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Building a customer centric organisation

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This presentation shows the building blocks for a customer-centric organisation! Get a FREE copy of my latest book on customer centric process leadership at and connect with me at

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Building a customer centric organisation

  1. 1. Building a Customercentric Organisation
  2. 2. Customer Centric Transformation Change methods are evolving rapidly and with good reason. Currently accepted “best practice” approaches miss opportunity and simply take too long to be truly effective in an agile work environment. The latest wave of Customer Centricity is designed to create a mind shift in approach to solving a company’s most pressing problems, focusing on the Outcome and working backwards.
  3. 3. How to create a Customer-Centric culture… Best Practice Next Practice Symptom, defect, pain Cause of Work, Point of Failure Corporate Agenda, Customer Outcome Complex Appropriately Simple Measures of Success Internal and related to problem Corporate Success Measures Process specific KPIs Change Methods Slow, complex, foster resistance Rapid, domain of all, inclusive People Controlled Empowered Common focus Structure Hierarchy/ Functional Team Systems Prescriptive Adaptive Internal Activities Customer Outcomes End of chain Segmented, Outside Organisation Inclusive Individual, Outcome Focus Extrapolating the past Extending the Customer Experience Domain of the “gifted” few “Hit and Miss” and often no focus Expanding the Customer Experience Potentially the domain of all Change Focus Processes Measurement Role of Customer Preparing for the Future Innovation
  4. 4. Outside-In vs. Inside-Out Company Outside-In = Customer Centric Inside-Out = Organization Centric  Decisions are made based on market and opportunities for advantage.  We will sell to anyone who wants to buy from us.  Profits are gained through a superior value proposition.  Profits are gained through cost cutting and efficiency improvements.  Customer knowledge is a valuable asset and channels are value-adding partners.  Customer data are a control mechanism and channels are conduits.  We know more than our competitors.  Competitors are doing it, so it must be good thing.  Customers buy the expectation of benefits.  Protect the cash flow stream.  Quality is defined by customers as ”fitness for use”.  Customers buy performance features.  The best ideas come from living with customers.  Quality is conformance to internal standards.  Customer loyalty is appreciated.  Expanding the customer base.
  5. 5. How to structure your organisation? Target Customers Successful Customer Outcomes Outcomes Outputs Activities / Tasks Activity / task Outcome Output Activity / task Activity / task Successful Customer Outcome Activity/Task Outcome The Customer Output Activity / Task Successful Customer Outcome Outcome Output Activity / Task This is a way to structure your organisation based on the customer. This will lead us from the successful customer outcomes towards everything that is done in an organisation…  Does this approach challenge how we move from “best practice” to “next practice”?  Is the division of staff customer or silo focused?
  6. 6. Companies doing it well…
  7. 7. The results you get when the customer is put at the centre of business… The most successful organisations align every aspect of their business to the customer to achieve: Decreased costs Improved customer experience & satisfaction Increased and new revenue opportunities Smaller customer churn & higher commitment Higher NPS – Easier to sell to new customers Higher customer lifetime value More committed personnel
  8. 8. A new wave of Customer Centricity through Outside-In thinking Outside-In thinking is a way of managing an organisation by understanding and delivering Successful Customer Outcomes!
  9. 9. Food for thought… “If you use standard research methods you will have the same insights as everyone else!” “Customer Service shouldn’t be a department, it should be the entire company!” “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results!” “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, it is those most responsive to change!”
  10. 10. Get a FREE book!
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