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7 Key LinkedIn Changes Pharma Marketers Can't Afford to Miss

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Over the past year, LinkedIn has implemented several major updates that should transform the way you market your Pharma business and develop your personal profile.

Within just 60 minutes,

− Discover how LinkedIn have just made lead generation even easier!
− Explore LinkedIn's new tool for creating and sharing content
− Understand how to segment your products and services for different audiences
− Learn how to leverage LinkedIn's revamped mobile app
− Find out how to measure the success of your content marketing on LinkedIn in one easy step

Who Is This Webinar Intended For?

Directors of Marketing, Communications, Business Development, CEOs, owners, general managers and Commercial Directors at companies in, or selling into the Pharmaceutical industry.


Lucy Muniz, owner of PharmaMKT, LinkedIn's first and largest group for Pharma marketers

Miriam Shaviv, Director of Content at Brainstorm Digital, a London-based digital agency that helps Pharma consultants, suppliers and recruiters find new business online

What attendees on previous webinars have said:

“Thank you very much for providing us this very insightful, informative, and easy to practise webinar on how to enhance our marketing and LinkedIn skills!” - Nagesh Ramamurthy, Cedegim

“Thank you very much for providing this webinar. I found it really helpful and well structured” - Corinna König-Wildföerster, Lonza

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7 Key LinkedIn Changes Pharma Marketers Can't Afford to Miss

