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7 Steps to Attract, Motivate & Retain Top Talent

  1. Deliver the truth (Good, Bad, and Ugly)
  2. Present the outcomes that solutions deliver
  3. Chason Hecht, President, Retensa
  4. Gretchen Shugart, CEO, TheaterMania

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  1. Examples of Key Performance Metrics (Operational, Business, or HR):Revenue per EmployeeUnits/EmployeeAverage Tenure of Current EmployeesAverage Tenure of Separating EmployeesExperience LossCost per HireOvertime RatioTotal Cost of Management
  2. SegmentationTurnover Distribution
  3. I may be an employee retention expert but I am here to tell you, you do not retain everyone. You DO NOT retain everyone.Retensa’s Retention Strategy ApproachRetensa’s approach to creating a Retention Strategy is illustrated in this diagram. It compliments our renowned Employee Life-Cycle Framework in specifically forming the strategy and action plans to reduce turnover and retain top talent. Knowing only two aspects may allow an organization to temporarily attract, or recruit, or motivate staff, but it will provide limited ability to retain employees long-term. Only with all three perspectives streaming real-time into decision making, and longitudinally correlated over the employee Life-Cycle, can an organization intentionally and repeatedly retain top talent.Why they join – New hire surveysWhy they stay – Employee Engagement surveys, Stay InterviewsWhy they leave – Exit Interviews