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España (A summary about the exchange week)

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España (A summary about the exchange week)

  1. 1. WE WENT TO AGUILAR DE CAMPOO SPAIN On Tuesday the 20th of May 2014 Caleb, Brooke, Izzy, Marcus, Eddie and I went to Spain along with Richard, Mary, Helen and Penny. We left school at 8:45am and travelled to London Stansted Airport by car. It took us over two hours to reach the airport and Richard went to sleep!!! We went through the security checks and waited for a couple of hours in the Duty-free Shops. We bought stuff and played on the i-pads in the electrical shop. We ate our lunch in the airport and got a bit bored. Our flight was at 1:50pm and we landed in Santander Airport Spain roughly two hours later. We hung around the train station until our train came at about 5:30pm – 6:00pm. We spent at least another two hours on the train before we arrived in Aguilar where we were whisked off by our host families.
  2. 2. People Each of us was staying with a different family. I was staying with Lucia Calderon. The only problem was that it was very hard to communicate with her parents because they spoke hardly any English!!! It didn’t matter to them if I didn’t like the food (which was a great help.) I met Lucia’s Grandmother and she was really nice. She was very caring and affectionate. She was also a very good cook!
  3. 3. The Caves of the French People We visited The Caves of the French People and they were really creepy. The rocks had formed shapes, faces and body parts due to Calcium Carbonate. When water drips down it forms these scary shapes. They are called The Caves of the French People because during a battle between the Spanish and the French the Spanish threw the dead French solders down the only entrance to the caves in those times: a hole in the ceiling. More recently, sheep have fallen down the hole whilst grazing so they built a protective wall around the hole and covered the top with a grating but it still lets light into the caves below.
  4. 4. Weird and Wonderful There were lots of weird and wonderful things including: A massive black slug The class’s Turtle Bats!!!
  5. 5. There are lots of beautiful landscapes in Spain. There is lots of beautiful countryside swathed in flowers and trees. These pictures show only a few of the magnificent scenes that we saw. There are also lots of stunning lakes and rivers. Landscapes
  6. 6. Thank You For Watching!!!
  7. 7. Other Things The journey on the way back was much the same though I forgot to mention that both ways we caught a bus from the airport to the train station in Spain. The only difference was that on the way back we spent ages drinking very sugary hot chocolate at the train station (Sugar Rush!!!!)and spending at least two hours at the Santander Duty-free which consisted of a shop and a cafe!!! The food was OK but they kept giving us Spanish traditional food which we didn’t necessarily like!!! Video Links;