  1. 1. ©Key Linkedln Changes Can't Afford to Miss Brought to you by: Together with: h . . . BraInstormDIgIta|
  2. 2. What you learn today: > What are the 7 key Linkedln changes? > How do they transform your digital marketing activity? How can you take advantage of them today?
  3. 3. Your host, Lucy Muniz , » Founder of PharmaMKT, Linked| n's largest _ ‘ I‘. Pharma marketing group (74,000 members) '= ._ Preparing to launch Pharmamarketing. net - online directory for Pharma marketers Vlljli/ LRl'(iET| i': G| Independent consultant in market research 0' and business intelligence services V . ».. Contact Lucy: |ucia. muniz@gmai| .com
  4. 4. Miriam Shaviv Director of Content, Brainstorm Digital Helps companies find new business online Lead-generation and content marketing Specialise in Pharma and healthcare ' ix; .1‘ J ‘n’, ‘k ’ i. ;'. :. ‘.7 1_“ 6, . xf At‘ r-'. ;:. ;.. ; ‘__. .. BrainstormDigital ’ Contact Miriam: miriam@brainstorm-digital. co. uk
  5. 5. Y F G If THE ULTIMATE WORKSHEET 0 ur I t T0 JUMP-START YOUR FIRST LINKEDIN LEAD-GENERATION CAMPNGN At the end of the webinar, enjoy instant access to your FREE essential lead- generation guide BralnstormDigital'
  6. 6. What are the 7 Key Linl<edIn Updates?
  7. 7. 1. Profile Organizer Scrapped as Premium Feature Save profiles to a convenient . *.oi! ~;space Create folders, add notes and view message history See It In action -:4 Profile Organizer How it works Pic‘ v- C‘ig. in‘2-‘: r IlC. l'ld':5 s-: -vei i‘ H. _ , to Help CU bu, -v: -p 'i 1th 0' lfT‘DDlIJl‘l phi? ':5 Pro. ’ «; - Olg. Il'lZf. ‘1 is .3 pm on L save with one click Tut). irripoihri? pic’ es in _i dad-: .1'. r.‘d works; -.‘-: r? Organize IMO folders C’: IWZC pic’i': -s We CiUlU. '.l1 persona‘ 'Cil'. ‘P15 i'; ng . "1 IN. ‘ N iresseges i. 1v. mc: -<3 SEJICI1 tooas mac more Add notes A contact info Keep i! v'p0r1.~'il de'. i 5111,11 help tou mm 13-? your Dune. )-: n
  8. 8. Replaced by Linkedln Contacts V Profile Connections Jobs interests Attn: Female Directors - A I Now to the National Assoc Connections A healthy professional life starts With healthy relationships
  9. 9. Tag Your Connections K-=3 Warren Crawford 13-. ‘ ‘ Partner Development Director at Masters Speciality Pharma . u r Ecru A-.1-: »rm _> 13:2 1-“; ":1: n ‘ fl I l l l __l ‘ A ' -. " Lead -. " group_members -‘Tag E Message More * ‘Big Pharma‘ CRO ant at Biomedical Systems B Lead Pharma Pharma consultant Pharma marketers , :3‘. /e at Dalamonitor Healthcare xx» _ " / If _. Prospect
  10. 10. Filter and Message Tag Groups Sort by Recent conversation - Filter by Pharma - _{4 $gIeCtA| | OTag Ilmessage Ii-lore ' Tr Anthlll Agency Copentia en ' Capital Region, Denmark 0 Pharma 0 P marketers Said A 1;: Business Development Director at Pharmasky London, United Kingdom Kl O Pharma 0 group_members a Mark Gibson 15. Commercial Director at Pharmexx UK Welrord Berkshire. United Kingdom 0 Pharma
  11. 11. Mini-CRM on your contacts‘ profiles Dr. Lucy Mufiiz ‘“ Experienced Phannaceutical - Medical Executive (LatAm) - independent Consultant Argentina I Pharmaceuticals Current PhannaMKT Group Previous EBSCO Pubftshlngt Wolters Kluwer Health I UpToDate, Prous Science EUIJCEWDD Mll| erHelman connecbons I ' A 5°°* Last Conversation 4 months ago f Relationship 5 Contact Info §group_members i x G) I Note I '@ Reminder Q How you met , Q Tag f1'_l'i HUN. " iov: :<: l C0"C9' l E This Intonnation is only visible to you
  12. 12. How I Can Use These Features: > Stay organized! > Segment my contacts for lead-gen > Stay in touch with prospects and leads
  13. 13. 2. Can l| o Longer Segment Using Linkedln's Categories Narrow Your Connections By Location: By industry: Argentina : Pharmaceuticals 4» Snowing 2 of 22-18 conwc-ctons Mufiiz, Dr. Lucy Experienced Pharmaceutical ~ Medical Executive (LatAm) — Independent Consultant
