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Streamlining the Hiring Process Power Point

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Streamlining the Hiring Process Power Point

  1. 1. Streamlining the Hiring Process
  2. 2. Richard Smith’s Automated System for Assistant Applicants 1- Post the ad (craigslist, etc.) 2- Respond with canned email “Congratulations you have made it to Round 2 in our hiring process. Please call this # and answer the 2 questions. Thank you and best of luck!” 3- Listen to the calls 4- Send the DISC profile to top candidates 5- Schedule a time to meet
  3. 3. Step 1- The Setup • • • Set up a separate Gmail account – for example – (You will put this address in your Craigslist ad - Do not use an existing account!) Set up a Google voice # Set up the new account to come directly to your phone, so you can see when someone calls in
  4. 4. The Set-up Record message Google voice Voice Message: "Thank you for applying for the assistant position at our mortgage company. Please follow these directions exactly. Leave your full name and phone number where we can reach you and then answer these 2 questions: 1. What is your #1 quality? 2. Why do you feel you are a good fit for our real estate company? Thank you and good luck!"
  5. 5. The Set up • Create a canned response that says: “Congratulations you have made it to Round 2 in our hiring process. If you haven’t already done so, please call this # and answer these 2 questions. 1. What is your #1 quality? 2. Why do you feel you are a good fit for our real estate company? Thank you and best of luck!”
  6. 6. Step 2 - Post Ad • • • Craigslist – Real Estate, Banking, Admin Facebook – As a post on your newsfeed (shows your database that you are successful too) Anywhere else that gets traffic
  7. 7. Richard’s Example------Full Time Administrative- Assistant/ Phone Expert Needed A Katy Texas Mortgage Team is looking for a Full-Time Admin Assistant Phone Expert and Assistant in our office. Someone who is a self-starter, an efficient multi-tasker, great with people, has a positive attitude and loves working. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE LAST LINE You LOVE talking to people and have impeccable phone skills. You are a quick thinker and are able to handle multiple scenarios at one time. You are great at follow-up. You pay attention to detail and stay on top of tasks with ease. Chances are you're an organization whiz. You should also have excellent technical skills and are fast to learn your way through a new software. Navigating the internet, including all Social Media sites, should be something you can do in your sleep. Quick to learn and eager to stay at the front of the pack. This position will require you to be on the phone for long periods of time, making many calls throughout the day as well as answering a multi-line telephone. You should be outgoing and easy to talk to and start a conversation with. ONLY apply if you are committed to work full-time and want to be part of a fast-growing team who really cares about their clients. If you’re interested in joining our team, please email your resume and cover letter to: (your dedicated email address) and then call (your Google phone number) and answer the following two questions. 1. What is your #1 quality? 2. Why do you feel you are a good fit for our mortgage company?
  8. 8. Step 3 – Listen to Calls and Respond Send mass email "BCC" back to only applicants that sounded like good candidates Email subject line: Congratulations! You made it to Round 3 in the Hiring process Body of email: Good Morning! Thank you so much for applying for the Administrative/ Phone expert position with my mortgage company. Please click on the link below and complete the DISC personality profile. Once completed, email all results to this email address. We will have someone from our office contact you to schedule a time to come in for a live interview. Good Luck! Click here to complete the DISC profile:
  9. 9. Remember, The potential candidates still do not know who you are.... Do not have an email signature on the new Gmail account when you send this email.
  10. 10. Step 4 - Look over resume's • • Only look at the applicants that have followed these steps Call references
  11. 11. Step 5- Call References • • • WITH 3 REFERENCES, HAVE A PHONE CONVERSATION WITH AT LEAST 2 PAY ATTENTION TO THE TONE, NOT JUST CONTENT Ask the reference: “if the person (job applicant) could have been more effective, what could he/she have done differently? IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL FOR REFERENCE: “I WOULD APPRECIATE A CALL BACK ONLY IF YOU FEEL THIS PERSON IS EXCEPTIONAL.” ....if the reference truly believes in the candidate, they will return the call quickly. If you dont hear back, well.....
  12. 12. Step 6- Invite Candidate for live interview Only after you follow all of these steps.... AND they have jumped through all the hoops!!!!! Like my mentor always says: " We don't sell pencils!” don't hire like we do!
  13. 13. Live Interview Questions NAME: DATE: • What is your greatest weakness?_______________________ • What is your greatest strength?_______________________ • Describe your work style __________________________ • Do you take work home with you? ____________________ • How do you describe the pace at which you work? __________________
  14. 14. Live Interview Questions • • Continued What motivates you? _____________________________ How do you handle stress & pressure?_____________________ • What are you passionate about? _________________________ • What are your pet peeves? __________________ • What has been the greatest disappointment in your work life?____________ • What has been your greatest achievement? _________________________
  15. 15. Live Interview Questions INTERVIEW QUESTIONS • If people who know you were asked why you should be hired, what would they say? _______________________________ • Do you prefer to work independently or on a team? What type of work environment do you prefer?_______________________________________ • Give some examples of teamwork:________________________________
  16. 16. Live Interview Questions INTERVIEW QUESTIONS • If you knew your boss is 100% wrong about something, how would you handle it?________________________________ • Describe a difficult work situation/project & how you overcame it:______________________________________________________ • Describe a time when your workload was heavy & how you handled it:_______________________________ • If I asked your previous coworkers for key words to describe you, what would they say? _________________________________________
  17. 17. Shut Up & Listen When interviewing, shut up and listen! Don’t start telling about your company until you have already decided that this is a potential person that you want on your team.