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Quainton Memorial Hall Showcase 2015 presentation

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Quainton Memorial Hall 10th anniversary presentation shown at the showcase event held in October 2015

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Quainton Memorial Hall Showcase 2015 presentation

  1. 1. QUAINTON SHOWCASE 2015 and 10th birthday celebration
  2. 2. In the beginning:
  3. 3. Built to commemorate the 1914-18 war dead
  4. 4. And later the war dead of 1939-145
  5. 5. The original wooden Memorial Hall was opened in 1924. The porch was a later addition.
  6. 6. A children’s party in the old hall
  7. 7. After 80 years of service to Quainton, the building was worn out and beyond economic repair In 2000 we decided we needed a new hall So we started fund raising And we had a lot FUN fundraising!! Here are some of the events that helped raise over £50,000
  8. 8. Ferret Racing
  9. 9. The Moroccan Evening
  10. 10. The evening includes belly dancing
  11. 11. And the famous sand dance
  12. 12. Barn Dance
  13. 13. Music at Brudenell House
  14. 14. Sometimes it rained!
  15. 15. John Bercow hosted an evening at Westminster. We got there in spite of the bus getting lost and breaking down!!
  16. 16. F R ID AY 7 . 3 0 p m 2 5 Ap r il QUAINTON MEMORIAL HALL Tickets £9 incl hot supper on sale in Quainton Village Stores or phone 651886
  17. 17. The hall is prepared for demolition
  18. 18. Checking what is underground
  19. 19. Demolition begins
  20. 20. Building of the new hall begins
  21. 21. Almost finished
  22. 22. Ready for use in October 2005
  23. 23. Official Opening Sunday 4 December 2005
  24. 24. In aid of Quainton Memorial Hall New Year's Eve Party 2007 at Quaint on M emorial H all 8 t il L at e L i v e m u s i c f r o m W i l d 3 c o u r s e m e a l , c o f f e e L i c e n s e d b a r Dress smart casual Tick ets£ 25 if bought before12th December, £ 30after Tickets available from Nick Heirons tel 651886 or Only 30 tickets left , so book now befor e it is too late! We carried on fund raising.
  25. 25. New Years Eve Party
  26. 26. New year’s Eve Party team
  27. 27. Many weddings are celebrated here
  28. 28. Other events include …. Bellfest
  29. 29. Thursday Coffee Mornings
  30. 30. Coffee morning helpers
  31. 31. The hall is the perfect venue for village events. The first Showcase was held in 2014. Here are some photos from last year’s event:
  32. 32. The Royal British Legion Womens Section
  33. 33. Craft Club
  34. 34. Francine , our Dancing Queen, with Line Dancing
  35. 35. Other events ….. The Wedding Fair
  36. 36. Other events ….Cyclists’ checkpoint
  37. 37. The cyclists needed lots of cake!
  38. 38. Badminton – on Mondays and Fridays
  39. 39. A home for The Quainton Quilt
  40. 40. And finally…. Thank you to all our Regular clubs and societies Event organisers and helpers Party organisers and other customers Trustees Visitors And those who give their time to help with maintenance Your support ensures Quainton Memorial Hall will last another 80 years or more!
  41. 41. Still looking good after 10 years. Happy birthday!!