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Evaluation 4

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Evaluation 4

  1. 1. How did you use mediatechnologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Photoshop was a key tool used in my construction process of all three products.I used it in the trailer to create production titles, film titles and end credits. The advantages ofusing Photoshop in the trailer is that it was quick and easy to use and I could import the sameimage over again without it changing but could also alter the image but change the text. Forexample ‘COMING SOON’ was done in the same font and style as the logo and I did this byuploading the film title onto Photoshop and changing the text.In the ancillary products I used Photoshop to create the whole product so was an essential toolfor me.The poster was created in Photoshop simply by uploading the image, darkening the edges andthen adding text. Using Photoshop for this has been a great help as I now have moreexperience in Photoshop so I could be more adventurous. Had I not used Photoshop I wouldhave had to hand draw it, or use other software which I wouldn’t know how to use and itwouldn’t have looked how I wanted it to.The magazine again was entirely created on Photoshop and this allowed me to create the coverexactly how I wanted it. Photoshop offered a wide range of effects and tools to allow me tocreate the most professional looking cover I could.
  3. 3. The photos I refer to were taken on either a Fisheye camera or a Canon DSLR.These cameras were used for the photography side of the project.I used the fisheye camera to take photos through out filming and then used a photofrom it for my magazine cover. It was easy to use as it is just like a film cameraalthough I had to go and get them developed which is more time consuming thansimply uploading the card memory onto the computer.The DLSR camera was also used throughout filming and gave a completley differentlook to the fish eye results. I used photos from this on my poster and they came outwith a sharp and vibrant image which was good. I also used several photos on thetrailer after using the ‘fast burst’ effect where it takes several photos directly aftereach other. This gave a nice effect of almost a static film.
  4. 4. Canon legria m029 is what I used to film the actual footage. It is a handheld cameraso it was relatively easy to use and I could take it on the skateboard to follow Harrywith ease. It also had good sound quality even though I didn’t really need much soundto be recorded. I hadn’t had much experience in filming, or filing with this kind ofcamera but it was easy to use and produced decent results.
  5. 5. iMovie was the primary software I used to edit my footage. I could easily uploadall footage, separate the good footage from the bad, and edit with details suchas altering speed, altering the contrast and saturation of each clip, merging twoclips together. Also, the music editing on iMovie allowed me to do everything Iwanted, cropping the music and fading it in and out. Overall I am happy with theoutcome and the ease of iMovie.
  6. 6. Youtube was a key part in my research as it allowed me to view other skating videosand analyse these real media products, as well as observe cinematography and use of music.Not only was it essential in my research stages but I used it to upload my work in both the production stages and evaluation stages. It is a free, quick and easy to use site that has been helpful throughout the project.
  7. 7. I used vimeo to upload my products as it is a high quality video streamingwebsite and I believe had the best quality in both visual and sound so I usedthis over Youtube and other video streaming websites. Google Docs was used in my research and feedback stages of the project as it allowed me to create surveys and results regarding my product. This was helpful as it was quick and easier to use than typing it all out on a word processor and then analyzing the results and showing them in a chart or creating a handwritten questionnaire when Google Docs could do it much easier and clearer.
  8. 8. Slidesnack, slideshare and flipsnack are virtual documents so Iused them to present my work in research and evaluating. Theyare free, quick to use and provide a neat and efficient way ofshowing work from PowerPoint presentations to worddocuments. is where we have been uploading all of our work, like an online portfolio. This website has allowed me to present my work and ideas in a variety of different ways, in a clear layout so I can see my development throughout the project. Also, I have been able to show people my products easily by sending them my blog link so I can get feedback and respsones fast.
  9. 9. iTunes was used to import the music I wanted to use to iMoviewhere it can be put into the main product. I simply bought thetwo songs used and they were then in my library, available toimport to iMovie using straightforward steps.