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SXSW 2017: How Do You Keep Your Company Human in 2030

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From the cubicles of “Office Space” to the culture of “Silicon Valley,” hard work went into building companies where team members are valued and don’t feel like cogs in a corporate machine. But what happens when machines start replacing them?

In the foreseeable future, the unprecedented rate of technological progress in AI, digitalization, AR/VR, and automation will once again force us to reimagine the definition of meaningful work. Every aspect of companies, from their culture to how they connect with customers, is going to be challenged.

Avoid “cog culture” - join us to learn what to do now to safeguard your company for decades to come.

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SXSW 2017: How Do You Keep Your Company Human in 2030

  1. 1. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw How Do You Keep Your Company Human in 2030? @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw
  2. 2. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw@helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw Answer: Hire people.
  3. 3. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw AI • Machine Learning • Robotics Automation • Market forces Competitive advantage • Costs Big data superpower • Capital efficiencies • Knowledge/team to implement • Labor augmentation Legal/regulation implications Production/ operation efficiencies NotthatEasy
  4. 4. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw Helen Todd Sociality Squared @helenstravels @Sociality2 Shane Mac Assist @shanemac @assist Michael Friedl Advantage Austria @mfriedl_nyc (tw) @Austria_in_US Joshua March Conversocial @joshuamarch @Conversoical #madebyhumans #sxsw
  5. 5. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw Visit: Enter: #madebyhumans
  6. 6. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw PollQuestions Who is afraid of losing their livelihood to machines? • No: I’m 100% confident my job is safe • Not really: It most likely won’t impact me • No Opinion • Kind of: It will likely impact me, but not substantially • Yes: I’m terrified that my job is replaceable by machines
  7. 7. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw PollQuestions • What percentage of the current jobs in your company will be replaced by machines? • 5% • 25% • 50% • 75% • 95%
  8. 8. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw Economists forecast the likelihood of wage earners who will lose their jobs to automation are: • 4% $40 per hour or more • 31% Up to $40 per hour • 83% $20 per hour or less Economic Report of the President, Feb 2016
  9. 9. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw Assumptions • We’re on the precipice of the most disruptive and transformative change in technological progress we’ve ever experienced before. • It’s coming despite populism shifts and whether or not you are prepared for it. • Everyone in this audience will be impacted by it. • AI, automation, and robotics will replace jobs. • AI, automation, and robotics will create new job opportunities. • Some humans don’t do well with change. • Not all of us are doing meaningful work now. • Humans are valuable.
  10. 10. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw 2004 service economy 2017 knowledge economy 2030 ??? economy #madebyhumans #sxsw
  11. 11. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw Rate of Acceleration @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw
  12. 12. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw@helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw The Goal Meaningful Work?
  13. 13. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw Two Outcomes Dystopian • AI Takes Over Humans • Increased Wealth Gap • Cog work and/or no work • Worst-case capitalism: Work more, paid less, worse work/life balance • Value of human work decreases; labor force will get cheaper as jobs disappear Utopian • AI + Humans = Better • All Rise • Meaningful work and/or universal income • Post-capitalism: Don’t have to work -> Move to just creating/philosophizing • Value of human work increases #madebyhumans #sxsw
  14. 14. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw Stakeholders • Government • Company Shareholders, Partners, Employees, Algorithm • Media • Society • Family • Individual
  15. 15. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw Humanity in Your Company Internal • Company Culture Location, Company Structure, Team, Etc. • Brand/Marketing • Customer Service • Policy engagement External • Perception • Tech • Environment • Migration • Aging Population • Politics & Economic Policies • Trade • Competition #madebyhumans #sxsw
  16. 16. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw Does humanity matter?
  17. 17. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw $$$ #madebyhumans #sxsw Value-sharing over the bottom line
  18. 18. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw Training/Re-education • Absolutely crucial • Current education system isn’t equipped • Who’s responsibility? • No one / market forces • Government • Companies • Philanthropists / Non-profit • Family
  19. 19. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw • Embrace – Embrace AI, but don’t try to move too fast • E.g. Start with scheduling app – Think augment • Evaluate – Your company, values, and brand; how will this impact your company? Decide how you will approach. • Educate – Plan to retrain – yourself, your company – Integrate learning into your company culture • Invest – Hire with inclusiveness in mind. Invest in diversity of thought, location, background, etc. • Structure – What’s your organizational structure going to be? H • Adapt – Be open to a change, externally and internally Prepare
  20. 20. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw Questions?
  21. 21. @helenstravels @shanemac @mfriedl_nyc @joshuamarch #madebyhumans #sxsw Please rate us!
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