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Robb Wolfson
Multnomah County Citizen Involvement Committee

Presented at the IAP2 Cascade Chapter
Public Meeting SOS 3.0 workshop
Vancouver, WA, December 9, 2011

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  1. 1. What is the Multnomah County CitizenInvolvement Committee?MISSION: works with county officials and the communityto facilitate and enhance opportunities for citizenparticipation and input into county decision-making. • created in 1984 by Multnomah County voters • 15-member panel of volunteers from throughout the county • supported by professional staff in the Office of Citizen Involvement
  2. 2. Recent Projects & Initiatives• Citizen Budget Advisory Committees• Community Budget Forums• Department Review Programs• Volunteer Recognition• Neighborhood Association/Community Group Recognition• Diversity Outreach Workshops
  3. 3. So what’s collabro-dating?• Guides conversations to encourage multiple parties to reach mutually beneficial collaborations that lead to actions• Series of ?’s guide the parties• Can take place in 1-on-1 or group settings• Time sessions or rounds used to match up participants• Format adjustable based on # of participants and conversations desired, available time, goals for tracking results, and expectations for follow-up• Generally, ?’s direct participants to introduce themselves; discuss resources, needs and what they have in common; and identify specific actions with mutual benefits
  4. 4. Collabro-dating QuestionsWho are we? What do we each need?What do we each do? What can we offer each other?How are we each collaborating now? What similarities do we share? HOW CAN WE HELP EACH OTHER?
  5. 5. Volunteer with citizen advisory committees!For more information visit: or call 503-988-3450