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Ancient Chinese Civilizations: The River Dynasties

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This is a brief overview of the earliest civilizations in Chinese history -- the Xia, Shang, and Zhou -- also dubbed the "River Dynasties".

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Ancient Chinese Civilizations: The River Dynasties

  1. 1. CIVILIZATIONS: CHINA Araling Panlipunan 8
  2. 2. NOTES ON USAGE Last updated: November 24, 2016 This teacher-made slideshow presentation was intended for high school students in a public school setting and should be utilized in a manner consistent with Fair Use.
  4. 4. NATURAL BARRIERS East: Yellow Sea East China Sea Pacific Ocean Mountain Ranges Desert West: Taklimakan Desert Tibet Plateau Southwest: Himalayas North: Gobi Desert Mongolian Plateau
  5. 5. RIVER SYSTEMS Huang He or Yellow River loess Yangtze or Chang Jiang
  6. 6. LOESS Definition yellowish silt deposit which is rich and fertile Word History: Patterns of Interaction
  7. 7. ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES o Huang He’s floods could be disastrous. “China’s Sorrow” o relative geographic isolation, trade was difficult o natural boundaries did not completely protect settlers from outsiders, invasions
  8. 8. PEKING MAN o Southwest China, fossil remains dating 1.7 million years ago o Homo erectus “Peking Man” in northern China river valleys dated to 500,000 years ago
  10. 10. DYNASTY Definition Ruled by a king/queen (emperor/ empress) who comes from a continuous ruling family Crash Course
  11. 11. DYNASTY Definition Crash Course
  12. 12. XIA DYNASTY Yu His flood control and irrigation projects helped tame the Huang He and its tributaries so that settlements could grow. engineer mathematician Based on legend, and most likely fictional
  13. 13. SHANG DYNASTYFirst dynasty to keep historical records, considered to be the first dynasty in China
  14. 14. SHANG DNYASTY earliest writing is found on oracle bones
  15. 15. Anyang capital SHANG DNYASTY Wu Ding Fu Hao Wu Ding was one of the emperors during the Shang Dynasty
  16. 16. SHANG DNYASTY Fu Hao • a consort (one of the wives) of Wu Ding • a wife, military leader, politician and shaman Fu Hao’s tomb has yielded over a hundred weapons. This is very unusual for a woman’s tomb, and shows her status as a military leader. In all there were around 2000 items buried with Fu Hao. Among these there are 468 bronzes, 750 jades, 560 of bone and over 110 of stone and semi-precious stone. Over six thousand cowrie shells were buried with her also – these would have served as currency in the Shang period.
  17. 17. ZHOU DYNASTYstarted the Classical Age of China transition to the Iron Age mandate of heaven by acting in a virtuous manner, a person could gain Heaven’s rewards; for emperors, heaven would bless them with the right to rule
  18. 18. ZHOU DYNASTY Hundred Schools of Thought Name given to philosophers and schools that flourished during this period
  19. 19. QIN DYNASTY • first imperial dynasty (empire + dyna • united the different states under one
  20. 20. REFERENCES Beck, Roger B. (2009). World History: Patterns of Interaction. Evanston, IL: McDougal Littell. The British Museum. “The Tomb of Lady Fu Hao”. The British Museum. Retrieved from 7pdf.pdf