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New england colonies

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New England

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New england colonies

  1. 1.  New Hampshire  Massachusetts  Rhode Island  Connecticut
  2. 2.  New Hampshire-founded in 1623 by Proprietors for trading and fishing reasons  Massachusetts-founded in 1620/1630 by the Pilgrims and Puritans for religious reasons  Rhode Island-founded in 1636 by Roger Williams for religious freedom  Connecticut-founded 1636 by the Puritans/Thomas Hooker for religious freedom and more land during the Great migration
  3. 3.  Subsistence farming  Shipbuilding industry  Waterpower  Grain and saw mills
  4. 4.  Operated under a direct democracy  Held town-hall meetings where each man could vote on topics that affected the community  Often guided by religion  Mayflower Compact- a contract written by the Pilgrims that had majority rule, self government, and the common good  Fundamental Orders of Connecticut- was the first Constitution and included voting rights
  5. 5.  Came to the colonies for religious freedom  Had very strict rules which were the cause of the Salem Witch Trials  Believed their ways were the best ways and they were ‘a city on a hill’