not to be a man of success, but ratherto be a man of value- Albert EinsteinGive Away Value."
  30. 30. #AMAVES!10% Off ="Marketing50% Off ="Value100% Off ="Loyal customers for life
  31. 31. #AMAVES!Provide B2B ValueThrough Facebook,Webinars, Articles, and White Papers"
  32. 32. #AMAVES!“I would maintain that thanks are the highestform of thought, and that gratitude ishappiness doubled by wonder.- GK ChestertonBe Grateful"
  33. 33. #AMAVES!The Value of “Thank You”"
  34. 34. #AMAVES!Donors Choose, R.O.I. of Gratitude!Those who receivedhandwritten thank younotes were 38% morelikely to donate again!The Original Social Media "
  35. 35. #AMAVES!Listen first and never stop listening.Share and inspire stories.Advertise better.Give away value.Be grateful.Be real and be you.Respond to everyone.
  36. 36. Likeable Content: "Exclusive Access" #AMAVES!
  37. 37. #AMAVES!Thank You!"Feedback/Grand Prize“How dare you settle for less when the worldhas made it so easy for you to be remarkable?”- Seth