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B2B Marketing Operations Best Practices

  1. 0 Marketing operations best practices
  2. 11 74% buyers complete 60% of the buying journey before contacting a rep. (source:Forrester)
  3. 2 Unprecedented change in buying Source: Marketo
  4. 3 Marketing has more influence on the buying journey Marketing has control over the buying funnel Marketing hasmoreinfluence thanever
  5. 4 Complex customer journey
  6. 5 Tomakemarketing‘happen’,whorunsthemachinery?
  7. 6 The rise of the marketing operations function.
  8. 7 Marketingoperationsisresponsibleforthecaptureanddissemination ofmarketinginformationtotheenterprise,beitperformancemetrics, dataorstrategy/planningandinitiatives andbudgets,aswellasthe systemsandprocessesthathelpgeneratethisinformationina systematic,predictablefashion.Itdrivesbothvisibilityinto–and productivityfor–themarketingorganization,whichinturnbenefitsthe functionsthatworkwithmarketingonaregularbasis. SiriusDecisions
  9. 8 Scope of marketing operations • Ensure customer experience is optimized • Generate high quality demand • Measure what matters to the business and deliver insights to improve marketing. • Manage data • Ensure marketing is meeting the expectations of the business • Ensure environment is secure and protected from all threats • Approach to run programs and drive internal alignment to meet business objectives • Ensure the right people are working on the right tasks • Enable marketing teams to manage and execute digital programs with a self-service approach
  10. 9 Planning + Technology + Process + Analytics Scope of marketing operations
  11. 10 Leadsto..
  12. 11  Deliver scale to marketing  Processes that run marketing  Measure results  Accountability and outcomes Benefits
  13. 12 Marketing operations teams are struggling
  14. 13 1. Lack of organization alignment
  15. 14 2. Outcomes aren’t clear
  16. 15 3. Lack of insight… flying blind
  17. 16 Flying blind due to lack of insights 4. Overwhelmed
  18. 17 5. Lack of skills
  19. 18 theresult…
  20. 19 94% of customers have discontinued communication with a company because of irrelevant messages (source: Blue Research)
  21. 20 MARKETING
  22. 21 21 7 best practices 1. Organization alignment 2. Run digital infrastructure at scale 3. Enable organization with Insights 4. Governance to enable marketing 5. Generate demand at scale 6. Create a roadmap 7. Test & fail, and continuous improvement
  23. 22 Organization alignment Goal setting aligned with business objectives leads to accountability Running marketing systems Business objective
  24. 23 Organization alignment Goal setting aligned with business objectives leads to accountability And much more… Executive buy in Authority with accountability The right incentives
  25. 24 Organization alignment Clarity of scope. One size does not fill all. What’s in and what’s not? Run campaigns Run digital infrastructure Governance Analytics and insights
  26. 25 Run digital infrastructure at scale Cloud Data management Monitoring
  27. 26 Generate demand at scale Set up the demand generation infrastructure Processes, analytics and resources
  28. 27 Generate demand Set up a Demand Center - Allows you to respond to digital and marketing mix diversification - MAP is becoming core to B2B marketing - Content volume is growing rapidly Source: Globaldemandcentercom
  29. 28 Content Governance plan Security framework Digital Experience guidelines Target operating structure Governance
  30. 29 Enable Self Service Self service is the key to scale Focus on simplicity Governance is your friend in self service Marketing technology particularly campaign management and CMS should be easy to use
  31. 30 Marketing roadmap should executive the marketing strategy and marketing plan. Create a roadmap towards your maturity Model
  32. 31 Create a roadmap towards your maturity Model
  33. 32 Continuous improvement Training Test and fail Introduce improvement processes
  34. 33 Bringing in together
  35. 34 Connect with us 1-877-339-6264