  14. 14. Export Contacts to a CRM System Peopleaiorguizflonaa Joe Bloggs fig. Ieadi, Priamiai. Potentiairererreri. cRoi, I v I Adq this :39 Close Summay Flee 0ppomInltio8(0) Casesio) Ed” LAST CONTACT 9 Dkectorat J BIoggsLtd 3 months 390 History About + Add background into E] Nab by Danny “mam on 29 May We spoke and discussed a future joint venture Tasks + Add C] Invite to healthcare seminar Thu. Sep 11
  15. 15. Export Contacts to a CRM System Eerlxelex_M8AJor_Eu-suttveLemonrn. A19:Momh_&ograrnloxtfixperieomiflolesslonals. - - - nections ‘ rimy prcfr: -ssncrmw Iii-3 smns ~. -/. ’.h n: ’.‘a! !hyr+; -i.1Ixon, <h pa 3;-o. z;. m». =4i ‘. iiy; xéof¢: ;;+-y: i.s§: iEm3;: M, ,,m, Semngs -‘ Linkedln » 2.-: .~. . ‘ vi 1. --vtI'= 0 Mivi.1*v:5h. “rJr. I (3 I , M; .__‘. .M, , _ ‘-I ) ‘"7" x_. __ V Connections > Keep In Touch > Pinwheel Icon > Advanced Settings
  16. 16. Pros: Easier to actively manage your Linkedln connections for | ead—gen > Less vulnerable to Linkedln changes > Contact list becomes yours / your company's
  17. 17. Vote now! Do You Use Linkedln for Lead—Generation? Yes, we regularly attract leads via Linkedln We occasionally attract new leads We're not attracting new leads but would love to know how We have no interest in using Linkedln for lead ’ generation
  18. 18. 3. Easier to get 'SWAI/ Imed' on Linkedln groups *'Site-Wide Auto Moderation‘
  19. 19. Don't be Spammy!
  20. 20. Lucy's top 4 Group tips: > Have a complete profile > Before posting, check recent group activity > Post to the right section (Discussion / promotion) Don't post the same thing every day - especially if it has been previously rejected!
  21. 21. Vote now! What information do you find most useful on groups? > Discussions that help me do my job > Links to news articles of interest > Jobs and business opportunities Press releases from from companies in my industry
  22. 22. 4. Products & Services Page Scrapped (E93 ICON plc A 5"l'lu. ‘lC1(Ic1¢<'II: ( Home Careers Products & Services Insight aztzspam iwi. w.lCONpb; .com ICON is a global provider ol outsourced development services to the pharmaceut-cal. biotechnology and medical device industries. We specialise in me strategic development, management and analysis of. we mom Recent Updates ICON plc Five things you need to know about Adaptive CIin: caI Research. Hear from Dr. Tim Clark VF’: SCIEHUHC Affairs, Drug Development Services a1ICGN. fl as: -so 5 Things you need to know about Adaptive Clinical ‘ ‘ ___- Research - ICON plc , “ ~ ---I 7: 5 things you need to Know aboutfiidaptive Clinical . . /
  23. 23. f Create Showcase Pages instead ZR 9.. -, ,.. V. __. eO"~‘ . _ L Follow 1’-’ I r Lonza Btoectence Souiione serves res-3a'ctt custonters global , ' in Followers pharmatzeutt-: al biopharnt . _I. ‘. ca‘ clot-3t: ltnology and personal care companies as I‘IIe| l as academic and government research institi; on: Website Industry l’l'. ,'J I-: r‘: a cont cu: -ti: -Le E'»: le: hnci’. :g, ‘ This is a Showcase Page by Lonza: A Global Leader In Life Sciences Showcase Page LOHZCI i Lonza: A Global Leader In Life Sctetices Lonza OC Testing Solutions +Fo’3,
  24. 24. Remember to budget!
  25. 25. 5. Status Updates No Longer Visible on Your Profile l Share with: Public : ‘
  26. 26. Pharma Guy 7“ Pharma Marketing Pundit. Publisher 8: CmefPnarn1aguy at PnarmaGu_v. com Greater Plnladeiphia Area Ivarketing and Advert sing Linkedln Publisher launched { A d§, ,9f instead Q “P Pharmasuy cc-m Ph: xrm.1 Markeiing Network '— . Physicians online. -Mediconsuli PIA Ltd 7' - ‘ ~- Columbia University Coiiege ofPny2ici.1ns and Surgeons Published by Pharma See more v . fi_ - ~ ¢r — ~ 5 . » , ‘ ‘ 5» “V LT‘. _ ‘. Craig DeLarge Leaves Bayer Accelerates My "| ce Bucket" Challenge: Pharma to Pursue New Grants4Apps Accelerator Donate to a Different. .. Career. .. Program ‘ i ‘r ; . pi‘ ,
