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The longer tail presentation

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The longer tail presentation

  1. 1. The Longer Tail is a specialist Head Hunting practice that has 10 yearsexperience in the Performance Marketing sector.We are experts in our fields and focus on searching commercial roles inthe following disciplines: Email, Lead Generation and Mobile Marketing.Working for mainly VC backed US companies based in London, with plansto expand into Europe and beyond, we find the very best talent in thespace.
  2. 2. Why we are different: Our background is a decade within the industry. We know many of oursenior contacts from a professional perspective We source teams for companies that appear in the and We only search roles where we have specific experience or havemanaged staff for that function We only focus on Email, Lead Generation and Mobile commercial roles
  3. 3. How we work Identify Target Companies Profile top Submit profile talent in industry Appraise Approach
  4. 4. Retained search Mapping the target companies in the sector Feedback on target company and market insight Identifying and profiling top talent and understanding salarybenchmarking Structured screening and competency based interview process Mutual feedback throughout ensuring we fine tune exact requirements This process will be delivered within an agreed timeframe
  5. 5. Recently completed searches Sales and Business Account Publisher and Development Management Media Buying• Commercial • Account Director • Customer Director (board) • Senior Account Acquisition• Head of Sales Manager Director• Sales Manager • Senior Media• Country Manager Buyer • Publisher Manager
  6. 6. Clients
  7. 7. Contact: Zach Measures Director T: +44 (0)203 397 1734 M: +44 (0) 7712 132671 E: Skype: zach.thelongertail