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Games brings happiness

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Happiness is ultimate goal of everyone's life and game is one of the best method to achieve happiness in everyone's life.

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Games brings happiness

  1. 1. GAMES Happiness For You
  2. 2. In the learning process of Children/Games surpasses all other methods of learning. Stories pictures have slowly been taken over by virtual games which uses visual, aural and even physical movement. That is the power of games. Happiness For You
  3. 3. Parents should provide Games as Gaming is a very important activity amongst children. It can increase sharpness, promote Psycho motor skills, improve language goal setting and positively engage children. Happiness For You
  4. 4. More research and work should be done on developing games that promote the seeds of Happiness as Gratitude, Love, Kindness empathy Compassion Respect and so on. Happiness For You
  5. 5. At present most of the virtual games are on violence, gunning and that is what covertly we are teaching the children. Indirectly we are making them more aggressive, more violent, incidences of which we all have seen. Happiness For You
  6. 6. Now a positive note if we can develop games promoting or teaching violence and gunning we can also do the reverse. Happiness For You
  7. 7. The Globe is very rich on the themes on which future games can be developed for instance we have the Panchantantra stories in India all having strong moral teachings. There may be many many more though out the Globe. Happiness For You
  8. 8. We wish to create a World Repository on the different types of games prevalent across the globe. We call upon all parents and Youth to contribute, to engage, to share and to be benefited by the cross Cultural exchanges. Happiness For You
  9. 9. Happiness For You for more information visit Happiness For You
  10. 10. Happiness For You for more information visit Happiness For You