  27. 27. Pulse cmtenewpgl Craig DeLarge Leaves Pharma to Pursue Newt. Pharma Guy e The E~sie“'. N» e" i Pharma Guy Pharma Marketing Pundit Publisher 8. Chief Pharmaguy at Phamiaeuy com Who's On Warpath To ll. Overtake Apple/ Ls the. .. W ‘ Sieve Tappin D _. we mugs egcepimnai we Craig De La rge Leaves Pharma to "—' Say Every Single Day _ _ _ Jewaoen in Pursue New Career in Digital Mental Netflix‘s Business Model is a House otcards: Here's Wh. . Beeicili Shah _ I (,1 455 ‘A 18 I: 8 m n ‘. Why you must always stand y°'" 9'°”"d i" fie Craig DeLarge. until yesterday, Global Leader Tanoop Sungha , ' Multichannel Marketing Strategy 8. Innovation at r" The came; Mym mm is Merck, announced his departure from the W Hurling Mllmnials pharmaceutical industry on his Facebook timellne. Dev Auila "Yesterday, " said Craig, ‘was my last day as #Global Don't Just Fall—Fall Better #
  28. 28. Use content to cm your prospects /
  29. 29. / ote now! Do You Share Content With Your Contacts? Every day vi}-Vveemy Monthly Never
  30. 30. 6. Linkedln Today replaced by Pulse Profile Connections Jobs Join Goo le Partne Companies ‘ Groups Education
  31. 31. Follow Channels relevant to your business Healthcare 1595 Jroroiiowers -’Fo| IowIng Dlqllal lnlcoratmn and Content Dcveloomcm Consullzil £ -6 I allow (1 9?0) Will the New Apple Smartwatch Be Your On-Call Medical Advisory Team? - SeD1ember8_ 2014 top i I-, -1Q;1R: _»i;9't1 Other Channels “. '.i--3 Scteiner Digtai lntegial on and {orient De-. -e1oarnenlCon3uitarit an Dam 8'9 W335 & Innovation ‘ " """"""'°""" Will the New Apple Smartwatch Be Your L”°""‘"'° 3' Ma"a°‘’'“‘’'" ; . ‘ " ‘ ' ~ On-Call Medical Advisory Team? Martel-no 5 mien-5-no " {<2-ti e I3 3L‘DJl ': —: i‘r'; a' JD me 3‘ I: irzc 3! . <l"il‘lII. 'al%-'l and izizlt rt’: -0.. -.‘t 999 "'0"-‘ ' an ‘:3 : N7 the lat)-': r iF"= m-2 '3 'l‘0(l-; ‘|E an} I: list Grow. Your Career By Following Raindance Partners
  32. 32. Follow lnfluencers that are relevant to your business l Ian C. Read = v- fllfluencer Charrman of the Board and Chief Executrve Officer at Pfrzer «- Blew Yon< New York Pnarmaceulrcals Pfizer -: now Ian (3 v 23_113 iionnecl ‘ . - = More lnfluencers Published by Ian C See more > 7 I _ _ _ * ‘. -. ) ' , - . , ' , . z ’ :1 Hunter Walk Partner at Honrebrew VC -rfmr ‘r’ouTube Go -6 Follow AN — ‘hr’ . » -' Grow Your Career By Following Beyond the Boomers: Facing Why Society Needs a Vibrant Shape Your Cullute, Shape Pfizer the Global Challenges. .. Phamwceutical. .. Your Company's Future “-43%
  33. 33. ‘.1. (Job search I ‘V1 j app ‘r . ~“ . if , i Slideshare E’ Recruiter Pulse app
  34. 34. In summary. .. > Use Linkedln Connections to manage your contacts > Consider exporting your contacts to a CRM > Don't promote yourself too overtly on Linkedln groups, to avoid getting 'Swammed' > Consider showcase pages - if you can maintain them > Stay in touch with contacts through Linkedln Publisher Stay up-to-date with industry developments through Linkedln Pulse > Use Ll mobile apps for on-the-go experience
  35. 35. Thank you! http: IIwvvw. brainstorm- cligital. co. ul<I our-guideslworksheet THE ULTIMATE WORKSHEET T0 JUMP-START YOUR FIRST LINKEDIN LEAD-GENERATION CAMPAIGN '/ -I yr BralnstormDigital ‘ A
  36. 36. Contact Us Lucy Muniz Miriam Shaviv ar. |inkedin. com/ in/ luciamuniz uk. linkedin. com/ in/ miriamshaviv/ |ucia. muniz@gmai| .com miriam@brainstorm-digital. co. uk Pharmaceutical and brainstorm-diglta| .co. uk Healthcare Marketing Linkedln Group