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Future of work, Role of Technology and Impact on the HR profession (al) 2020

  1. Future of work, role of technology and impact on the HR profession (al)
  2. SECTION 1 Future of Work
  3. Can’t Predict the Future ! 3 Don’t think anyone can…… So what do we do ? Keep your ears to the ground , listen to your customers/clients , people and ecosystem and focus on how you add value . Use technology to be glued in. Think Special Forces, The big Brother, in a positive sense !!
  4. Here are a few educated guesses ! 4 Authenticity will be key (Being brutally honest about the situation) Will result in greater levels of co creation and undoubtedly trust Uncertainty is here to stay
  5. AI and Machine Learning 5 The pace of AI and machine learning will increase exponentially Decision making will become hybrid Machines will think through patterns and make predictions and people will need to take decisions Internet will become a public utility (mandatory resource) like electricity
  6. Accelerated Change 6 Changes that companies were contemplating about and nibbling around for long would be accelerated at hitherto unheard-of paces and scale Illus TCS work from home 25/25 in 25 • Organisation structures will flatten , Decision structures will collapse • Some employees will have a disproportionate leverage than others Work life balance will be the default mode
  7. SECTION 2 Impact on the HR profession (al)
  8. Increasing Demands 8 People decisions will be more and more based on data and insights rather than gut , perceptions and intuition (current estimates say its 10-30 %) Employees will demand and expect highly personalised experiences. The demand will be on doing more with less.
  9. Focus on behaviours and Culture 9 More and More HR processes will be automated especially all transactional tasks across sub functions This will result in the HR professional becoming the custodian of “ Desired Behaviour “ HRs role will also be to provide managers with the right tools to intervene proactively . Think about it, what is AI really doing . Its trying to predict and then pre-empt/influence behaviour
  10. Facilitator and enabler 10 HR will be the facilitator and enabler of 1. Real time skills employees 2. Employee collaboration* 3. Mental health * 4. Physical fitness * to ensure business results I believe 2 ,3 and 4 will be a major focus in the next few years because of Covid 19
  11. Workforce Composition 11 Three categories of employees • Permanent , Gig , Machine (Robots/AI) • Working out of In co premises, client premises, Homes and a combination Identifying and hiring /contracting /developing the right skill sets increasingly challenging Ensuring quality of Gig workers will be a priority (platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Noble House) Employment contracts will become more personalised.
  12. Emotional intelligence & relationships 12 • Importance of “People and Relationships “ Pace of digitalization • Emotional intelligence will be a critical skill not just for senior and middle management but for all employees. • Self-awareness, Self Confidence, Self-regulation, Empathy and social skills • Integration of this into all aspects of people management and using technology to enable • Helping people build social skills at scale (due to distributed working) a priority
  13. Mind-set shift 13 • Stop creating the Mythical Perfect HR system • Policies will be far more dynamic • Assessment of impact of HR initiatives would be in real time • HR will be far more accountable for Results (Business and People) than just processes
  14. Impact on skills needed by HR professional 14 • Dealing with the government and unions • Skills to design and run processes that co-create the future • Relationship building and innovation at the point of experience • Ability to listen and be agile • Digital competence will be mandatory. Skills like data fluency , statistics , analytics , data usage • Skills to assess and evaluate market offerings and technology
  15. HR career paths 15 • HR Tech will become a career path: Ability to design, evaluate, and deploy technology enabled people processes • Managing employee experience will become a career path, just like you have teams managing customer experience. This will require high levels of collaboration with AI to use insights • Supporting and sustaining change will be a specialist path • HR Functional clusters like C&B, training, HR ops will give way to these paths ↓
  16. SECTION 3 Current trends in HR technology & digitalisation of HR
  17. Collaboration around platforms 17 Technologies that align with the Future of Work. Standalone HR systems are being replaced by Core HR platforms . Eg Workday ( with ability to plug in ). Everybody is now making apps that can collaborate The challenge for the HR professional is to pick and choose the appropriate one for their context !!! Just look at the choice that’s available !!
  18. Talent acquisition 18 Candidate screening and matching technology is evolving fast IBM Watson recruitment express is a good example • Matches score: analyzes the requisition to determine required, preferred, and soft skills • Requisition prioritization: Provides a recommended priority for each requisition so recruiters know where they should focus their time. • Social listening: Aggregates employer reviews from one or more third-party sites to provide a view of employee sentiment for the organization or competitors.
  19. Usage of Chatbots 19 • Chatbots used for screening applicants in high volume roles, scheduling interviews, and answering common questions • Companies like Mcdonald, Ikea are using this extensively • Olivia is a chatbot from a company called Paradox that engages with prospective candidates • IBM Watson Candidate Assistant helps prospective candidate choose the right roles
  20. Usage of Chatbots ( Contd..) 20 • Chat-bots are also helping streamline employee queries and increase engagement • Amber from Infeedo a “Predictive People Analytics” tool is an employee experience chatbot. Finds those who are unhappy , disengaged and about to leave • Being used to provide real time answers to employee queries , that too customised responses • Chia from ramco is a Personal assistant at work
  21. Self directed career planning 21 • AI tools are suggesting roles and projects and helping employees take their career planning in their own hands • Gloat is an AI based internal talent marketplace that is used by global majors like Unilever, Schneider electric • Fuel50 is a similar tool that has been reviewed and case document by John Bersin
  22. Personalized development 22 • 2 interesting apps that sit nicely with each other….. Running successfully at Tata communications. Degreed and Its your skills (IYS ) • Its your skills : Skills Ontology based API • Degreed , Connects people and internal learning and talent systems to all the resources they use to learn millions of courses, videos, articles, books, podcasts and experts from thousands of sources, including your LMS. Degreed curates and pushes content that's relevant, timely and on-demand • Leadx & Leaderamp are two AI tools that help managers with coaching
  23. Creating an “immersive learning experience” 23 • Striver is a platform that’s is using VR in Hiring, onboarding, interview training. Giving feedback, Difficult conversations • ‘Immersive Learning,’ where individuals are placed in an interactive learning environment, virtually, to replicate possible scenarios and learn skills • Walmart has been using this extensively since fall 2018 to all of its nearly 4,700 stores nationwide, deploying more than 17,000 headsets to reach one million associates Think pilot training and you know what it is !
  24. Gamification 24 • OrgLynx is a mobile app meant to gamify the new hire onboarding process • Employees complete interactive challenges along a self guided path • An engaging set of activities ranging from : Snap Photos, Surveys, Quizzes, GPS Check-ins, Scan QR Codes, Record Video Check this one out for sure!
  25. Future of HR 25 • HR Will become more important and valued, because of the visible impact on business, which is data and insights driven • HR won’t anymore be the last agenda in board meetings/executive decisions. • Tools are easier to buy. Culture is difficult to build and still needs the human mind to curate and nurture it!
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