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Entrepreneurial Leadership: Innovation, financing & Team building

A slide deck presented at the Growth and M&A Intelligence Forum held in Mumbai, Dec 13 2013.

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Entrepreneurial Leadership: Innovation, financing & Team building

  1. 1. Blume Ventures Entrepreneurial Leadership: Innovating, Financing, and Team Building Sanjay Nath, Blume Ventures December 13, 2013 Mumbai.
  2. 2. Innovating Blume Ventures •  Swinging for extraordinary outcomes •  The Superhero oath (“I fail and fail again – till I succeed) •  Failing intelligently (early experimentation leads to large scale successes later) •  Innovation & Silicon Valley is a state of mind •  Obsess not with how cool technology is, but whose pain points are solved and how much/quickly they will pay Private and Confidential 2
  3. 3. Financing Blume Ventures •  @vkhosla: “Most investors spend most of their time trying not to lose money – and then some time trying to make money” •  Early experimental capital followed by very large scale capital •  Balance of art plus science (repeatable, scaleable success) •  Industry disruptions: angelist, crowdfunding, x-border investing Private and Confidential 3
  4. 4. Team building (and Entre. Leadership) Blume Ventures Example: Inmobi •  Make decisions with 20% of the data and adapt fast •  A players hire As: hire better than yourself •  Locate where fastest user adoption is ASAP •  Tackle competition “from the flanks” •  Go global (where applicable) day 1, keeping ego aside and onboarding sr overseas sales-BD resources sooner than later Private and Confidential 4
  5. 5. India  The “Mobile First” Digital Economy will kick in (very) soon Source: Qualcomm, KPCB Report
  6. 6. Innovation & India’s growth story Blume Ventures Mobile explosion in India! •  Mobile-only, mobile-first •  The internet of things •  Video-on-mobile growing exponentially •  A new generation of entrepreneur-role models emerging Mobile: Inmobi, Gupshup, Adnear, Qubecell Others: Flipkart, Redbus, Mu Sigma, Zomato Private and Confidential 6